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Report: NBAers Involved in Armed Standoff

1/1/2010 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

His nickname is Agent Zero, but a new report claims NBA star Gilbert Arenas went 007 on a teammate when he allegedly drew his gun on him during a disagreement over money.

Gilbert Arenas, Javaris Crittendon

Arenas and backup point guard Javaris Crittenton got into it on Christmas Eve, says the NY Post, to the point where the two pulled out their guns in the team's locker room. A source told the paper the argument involved some sort of gambling debt.

Arenas admitted on Christmas Day that he had been keeping unloaded guns in his locker, which he turned over to the team.

Arenas and Crittenton both play for the Washington Wizards, which used to be known as the Washington Bullets.

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The Washington Bullets are back!!!!!!!!!

1669 days ago


lol i have to laugh.. all these nba players have no class.. date rape, regular rape lol, robbery, carrying guns... no class

1669 days ago


Some of you guys are funny...
You bash Rush Limbaugh for his observations that "The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons", even though many NFL players have been CAUGHT in their affiliations (Darrent Williams, Michael Vick)...
Now you have NBA players ready to blow each others heads off IN the Locker Room, and folks still refuse to acknowledge the similarities?...

Face it folks, the NBA and the NFL showcase players that are nothing more than glorified gang-bangers...If THEY want us to think differently about them, maybe THEY should act in a manner that is NOT consistent with the "gang lifestyle"...

1669 days ago


Not surprised.Kick them off the team , or this will become accepted behavior.

1669 days ago

evil kitty    

31. Not surprised.Kick them off the team , or this will become accepted behavior.

Posted at 2:40PM on Jan 1st 2010 by mhatr

It's already accepted behavior by them because they're too stupid to know any better.

1669 days ago


From page 6 of NY Post: Arenas, who has three kids, reportedly told team officials he brought guns to his Verizon Center locker so they wouldn't be close to his newborn at their home in Great Falls, Va.
1. I'll give him some credit for that.
2. Why not a home safe for the guns?
3. Why have them to begin with?

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/nba_gunpoint_R52AnT76DRgTSuVKDQ8XBO#ixzz0bONp37St

1669 days ago


too many of you generalize everyone in the NFL & NBA.

Are there guys in the NFL and NBA that act like thugs? Yes. There are a lot of athletes in the NBA & NFL that come from poor backgrounds, bad neighborhoods, bad parents, no parents, etc that are immature and fit that thuggish mentality. But for every one of those guys there are guys that don't act like that.

Not everyone in the NFL acts like Plaxico Burress, Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, Michael Vick, etc. For every one of those guys you have a Michael Ohr, Ronde Barber, Warrick Dunn, etc. But since we don't see those guys doing bad things that would get them in the news (since basically only negative stuff is on the news), we dont think about them and instead just say everyone acts like Pacman Jones.

Not everyone in the NBA acts like thugs. There are plenty of guys like Dwayne Wade or Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Richard Jefferson, Tim Duncan, etc. who know how to behave and act and are responsible and good people.

So for every young thuggish kid that came up with a bad background and left college early/ hang out with the bad crowd, there are people that know how to behave and don't act this way.

And i used only black people in my examples because we all know that the people making those type of comments about how everone in the NBA is a thug is saying so because they're black. And for the record i'm white so i'm not trying to defend my race or anything.

The people that say "what do you expect its the NBA, thats how they all act" are ignorant. It'd be like someone reading your comment and calling your race a bunch of racists based soley on your 1 comment.

1669 days ago



1669 days ago


after you two shoot each other,what happens next? did you think that far ahead? nope,you didnt but your ready to put a bullet in somebody. i hpoe that your families are proud.

1669 days ago

Eric in Indiana    

This is why the team should never have changed their name From the BULLETS to the wizards.....It might be time to change the name back after this

1669 days ago


Both these idiot thugs should be booted off the team.

1669 days ago


you know, i'm sick of questioning "black jocks," "black athletes," what have you. Question: What do you white people have against black athletes? It's disconcerting, to be a young black woman and see a constant onslaught against black sportsmen. You ask yourself why so often. when do you hear white spectators accusing white golfers, for example, of being pompous or *uppity*?

Instead of wondering what gives them the right to think they are better than you, ask yourself why the hell are you automatically so offended by them and feel so inferior to them? when did they say they were better? carry and a gun and having bodyguard makes them better? wow...i want to explore this further. there's something much, much deeper in the unwarranted hatred of the black male athlete...

1669 days ago


All this pointless racial crap aside, why do they need guns in the locker room?

1669 days ago

evil kitty    

Nobody's questioning the "black athlete" and nobody feels offended or inferior to them, Afrodite. You people do this to yourselves. There's no "unwarranted hatred of the black male athlete". We're just pointing out the obvious. Our comments don't have to reinforce the black stereotype. These thugs in the NBA and NFL do that all by themselves.

1669 days ago


Are guns illegal in Washington D.C.?

I carry a gun in my car and on my person. Is this going to turn into another ban guns debate?

Anybody who's worth +10 million and a public figure better have security or armed protection. This is a predatory society and numerous professional athletes have been robbed at gunpoint in the last few years.

1669 days ago
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