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Brangelina -- Bargain Shopping on the Streets

12/26/2009 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went shopping at a street cart in NY City a few days ago -- proving that even the ultra-rich can't pass up a good deal ... especially when no one is looking.


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They were obviously on an outing of some sort, it's winter, it's cold in NY & the kids left their gloves at home, logical & convenient & time efficient to grab some at the nearest street vendor. Seems people trying to read TOO much into everything they do. Give them some space, geeez!

1727 days ago


Mr and Mrs Smith i think not

1760 days ago


Come on.... who really cares about this self obsessed couple???

1760 days ago


First bitches!

I think this is a sign that the economy is still bad. She's a good mama though!

1760 days ago

Only 2%...    

Has anyone noticed that Angelina dresses her little girl, Shiloh, LIKE A BOY????

Remember when she called Shiloh "a blob" when she was a little girl, as compared to her obviously preferred adopted children?

very sad...

1760 days ago

#2 Janice
"self absorbed couple" you are one ignorant POS. They are the most generous and charitable celebrity couple out there.


1760 days ago


"Can't pass on a good deal at least when no one is looking?"

How about they want to keep on touch with normal life and give the vendor a helping hand?

Being positive seems to be beyond tmz.

1760 days ago


I thought I left you a Petco free trim coupon for that goatee. I hope it was for a movie?

1760 days ago


They are not self absorbed. If they were, they would not be shopping at this cart. They probably bought stuff there just to give business to the person who owns it. They give millions to charity, how is that self absorbed?

As for the comment about Shiloh being a blob...most babies are little blobs. They didn't refer to the other children like that because they were not infants when they got them! Get a life and stop downing people just because they are rich and beautiful.

1760 days ago


Self-absorbed because Jolie alerted the papz to this photo op. Billy Bob Twit had enough of the notoriety in 2009 and wanted a holiday break. Jolie, however, wants to keep up the farce and without Brad's buy-in she had to resort to more of this type photo that she does so well: playing-in-the-park-with-newly-adopted-Maddox and on-the-beach-with-Brad-and-Maddox. Trust. Jolie KNOWS the photos are being taken and because she's the ONLY one who knows, they will appear to be un-staged. (INSERT BIG ROLLING EYES.)

1760 days ago


Man, I don't see what's bad about them. They are good people and all of you can do nothing but talk crap. Strange though that that little girl is always looking like a boy. Pitt rules!

1760 days ago


Carmella, I can't handle the truth!

1760 days ago


Carmella, how do you know Angelina called the paps? You have some special info no one else has? And do you really think either of them has to call anyone when the paps are constantly on their tail anyway? Grow up

1760 days ago


Funny how when they are seen out it is a photo op (noting that they are rarely seen out. And love how the haters love to run down a whole list of crap about them that are years old. I guess Gwen S. is a "bad mommy" too.. because Gwen said the same thing about Kingston. She and Angie were talking together at the time the comment was made. Where were your judgements on Gwen. NO WHERE. These pics were not taken by a pap. Obviously taken by a passerby. If they were taken by a pap they would have been on the net long ago. They were taken the same day as the cafe pics. But of course Brad/Angie are not allowed to go out. Give it a rest. 5 years and some of you people need to be locked up. for people who claim to be tired of them, some of the haters can't wait to post on a thread on them.. YEAH..

Great couple. Hope they had a great Holiday together with their children.

1760 days ago

Harry Sivells    

I think that its great that they would purchase some gloves and hats from a sidewalk vendor for probably under $10.00. Because I'm quite sure that the stores that they normally shop charges over $100.00 for the same items only because it has a name brand attached to it. Do you really think their children care if the gloves are gucci or do they care about keeping their head and hands warm.

1760 days ago
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