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Flight Crew: Ivana Get Trump Off this Airplane!

12/26/2009 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Flight Crew: Ivana Get Trump Off this Airplane!Ivana Trump was forced to make an emergency exit from an airplane today in Florida -- as in, she was escorted off the flight by Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies.

According to cops, Trump -- who was sitting in first class -- became upset when a few innocent, screaming children started running up and down the aisle.

Trump allegedly started hurling curse words in front of the hyper tykes ... and when flight attendants tried to calm her down, she flipped out even more.

That's when Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies say they showed up and kindly asked her to get off the plane -- but Ivana refused, so they escorted her off.

Ivana wasn't arrested or charged for the incident.


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wow this is Ivanka in twenty years.


1761 days ago


I don't blame her one bit and agree with the other posters that it was the parents of the unruly BRATS that should have been thrown off the plane. Shame on the flight crew and sheriff's department.

1761 days ago


She looks fine to me for a woman in her 60's. WTF are you supposed to look like in your 60's?? Stupid 20-something posters.

1761 days ago


Nothing worse than screaming, running, unruly children when you are in the grocery store, restaurant etc--but in a confined space of an airplane!!! Ivana- get that picture pulled from the internet, Yikes!!!!

1761 days ago


Although Ivana should have told a flight attendant or the parents, I'm more on her side in this. I like kids but hate brats. It boggles my mind that parents think public places are the kids' playground. When I was eating at a restaurant, a couple of kids ran into the table spilling our dinners onto the floor. When I told the parents they just said "whoops, sorry" and continued eating their dinners and said nothing to the kids, who were still running around. Fortunately the restaurant gave us another dinner for free.

1761 days ago


"Innocent" screaming children, running up and down the aisle?

I do hope TMZ was playing with us here!

These little brats and their parents should have been booted off the plane, especially after the attack that was thwarted this week due to an alert passenger. Had he been distracted by kids or something else, the terrorist may have been able to succeed with his attack.

Leave Ivana alone (in this case)! She was correct, and the airline was wrong!!!

1761 days ago


All that cosmetic surgery and still looking miserable!! Look at that double-chin...maybe she gave up all those face-lifts after all...

1761 days ago


Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol. When will they stop serving it on airplanes. Children can be annoying on flights but anyone who acts like she did has a serious alcohol problem.

1761 days ago


I agree that kids can be very annoying, especially on a plane (and I have a 5 year old). HOWEVER, if Ivana was CURSING at the kids/parents, I think that is entirely inappropriate as well. I guess she doesn't have enough money to fly by private jet, poor thing!! Spent too much money on bad plastic surgery, I guess :)

Personally, I think it's HILARIOUS that she was taken off the plane. She needs to be brought down to a semblance of earthly reality, anyway. I can't stand when people feel that they are "entitled" to special treatment just because they are "lucky" enough to have married into money. I guess it didn't get her very far in the end. I actually feel kinda bad for her, in general.

1761 days ago


Iam surprise se wasn't traveling on a priate plane.

1761 days ago


Innocent, screaming kids? Hello? Whatever happened to attentive, responsible parents? Good for Ivana!

1761 days ago

The Seer    

I, too, am sick to death of horrid obnoxious children in public places. I am MORE sick to death of their lazy ass parents who never should have been allowed to reproduce in the first place.

For the life of me, I DO NOT understand why people feel compelled to get married and have children. Most of them should not. They cannot manage their own lives, let alone those of children.

I wish society would tell people it's OK of you do not reproduce.

The rare, well-behaved, well-cared for, well-loved children are a gift to humanity. But they are RARE. Their devoted parents are rarer.

I am sick and tired of saving up to go to a nice restaurant only to be given indigestion by these horrible people's brats running around, screeching and ruining everyone else's meal. I am also sick and tired of having to discipline other people's children AND their parents. Most of the comments here reflect this same sentiment.

Which airline is that again that had Ivana escorted off? I WILL BOYCOTT THEM because they should have dealt with those children and NOT manhandled Mrs. Trump. How can you trust an airline with your personal safety when they can't even control children on the aircraft? SHAME on them.

Wear your largest diamond next time, Ivana, and casually drape your hand in front of the face of the running child in the aisle. Oops!

1761 days ago

Lady Z    

No. 45 hit the nail on the head!

These stupid flying waitresses give nothing but attitude when asked to perform simple tasks like getting somebody a pillow or food or drinks. Once during the dinner service the stewardress skipped over me. When I asked for my meal she gave me major lip. I guess you can't expect dummies who pass out peanuts to actually be able to THINK.
The parents and the brats should have been escorted off the plane. Children live in OUR world, NOT the other way around. First Class travel should be just that. Screaming brats should be in the back of the plane where they cannot disturb people who pay good money for their ticket. I've seen kids run amouck the the dollar store, and that is to be expected. The First Class cabin of an aircraft is something else however.

1761 days ago


Although the kids should not have been running around Ivanna should have shown more class, it just shows that all the money in the world can't buy it. Poor form Ivanna!

1761 days ago


shes a big bicth hore that dont like kids from greg moore from jersy shore

1761 days ago
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