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Jermaine Jackson Tears Into the FBI

12/31/2009 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson is waging a one man campaign against acronyms -- because yesterday in Calabasas, he trash talked TMZ and the FBI!

Jermaine Jackson: Click to watch
Despite the fact that his name is on a court document which listed people who could potentially file a creditor's claim against the MJ estate, Jermaine called the story "s**t" and ripped us for not knowing the "facts." Fact is -- his name is on the list -- clear as day.

As for the FBI, Jermaine shredded them for waiting so long to release the MJ files saying, "Why didn't they release these files -- showing they had nothing on Michael -- while he was alive?"


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For europe:

don`t forget at 8.05 on 3sat Michaels 30th Anniversary


1764 days ago

so wrong    

17. That's right Jermaine. You tell em. Say it, and say it again. I'm with you bro.

Posted at 12:48PM on Dec 31st 2009 by Tell It Like It T-I Is

I agree totally. Good job Jermaine, stand up for Mike, it's about time the media stopped the BS about this man, period!

As far as a list, who would make up a so called 'potential list' of creditors, that makes absolutely no sense and what would be the purpose. I highly, highly doubt any brother would file a claim against MJ's estate.

Levin should kiss the ground MJ walked on. MJ stories (unfortunately, whether true or false) bring the most hits to this site. Never heard of this site before MJ's passing. Won't give this site the time of day once the MJ saga is over.

We love you MIKE!

1764 days ago


18. MJ is a freak show in life and death..his family is a circus.

Posted at 12:46PM on Dec 31st 2009 by Steve

'a circus'....Isn't that the truth:(-His death & the investigation, media hoopla surrounding his it has been as surreal as his life for SURE. Janet made a comment in that interview about how she 'loved being in her 40's because you don't have time for all that drama & mess'. I think that's why she seems to 'distance' herself to a certain extent from the rest of the siblings & believe that was why MJ chose to do it as well! She seems like she really had a 'struggle' growing up within a show-biz family & seems to have really made her way thru it & is happier. I'm so happy to see her so 'at peace'.

I have been watching the 'Jax Family Dynasty' on A&E & must say that everything these brothers seem to do involves 'drama', even the very simplest of decisions evolves into such an 'ISSUE'. I do believe they loved MJ very, very much but I think show biz & MONEY has been so ingrained in them by their father(who I believe without a doubt made his family into performers to fulfill his OWN lost dreams as well as the pursuit of the almighty dollar) and the show biz 'lifestyle' has been who they ARE for so long that they really don't know how to be 'normal' people. I really think they have no concept at all. So, my opinion of them has 'softened' watching that show. We are all MADE INTO WHO WE ARE thru our parents, our childhood experiences, & the expectations placed upon us from 'society'. I really think they are baffled by those who accuse them of being money-grubbers & not really caring about the loss of their brother like we think they should. I think they DO feel it but have this 'the show must go on' mentality.

Good for you Jermaine(despite being as 'weird' as you appear to many of us), for speaking up for your brother & giving the FBI & media some hell!!

1764 days ago


#22 Cathy. I agree with you that Michael made comments he shouldn't have on Martin Bashirs interview which aired world wide. Although I don't believe he was guilty but his comments left people wondering with room for accusation and a big question mark. I'm sure he regretted those statements. If he was guilty the FBI would have found something solid after all the years of investigation. They never did nor Tom Sneedon who wasted millions of tax payer dollars..

1764 days ago


Well, the tmz article did lead people to believe Jermaine has asked money from the estate. It appears he hasn't.

As for FBI, they could have released the files showing nothing to Mesereau, Michael Jackson's lawyer during the devastating trial. So there I agree with Jermaine.

1764 days ago


Sure am glad to see you 'puppi'!! Not seen your posts on here lately & I've missed reading your passionate comments! 'Git 'em'! LOL!

1764 days ago


what is with the greasy hair

1764 days ago


I agree with Jermaine on this,but

#32 ..and take whatever is on top of his head..

sooo funny lmao

1764 days ago


38. For europe:

don`t forget at 8.05 on 3sat Michaels 30th Anniversary


Posted at 1:21PM on Dec 31st 2009 by Butterfly

Why are you posting that on this board? this is a USA board. GTFO

1764 days ago


4. Jermaine's right on the money with blasting the FBI. The FBI were out for blood, and helped destroy the reputation of one of the most loving, caring, and brilliant men to ever have graced this earth. Love you MJ, and keep up the good fight Jermaine!!

Posted at 12:23PM on Dec 31st 2009 by erin

Why are you making up facts? The FBI NEVER charged MJ with anything, or NEVER said anything in public that was bad about him.
Which, by the way, the FBI will sometimes help local authorities investigate alleged child molestation and other crimes. FBI does that all the time. The FBI even used to investigate John Lennon, one of the Beatles.

MJ may not have helped his repuation when MJ, of his own free will, decided he wanted Martin Bashir to do an interview with him on TV(probably to get TV air time), and in it Michael said, "I sleep with children all the time. It's love."(the make-up on his face and his glazed eyes also didn't help).

MJ may not have helped his repuation when MJ, during the same interview, said, "When Prince and Paris were born, it was my sperm," which everyone now knows was a lie.

Those are the types of things that did not help MJ's reputation.


1764 days ago


I would rather see Jermaine, and The Jackson clan profit from MJ legacy, than any of the outsiders that were in Mike's camp in the last years of his life. Whatever issues Jermaine may have had with
his brother, he still loved Michael. Jermaine has (publicly) stated over and over again that his brother was innocent. All you hardcore
MJ fans should support Jermaine on quest to clear his brother's name.

I never saw his superstar sister Janet, defending her brother on
The Larry King show. Jermaine was the one who put his own neck on the line.

1764 days ago


That whole Jackson family is very strange!!!!

1764 days ago


Posted at 1:25PM on Dec 31st 2009 by janalal4

Thank you for that post. None of us have walked in the Jackson family´s shoes.
It wasn´t only Michael who was made to work way too hard as a child. They´re all scarred by that childhood - and perhaps mostly Jermaine who had to endure that Michael self evidently with his vast talent took center stage, where Jermaine had been. It MUST have been very hard for him, just a big kid at the time.

Glad that he speeks up - and he is so right. FBI COULD HAVE CLEARED MICHAEL`S NAME, DAMN IT! Way to go Jermaine!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. Not much of a party here. My husband is working tonight and in solidarity I stay at home to welcome him home from work just before midnight. We will have a party then - perhaps watching Michael´s 30 anniversary show - if I don´t get "the look"...

1764 days ago


I agree with Jermaine! The FBI should have released this file long ago while people were calling Michael a pedophile etc. As for false news, head on over to Radar Online . com. That is the worst news organ I've ever seen ! ! ! !

1764 days ago


I'm not crazy about Jermaine Jackson but this is one time I support him. With the FBI files though, I don't think they're allowed to release files while a person is living. When it comes down to it, the media willfully and wrongfully reported only one side of the allegations against Michael. It was as imbalanced as anything I've ever witnessed in my life. However, once he was acquitted, most members of the public continued to believe he was guilty and that's where they bear responsibility too. All you have to do is read and research a little bit to learn Michael's side of that BS. I now view every piece of news with a skeptical eye as a result of MJ's cases. It's shameful what was done to him.

As far as the royalties and a creditor's claim, TMZ isn't that something that would be covered in an ordinary contract in the music business? Were the royalties any Jacksons were to receive run through Michael? Was he keeping money they were suppose to have? Give us some more information on that. Without details, it's too easy to jump to the wrong conclusion.

Also, I wonder if it will ever be reported if any of the claims made against Michael's estate are wrongful and without merit. Michael was sued constantly, which goes with the territory of his financial status, but he won more than he lost. With fair reporting, you guys ought to follow up and report the final resolutions of these claims. That's the right thing to do.

1764 days ago
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