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James Cameron in Major A-Hole Dispute

12/25/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron -- the guy who directed "Avatar" -- directed a few choice words at an autograph seeking fan last night -- calling the guy a "f**king a**hole" during an argument over a signature.

It all went down at LAX -- when James walked past a man holding an "Avatar" poster, and refused to sign. The man went back to Cameron and asked again to which James replied, "I don't owe you a f**king signature ... just get out of my f**king personal space."

That's when the fan lost it and replied, "I'm an asshole because I ask someone I admire for their autograph that makes me an a**hole? I make $15-an-hour at work to go see your film and I'm an a**hole?"

Ultimately, James calmly walked away from the situation while the fan continued to yell at him.

But the real question...


No Avatar


James Cameron is a
If it weren't for the consumer, his Avatar would be in the $hi**er

1728 days ago


Lennon gave Chapman his autograph.

Just sayin'.

1728 days ago


And you know what? Anyone who LIVES in LA and is that big of a fan WOULD hightail it down to the airport with their poster if they heard he was there. That's the definition of a fan, isn't it? Hell, I've gone down to see stars when I've heard they're coming in to the airport or leaving and when they're at events, etc-- it was years ago but when you're in your 20's you have time and energy for that sort of stuff. Lots of people CARRY autograph books when they're in LA/Hollywood and seek out stars. It's not really that unusual.

Cameron WAY over-reacted. How much better would it have been for his career AND reputation to just sign it and smile? If the guy had asked anything stupid the GUY would have looked like a loser, not Cameron. I completely agree with the fan, even though I would not have gone as far as he did after the original rebuff.

But in the end,
Cameron= giant jacka-s

1728 days ago


That's no fan, that's a dude trying to sell and autograph and James knows it.

1728 days ago


He shoulda gone down wid da ship! I don't want your cookies and milk any more. I'll replace your Christmas stocking with pantyhose.

1728 days ago

ray ray    

why are some of you so naive? that dude is asking for it to sell it, its a set up. thankfully cameron didnt want to be pushed into signing so this dude could make money. who the hell wants a james cameron signature anyway?

1728 days ago


I'm thinking Cameron isn't stupid

he knows that most adults that are so-called "fans" who linger in airports etc. are actually looking to sell the items on eBay or wherever to make $$

or they are attached to the near-by paparazzi in order to get some kind of reaction from the celebrity in order to make the photo-op worth more $$

Kudos to Cameron for not falling for it!!

1728 days ago


Dude just happens to be hanging out at an Airport with an Avatar poster hoping James Cameron shows up? Cuz guys that make $15 an hour have that kinda time....??

Sounds fishy.

1728 days ago

Jennifer AlLee    

The guy probably did want the autograph to sell it, but that's not the point. Cameron didn't have to go off like that They were in a public place. It's a good chance kids were in earshot. He could have just nicely said, "I don't sign autographs" and kept walking. How hard would that have been? It took a lot more energy on his part to yell at the guy and swear at him. And now the video of the incident will live forever. Merry Christmas, Mr. Cameron.

1728 days ago


I think you guys are playing up the fan angle too much. That's no fan! That's some guy selling autographs on Ebay.

1728 days ago


HA HA, "did you all hear what else he said, the plot is so simple a three year old can follow it, make a real movie!", telling James Cameron hes has no class!!!! WOOT thumbs up buddy, you are my hero! tell these overrated head inflated celebrities where to go, I love you! I am so not going to see avatar now. Thanks TMZ for sharing this with us. James owes this man an apology.

1728 days ago

Chris Brown    

Looks like a set up to me. James Cameron doesn't owe that guy anything, and he certainly didn't put a gun to his head to see his movie.....if that's what is really was. I believe he was an autograph dealer.

1728 days ago


The autograph seeker is a good actor with his sob story. All he does is chase down celebs for autographs and sells them online. He probably never saw the movie. I have no sympathy for either. But not getting the autograph sometimes comes with the job too.

1728 days ago


James is pissed because Avatar is really a glorified SCIFI. BLUE/ GREEN SCREEN CRAP MOVIE. IT IS NO LOVE STORY OF BLUE THINGS?? Humans and what ever. Coming from a WB employee

1728 days ago


I like TMZ's overusage of the word "fan" to describe someone who clearly is a member of the paparazzi being described as a fan. How else did the purported "fan" know Jim Cameron was going to be at the airport? Are we to believe that it was just coincidence that this "fan" happened to have an Avatar poster and felt-tipped pen on him? Jim Cameron is right: He doesn't owe anyone - least of whom a paparazzi member - an autograph. This "fan", like me and everyone else who saw the movie, didn't donate $15 to the James Cameron Charity. He paid to see Avatar (if we are to take him at his word that he did in fact actually see it) for his own personal enjoyment. What a sham, TMZ. This so-called "fan" is probably on your payroll and probably just got paid a premium for coaxing Cameron, a notorious anti-paparazzi celeb, into swearing at him. Weak.

1728 days ago
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