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Kim K: I'm Being Used By a Cookie Monster

12/25/2009 8:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has a serious chip on her shoulder over an ad for a Cookie Diet -- and it's all because the reality star claims she's very picky when it comes to putting things in her mouth.

Kim Kardashian - TMZ

Kardashian has fired off a cease and desist letter to Dr. Sanford Siegal -- the guy behind the "Cookie Diet" weight loss system -- demanding the Cookie Doc take down a link on his company's web page which suggests Kim uses the product.

In the letter, Kardashian's lawyer threatens a lawsuit, claiming the link "creates the false impression" that Kim uses the cookies to shed weight. So far, the link remains on the site.

And that ... is how the cookie crumbles.


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"the reality star claims she's very picky when it comes to putting things in her mouth".. (scratching my head).. who would have thought!!!

1764 days ago


Kim is a talentless JOKE.

1764 days ago


I hate stupid fad diets like this.

Who is going to eat cookies for the rest of their life? Anyone sane person would get sick of that after a month.

1764 days ago


HI Honey, how are those cottage cheese thighs coming along?

1764 days ago


Hey P. Hilton- I did not know that you could write. I thought you dropped out in the 8th grade.

1764 days ago


COOKIES?? That Ain't What She was Eating on the VIDEO, guess when you're famous for what goes in your mouth....... I Really HATE people who are famous for nothing but sex tapes and PR stunts. WHY do you continue to promote their every bite? YUCK

1764 days ago


tramp tramp tramp. when will she go the way of the dodo(spelling?)bird.

1764 days ago


Hey Kim, I hope all you gals chip in for Bruce's therapy.

1764 days ago


It won't be long and you'll need a skate board to support that booty.

1764 days ago


i heard this guy talk about this on a talk show and the person called himi out on the stupidity of it and how hes makin money off of it..mighta been the view i forget..but seriously ucan do this diet with chips ahoy or oreos it doesnt matter jus as long as you match the calorie intake of his cookies that i heard were gross anyway. its a bizarre and stupid diet that cant work long term

1763 days ago


Um, #12, Ang, you cannot use any cookie like Oreo or Chips Ahoy as a replacement for his cookies and think you'll lose weight! It's not calories (you said "just match the calorie intake") that are supposed to help you lose weight, it's an ingredient in the cookie which is why you "heard" they taste bad.....they don't taste like regular yummy cookies! I'm not promoting this guys cookies, I personally think fad diets are only to lose a few pounds quickly for an event coming up IF even then, as I know the only way to lose pounds properly is by a life change - changing your eating habits for life and doing some type of work out! I just can't believe someone would think you could actually eat regular cookies and lose!

1763 days ago

Kim, interested in putting me in your mouth? Huhuuhuuu.
I can make you laugh, too. You said you want a guy to make you laugh and do silly things in this interview.

I am your man.
I mean, I post on TMZ on Christmas day. I am cool like that.

1763 days ago

happy day    

I bet she wouldnt pass up a tubesteak in her mouth!!

1763 days ago


I would not want to meet Kloe in a dark alley at night. Any bets on that marriage?

1763 days ago

dr fred    

#1) the cookie is high fiber & you must drink lots of water.
#2) it is not meant for long is to get a jump start without starving...still giving nutirents & feeling of fullness. the fiber also helps cleanse the Lower digestive tract.

#3 KIM should be lucky she is getting some PR...stupid psuedo- celebrity...good for nothing...trying to make $$$$ off any bit of anything...She has plenty of $$$$ does this hurt her?????

I know folks that have been seriously injury at someone elses' carelessness & Have to suffer /wait years in the legal system to get their turn.. the courts clogged with this nonsense

1763 days ago
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