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James Cameron in Major A-Hole Dispute

12/25/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron -- the guy who directed "Avatar" -- directed a few choice words at an autograph seeking fan last night -- calling the guy a "f**king a**hole" during an argument over a signature.

It all went down at LAX -- when James walked past a man holding an "Avatar" poster, and refused to sign. The man went back to Cameron and asked again to which James replied, "I don't owe you a f**king signature ... just get out of my f**king personal space."

That's when the fan lost it and replied, "I'm an asshole because I ask someone I admire for their autograph that makes me an a**hole? I make $15-an-hour at work to go see your film and I'm an a**hole?"

Ultimately, James calmly walked away from the situation while the fan continued to yell at him.

But the real question...


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kelly clarkson is an idiot for putting out that crappy album    

It doesn't matter if this guy was an autograph hound ready to sell the poster on eBay.

What matters is the public's perception of this tussle.

Bottom line, James Cameron looks like an a-hole period for arguing back and forth about signing. This is not good PR.

1763 days ago


Good. Decision made. We couldn't decide which movie to see on Christmas Day...Sherlock Holmes or Avatar? Now the bottom line is that we will not pay one cent of our hard earned money to support a A-hole like Cameron. Sherlock Holmes it is!

1763 days ago


I'd say the same thing that Cameron said if some jerk asked me the same question over and over a 100 times after I had said "no." It doesn't matter if the guy was an autograph seller or not.

And Cameron has every right to say "no."

1763 days ago


Thats why i love my man MJ, the greatest man ever, always smile, humble and never disppoint his fans or haters. hate him but he was never rude to anyone.

1763 days ago



1763 days ago


R u people kidding me????? even if he was an "autograph Hound" or whatever the hell u want to call it. He has no right to treat people that way.So the dude makes a couple hundred bucks off what took this douche two seconds to sign. who cares? who does he think pays his salary???? It's funny that the richest people in the world act like the biggest trash. We should wait for the Jerry Springer espisode with James Cameron and Tiger Woods.They dont act any better they just have more money.

1763 days ago


James Cameron is an arrogant jerkwad and a fine example of why I've stopped watching 99% of television and stayed away from 99% of movies. On one hand, he doesn't OWE anyone an autograph, but on the other, only a jackass would turn down someone who has helped pad his wallet. Manners James, manners. Try your best to find some in between your potty mouth rants. I think its becoming clear why poor Linda Hamilton was messed up while married to you. You are a disgrace and a poor excuse for a human being.

1763 days ago


he gave us a phenomenal film and that's not good enough? You pay the money to go see the film, that doesn't include an autograph. An autograph is not something owed to you because you paid money to see his film.. it should be a nice gesture that he can give you... but he has no obligation to do so. Sure, he should respect his fans, and he does by making these films for them... stop expecting like he owes you so much more for it.
Fan is the A-Hole. If you ask once and he says no, move on. He owes you nothing, and if you go further and harass him, don't be surprised to get a reaction like that.

1763 days ago


I have a truss signed by Jackie Gleason from the movie "The Hustler"

1763 days ago

Uh huh    

Cameron doesn't have to do anything for anyone. He's ALWAYS been a private person. The "fan", on the other hand, couldn't take no for an answer and decided to be annoying about it. I don't feel sorry for him for one minute.

1763 days ago


everyone in the film industry knows camerons is an a-hole of the first order. f* 'em. I'm glad the "ex-fan" gave him some payback. good for you man. TMZ, i expect you to stay on this until cameron releases an apology. do it.

1763 days ago


Not that it will really make a difference since this movie is making money hand over fists and Cameron is a kajillionaire, but because of this footage, I will not go see Avatar and I hope others follow suit and I'll tell everyone I know not to see it either.

1763 days ago


One ticket to Avatar $15

A soda and hot dog $8

One Avatar movie poster bought for an autograph $10

James Cameron caught being a douche to a fan $1,000,000 sales loss

1763 days ago

Toby Christensen    

Cameron, with his choice to curse at the guy and refuse to sign, ran the risk of alienating an actual fan of his work by making the determination that the guy was a signature broker. He potentially chased off a guy who would buy a ticket to his movie, buy the DVD or Blu-Ray when it comes out, buy his back-catalog on DVD or Blu-Ray, maybe upgrade his VHS or DVD to Blu-Ray, buy other merchandise or see his other works.

All because this wussy little slack-jawed director wanted to seem like a "tough guy". Listen Cameron, you AREN'T a tough guy. You aren't Arnold and you aren't the Terminator. You aren't Sam Rockwell and you aren't the Colonel from Avatar.

Quit trying to "butch-up" and realize that your 30 seconds of making an ink stain on a poster can yield hundreds of dollars in your pocket and untold good will.

So what if the guy sells the poster? How does it affect and harm you in anyway? By your refusal to sign you both look like an ass and possibly aggravated fans.

Cameron, get your pen and put on your dress.

1763 days ago

Uh huh    

To all you whiners out there 'boycotting' Avatar? WAAAHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Get over yourselves! It's just a friggin movie, for pete's sake! Cameron doesn't owe ANYONE ANYTHING. He is famous for NOT signing autographs. @Paul: Keep holding your breath for an apology, and grow the hell up. The fan is no better than the paps out there in Hollywood. The 'fan' is, no doubt, going to turn around and sell the autograph on ebay. @Donna: Please....get a life. Your comments are pathetic.

1763 days ago
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