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Is That You, Elin Nordegren?

1/2/2010 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So here's the thing -- one of Tiger Woods' neighbors tells us he saw Elin Nordegren walking a dog near the couple's home in Florida on Thursday. But here's a photo of Elin (or her twin sister, perhaps?) taken in Switzerland today, where people say she's been for the past week.


Question is ...


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79. Happy Birthday to Elin Woods! Great way to celebrate one's birthday, i.e. with your sister or twin and on skiis in fresh mountain air away from the paparazzi and the ugly American whores getting press from the mainstream media and their disgusting attorneys who are legally extorting monies from her husband.

Don't worry about her children, they are a "stone's throw away" from their mother, protected, and nurtured by professional nannies and/or their grandmothers.

Posted at 4:34PM on Jan 2nd 2010 by Carrie

STFU they wouldn't be doing that if tiger had not cheated with them. And the wife must be f*cking dumb to not know what was going on!

1722 days ago


its the sister

1722 days ago


85. I am in Chamonix right now and YES, it's her.
PS; who cares anyway, we see plenty of celebrity here and she is not one.

Posted at 4:50PM on Jan 2nd 2010 by alemeh2

You're right who in the f*ck cares. Also who the f*ck cares about any celeb period.

1722 days ago


Wherever the Nordegren's are, they can look forward to a GREAT 2010, because they have such open roads and everything and everyone is going to be holding Elin in higher and higher esteem once the lawyers try to get this going. Tiger's lawyers will screw up with the public and the golf galleries at every turn, because NO-ONE wants to be manipulated or used by that creep or his money grabs. It's over for Tiger Woods. The sponsors have figured out Tiger's a social STD off the golf course and any remaining sponsors are only there because they have warehouses of "Tiger Woods" stock still to sell. 2010 is for Elin and her kids to enjoy the sunshine. HAPPY NEW YEARS!

1722 days ago


"The best revenge is living well"
I love this women, she is taking a stand, a intelligent stand, against this rat tiger. Why the hell she should feel sorry for a big baby that acted like a whore in a sham marriage that he wanted to make more and most of his money with endorsements because of that false image. If anybody was a whore and a nanny at the same time it was tiger. What a sicko this guy is. Divorce his sorry ass and move on. Let the man live in shame.

1722 days ago


So, will the real Elin Nordegren please stand up?
And then put one of those fingers on each hand up?
And be proud to be outta your mind and outta control
and one more time, loud as you can, how does it go?

1722 days ago


Who cares about the average looking Mrs.Woods-she will be one rich"B". She is gonna be just fine--come on.Another celebrity gold digger makes good.Her and Chris Jenner.

1722 days ago


It´s a scam.
On a x-mas party in Stockholm, some people came up with the idea to fool the english tabloid The Sun and Swedish Expressen, the people involved in this scam also knows Elin´s sister Josefin in private. As some of these people were booked to stay at this place, it was easy to conduct this scam as 2 of the girls on a 11 person party has a similar face-look alike.

Remember that the statesment from Charmonix comes from the staff of the resturant Munchie, that sended in recent photos of the staff themselves to the newspaper, they are friends to these 11 person party that is carring out this scam.Do I have to say what some people would ganed of this scam...

The "conehead-Elin" person on the photo is shown in another photo-session from Stockholm taken just before the trip, you find this blond and you find the real name of the imposter.
Good luck chaps- do you really beleive Elin leaves and let the kids be home with a new nanny when the aupair is on x-mas holiday....

1722 days ago


If I were she I may go somewhere have some thinking or do nothing. Just find a place let my heart gets rest. So, there is no good point to talk about if she was there or not!

1722 days ago


There is another picture of her in exact same outfit in however more of a fuller shot - showing her sporting a big ring - looks like it's her twin.

1722 days ago


look at her earings, and then google recent pictures of her from when she was on the golf course with Tiger. It's Elin.

1722 days ago


Wow, this thing is just a truly sad situation. I bet theres a lot of secrets still to come out

1722 days ago


This is her...she has the two (small) moles (frekles) on her right side top of her lips. Her sister does not. So much for "reporting" you dont have to be an investigator to see the small diffrences in the two.

But who cares!!! Leave the poor girl alone already

1722 days ago


Neighbours see more...I hope, it was Elin walking the dog, I was wondering what happenend to the dogs that live in the house...

1722 days ago


They're classic beauties though Elin's face (frontal) is a bit more refined and/or heart-shaped than her twin sister's. This photo looks a bit like Elin whereas the photo on looks definitely looks like her twin. It would be wonderful to see her having some pleasure in life right now, however I can imagine this to be a very difficult time for her with having been so betrayed and violated as a committed wife and mother of two babies under the age of two years. Whatever she decides is best on behalf of herself and her children is supported by me as a woman and a mother.

1722 days ago
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