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Pope Tackled on

Last Second Hail Mary

12/25/2009 11:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pope Benedict XVI took a lickin' and kept on tickin' -- after a woman jumped a barrier and rushed the pontiff at the beginning of Christmas Mass.

After he was knocked to the ground, the Pope got up and kept walking -- and still delivered his annual Christmas Day blessing.

But not everyone walked away unscathed -- an 87-year-old French Cardinal who happened to be standing just a few feet from the incident fell and broke his hip amongst the chaos.

Vatican officials claim the overzealous woman appeared, "mentally unstable."


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Thats what the Vatican wants you to think - mentally unstable and the media just repeats it like its fact. Mentally unstable people usually dont have the physical ability to jump like that.

Its slightly funny how she pops out from the right dressed like a holiday Elmo though. But seriously, the Vatican is just twisting it up that anyone who would do that is mentally unstable. We dont know. She could be just angry at some injustice by the supposed royaly, look how they parade with crowns and affluence.

1727 days ago

Madam Obvious    

#37, your post is pathetic on so many levels, where do I start? You say the Church was a friend of Hitler during World War II. Proof, please. You also say the Church committed "other war crimes". What were they and why are they not well known? Please cite your sources for this statement, as it is a very serious allegation. I studied World War II as part of my history degree and do not recall the Catholic Church being involved in "other war crimes" committed by either the Axis powers or the Allies during WWII. By the way, people were not burned at the stake for having a Bible during the Spanish Inquisition, they were punished for being false converts to Catholicism.

I agree #34, the Protestant apostasy is very misguided. 30,000 denominations and counting....

1727 days ago


Anyone ever think you'd see a story about the Pope on TMZ?

1727 days ago


I really wish the Pope would focus on bringing Michael Jackson back to life...

1727 days ago


The Pope is a JOKE!!! All these idiots calling this fool the heavenly father, he ain't nothing but a man dressed up in a clown suit.

1727 days ago


That is just wrong to tackle someone old like that I don't care who it is, that could kill them.

1727 days ago


I am not Catholic or even Christian but I find it in very poor taste and down right unacceptable that people say this man was a Nazi. He was an innocent little kid who was forced to join a youth organization like every other kid under that horrible totalitarian Nazi regime. To compare this man to Hitler in any way totally disrespects him and minimizes all the evil Hitler did.

1727 days ago


It's a shame because not only did this crazy ***** ruin the Mass for everyone else, but she took a seat away from someone who would have loved to have been there in her place. If she's pulled a stunt like this before (albeit unsuccessfully the first time), why was she even allowed back in this year? Security definitely aren't doing their job...

I don't care what your opinion is of the Pope or the Catholic Church, there are certain things you just DON'T do, and attacking an old man in a church on Christmas is one of them. This woman has some very serious issues with hate, and apparently so do some of the other people commenting here. So much for peace and love at Christmas time.

1727 days ago


29. Stupid Catholics. Worshiping a man. I would have tackled him too.

Posted at 3:00PM on Dec 25th 2009 by Make me puke!

Yea! Same thing can be said about the Libtards, Who follow OBAMA!

Which I'm sure your One!!!

1726 days ago


Finding himself aground, on top of this strange woman, a stunned Pope Benedict said “Your not an altar boy!”

1726 days ago


he probably has done a S*it load of things to have deserved this. you probably only get to become a pope cause you know where the rest of the nazis are hideing. and or you know of all the priests that have molested thousands of kids. and those just like him that screw farm animals.

1725 days ago


he is not French, he is GERMAN!!!

1725 days ago

melvin polatnick    

The pope must stand on the balcony and confess his sins to the molested in St Peters Square. He must beg for forgiveness. The forgiveness will come more easily if the victims were generously compensated for his sins.

1615 days ago
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