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James Cameron in Major A-Hole Dispute

12/25/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron -- the guy who directed "Avatar" -- directed a few choice words at an autograph seeking fan last night -- calling the guy a "f**king a**hole" during an argument over a signature.

It all went down at LAX -- when James walked past a man holding an "Avatar" poster, and refused to sign. The man went back to Cameron and asked again to which James replied, "I don't owe you a f**king signature ... just get out of my f**king personal space."

That's when the fan lost it and replied, "I'm an asshole because I ask someone I admire for their autograph that makes me an a**hole? I make $15-an-hour at work to go see your film and I'm an a**hole?"

Ultimately, James calmly walked away from the situation while the fan continued to yell at him.

But the real question...


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Well Lilah,

If that is true then this was a rediculous attack. I hope you are right though, because that means he was verbally attacked and that is not very professional.

From JonDeeAnthony on youtube

1725 days ago


Just wanted to bring this to everyone attention...

Notice the only person whose name isn't there? Cameron. Autograph seeking fan my ass.

1725 days ago


James Cameron must be extremely sweet. Any lesser person would have punched this "fan" in the face, and Cameron would have been entirely within his rights to do so. Maybe this autograph hound who is in no way affiliated with TMZ could use his $15 an hour to pay for a course in etiquette.

1725 days ago

DJ Shamrock    

There is a cut in the vid, so we have no idea what was said by the guy in the hat. Maybe James said "hey i'm really tired, i just want to go home and sleep." Maybe the hat guy bugged the hell out of him? You never know.

1725 days ago


It makes no difference wether the guy was going to sell the poster or not. Cameron couldn't know one way or the other unless they guy told him directly.

Cameron has a responsibility to the people who pay him - viewers and fans.

I will not be watching any Cameron films or buying DVDs associated with Cameron because by disrespecting a fan, he disrespects all fans.

Aside from all of that, he stands there for more than enough time to have just signed it and offered a handshake or a smile. Arrogance.

1722 days ago


The guy would have had better luck if he just asked Cameron to sign a blank piece of paper. Waiting there for Cameron to get off the plane and just happening to have a giant Avatar poster handy makes the guy an autograph head hunter. That's someone who gets autographs on stuff like posters and then puts it up on Ebay for auction. Cameron and most celebrities hate those kinds of people.

1721 days ago


#876, Cameron doesn't owe any fan anything. He's a director, not an actor. And i'm sure your boycott of his movies and dvds will hit him right in tha wallet....oh wait, no it won't. Avatar has already made a BILLION dollars, so you can keep your 20 bucks. All he owes you is a good movie, after that, nothing.

1721 days ago


Please watch the video before you make a comment. The guy harrasses Cameron to no end. Believe me, I'm a big fan of Cameron but I know he has a talent for rubbing people the wrong way. However if you watch the video, you can see this guy is just going off on him because he didn't get what he wanted. He most likely just wants to sell the poster on Ebay. A lot of people do this and this is the reason why many celebs DON'T sign autographs. And something else; this kind of thing probably happens 20 times a week at LAX. I mean, C'MON people, it's the Hollywood HUB. The only reason this one is popular right now is because James Cameron was releasing Avatar. Why would a guy have a camera man with him if he didn't have the intention of harrassing him for an affect. Wake up people, it's all staged on the part of the person trying to get the autograph.

1721 days ago


If you think you're justified in stealing Avatar because its director didn't sign some whiny douchebag's poster, I really, really, really hope there's a hell, and that you burn there for all eternity. Believe it or not, there were thousands of people who worked on the movie during its four-year production, and they need to be thought about before you decide to piss all over one person you're jealous of. The only thing Cameron owes you is a good movie.

1718 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

When this video first aired weeks ago, I read so many comments on here about how Cameron was going to lose hundreds of millions of dollars due to your whinny little boycotts! Keep boycotting so Avatar can make another 500 million you idiot entitled GEN X crybabies!

1715 days ago

bunyan 10    

FACT IS --having made BILLIONS upon BILLIONS
looking the other way, at best, while catering
to the franchise slum denial needs of history's
--MOST-- awesomely genocidal regime ---ACROSS
the Pacific ---Cameron, like the rest of Hollywood,
continues to hide behind the most played-out, selective
Boomer era PC 'consciousness' trips.

MEANWHILE, NOW our entire economy is being underwritten
by that same regime and the 60th Anniversary of the
staggeringly relevant, indeed, STILL unfolding KOREAN WAR
is, once again, being 'mysteriously overlooked'
--even as millions continue to suffer and die...

-------tooooooo funny!

1617 days ago


I'm boycotting his movies! Join in.

1574 days ago

Duggan Wendeborn    

Kevin Schreiber is a bum. ****in guy hangs out and stalks celebrities and Ebays everything. You can buy his garbage under his ebay name authenticautograph or click the link. This guy wishes he had a 15 dollar an hour job so he could buy a haircut and some shampoo

1379 days ago


Cameron says the planets dying? Just how rediclous is this fool I suppest he live on Panroda for a few years if their dont get tired of hi nasty temper and feed him to their big birdies

329 days ago
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