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James Cameron Has Mayer in Pocket

12/28/2009 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer is lashing out in defense of "Avatar" director James Cameron -- claiming the director's F-bomb laced interaction with an autograph-seeking man at LAX last week was a "smear" -- because the "fan" was really an "Obnoxious E-bay Poster Guy."

It's all in Mayer's blog, in which he claims Cameron was completely justified in denying the autograph and calling the man a "f**king a**hole" in the process. In the blog, Mayer also spins a conspiracy involving the autograph seeker, TMZ and American Airlines.

But there's another side to the story : Even if the man is a professional autograph seeker -- is it wrong for him to become a middleman for people outside of L.A. who want an autograph from James Cameron? After all, James did announce that he has no problem signing for people.

So the new question...


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Are you insane?
No one could take James Cameron's side on this.
Unless they had their own agenda....hello? TMZ???

Cameron is a well known Ahole.....
and should be treated as such.

1727 days ago


...shuffler, your comments were on the mark, because they spoke to the real issue here -- cameron's right to his own space on his own time -- doesn't matter if you like the way he behaved, if you think it exacerbated the situation, if you think he owes you, if you think he has a potty-mouth -- doesn't matter. no means no. it's a free country, it doesn't matter if you're a fry-cook or a gazillionaire, when someone asks you to get out of their face, do it...

1727 days ago


Thanks for your comment.

I was beginning to think nobody would "get it" here. Whether they think he's an a-hole is irrelevant, he has every right, and his right to do this is what I stand up for.

Again, thanks.

1727 days ago


I do believe, you run into a celebrity, you have every right to ask for an autograph or picture and if that celebrity is too good for me, to take out a second of their "SO BUSY" lives, that I helped them build, as did YOU and a bunch of us, then I do expect something! A "hello", an autograph, or even a picture. Maybe, just maybe, I'll ask for all three should I come face to face with another celebrity. I have that right as they have the right to DO it or say, NO, which in case, I would lose all respect for them and that is fine with me, my opinion! If I pay to see their films and I run into them, I'm going to ask. They deny. Fine by me but, I won't ever ask again and may never watch anything they do again.

You are right, it's their choice. I'm just glad, the celebrities that I admire and have meet, never had a problem signing or taking pictures so, what does that say about the few that won't?!?! Seems to me, they are TOO GOOD for us, the fans, and that's fine by me, I don't have to like them.

Do you not understand, if it weren't for their fans, they would be nothing? Maybe that's why they should return the favor unless, they don't appreciate the success we and they helped them get. The price of fame is being "known" when out in public. There's no secret, you become famous, people will want your autograph. It goes with the status of a celebrity. If they don't want it, then they should find a new a career, maybe outside the public eye!?!?!

They get what they deserve. A FAN BASE THAT MAKES THEM RICH AND FAMOUS.

Personally, I don't want the attention. Reason I never got into the public sector. They could have done the same. It was their choice.

1727 days ago


does anyone really what john mayer has to say????? i could care less for him or cameron and i don't care to see some lame ass movie he has hyped......also, john mayer just loves the cameras does he not..... i could care less for his gay ass music..... even my girlfriend says the gaydar goes off with him

1727 days ago


It's because of you idiots that this world has gone to hell! What happened to appreciation and respect?

Gone...out the window.....and we are left with people who could care less about other people.

And, you people, you know who you are.....the biggest problems to why we live the way we do today, in a world of self-absorbed selfishness!

1727 days ago


malvolio and shuffler,

I am so glad I'm signing off and have something better to do than add anymore. In fact, I do HAVE a life. I was on the phone posting, now that I'm off, I will leave you two to go about your hatred towards fans and autograph seekers.

Have a wonderful life. I do hope, you both can get over yourselves and learn what it means to be a kind, caring person in this world of hate and disrespect.

I also hope, neither of you become rich and/or famous as I can see already, you would not give me the time of day and sign an autograph for me or anyone.

Useless, uncaring people, so sad.

1727 days ago


Good on ya James, absolutely-positively-unequivocally warranted!. The general public have no common courtesy to give the man his space. Everyones up in arms about their own privacy, yet feel it's part of the norm to badger & annoy a well known celebrity/personality, all in the name of getting yours. You ask yourself the question, how sad our society is becoming when this is passed as a valid way to earn an income!

1727 days ago


Cameron can sign or refuse to sign whatever and whenever he wants. It really doesn't matter if he is an a-hole or not, nor whether anyone likes him, etc. If he doesn't want to sign then he should be left alone. If someone still bothers him for a signature, then the pest may in fact be what Cameron said. It still doesn't change the fact that Cameron can sign or refuse to sign whatever and whenever he wants. If you don't like Cameron, don't go see his movies -- that's your choice. Just like it's Cameron's choice to sign or refuse to sign whatever and whenever he wants. Get it? Get over it!

1727 days ago


You again you continue with your insults towards me (I really appreciate that). Let me break it down for you:

1) I think we agree that the Star has the right of autograph refusal. At least by your post up there earlier where you said "I have that right as they have the right to DO it or say, NO, which in case, I would lose all respect for them and that is fine with me, my opinion!"
Right. And your loss of respect for them I don't disagree with if that's how you feel. That is your feeling and decision or whatever. Your choice. I'm not asking anyone to change. But at least you agree that the star can say NO, right? That it's within their rights? They aren't obligated to sign everything in front of them? Agree or no? This is the main thrust of my argument.

2) I think we agree that the Fan (or Non-Fan) has the right to ask for an autograph (right?)
Hopefully they would do it with integrity and self-respect though, right?

3) Where I disagree is that the fans MADE THE STAR. Nope, the market for their product or service exists and the STAR MADE THEMSELVES just like a mechanic made themselves before they started to earn a living taking advantage of the market for their products and services. Just like a musician or entertainer that spent years working on their craft to EARN their success. Unless you knew them before they made it or helped in some way in their development, they OWE YOU NOTHING and YOU DIDN'T MAKE THEM. They made themselves.

You may have payed for a product or service but that's where it ends. They made themselves.

What differs (if I'm following this right) is that you would lose all respect for a Star if they didn't sign an autograph for you, while I wouldn't.

If you ask me, the Star in this case made the right decision (even if not, he is well within his rights), but I can appreciate not everyone would think that, and if - like others - you feel the director not signing a poster from a rude non-fan is worthy of boycotting the movie, then I would encourage you to do so.

Love, shuffler.

1727 days ago


he totally deserved to be called that...people need to learn that some people just dont want to be bothered and especially if this loser is just selling autographed stuff on the internet so i dont think james did anything wrong and good for him for standing up to lames and greedy people like that A-HOLE hahaha

1727 days ago


These guys are on the same level as aggressive panhandlers. No, Cameron does not owe this bottom-feeding leech a living every time he ambushes him on his personal time. For those out of towners who want autographs, there are many ways to attain a genuine one through many channels that don't involve, one, being fleeced by these crooks, and two stalking celebrities on their personal time. And, notice how quick he was to attempt to insult Cameron's movie? So, all the Avatar cast members who DID stop and sign his poster... what about them? How quickly he shows his true colors, that he's no fan, despite his whiny protestations, and just sees celebrities as a quick and dirty way to make cash. The douche professional autograph hound couldn't even be honest about who he was, because he's probably ashamed, and at heart a con man.

1727 days ago



I ended up back on the phone and came back here. I know, I should be giving my father my full attention while on the phone.

I find it strange, you defend these a$$ holes, right or not.

You are right though, we each have the right to our own opinions and thoughts on celebrities and autographs.

No more insults on my part as I would love nothing more than see people come together and let there be peace on earth. I know, a far cry from reality.

If we all just took a second for each other, we would find ourselves in a happier more joyful place. I guess, it's never going to happen but, you can't blame someone for wanting it.

Including, if that means for a celebrity to give an autograph for a fan who enjoys their work. Fine, in this case it was a grown man who was going to sell it. The guy, really, wasn't an ass until James started making this into something it shouldn't have been.

Don't you think, if James just signed it, none of this would be news? Don't you think, James would have preferred that than this? I do.

If he would have just taken 20 seconds and signed, this guy would have been history and no TMZ tabloid news. At least, that's why I come here. To get the TABLOID news.

However, I find it odd that you blog here, out of all sites, TMZ. A tabloid news show/site and it seems you are so against what TMZ does. Yet, you blog on these topics?!?!

May you, shuffler, be surrounded by love and happiness as I hope all of you be surrounded by it.

Happy New Year and may we become better people, each and everyone of us, in this new year.

Take care Shuffler and all.

1727 days ago


...regardless of the fact that he behaved within his rights, if cameron had just relented, given one second of his time, behaved differently, the world would be a better place and everyone would stop berating him for being an a-hole...sounds like coercion, and not the kind of nicey-nice world i want to live in...

1727 days ago


I watched TMZ's TV show today. Trying to keep this pathetic non-story going, but NOT ONE WORD FROM TMZ about their JFK photo disaster.

1727 days ago
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