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Lamar and Khloe -- His Home Alone

1/4/2010 9:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hopefully Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian will spend many happy years together -- but if they don't, Khloe could get a 30-day notice to move her butt out of the marital home.

Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian
We've learned the house Lamar bought for his bride -- per their prenup -- is held in his name alone.

TMZ obtained legal docs -- an Interspousal Transfer Grant Deed -- in which Khloe acknowledges their home is Lamar's "sole and separate property."

As we first reported, Lamar plunked down nearly $4 mil for the 8,347 square foot home in Tarzana, CA.

As the saying goes, what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine -- at least according to Beverly Hills divorce lawyers.


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She has her own money, the Kardashians have done very well and their father was a wealthy attorney who left the girls taken care of. I think she signed the prenup because she really loves Lamar and wants to show him that it's not about money. Still, one of the first things a marriage counselor will tell you is that each partner needs to feel that they have a equal interest in the marriage. It sets up a one sided situation when one party feels that they own everything and that their spouse is a guest that they can have removed at any time. They should have both invested in a home that they owned equally. I learned this the hard way

1752 days ago


Lamar 1, Grandma Kris 0. Grandma Kris better get Khloe pregnant quick!!!!!!!!

1752 days ago

i'd be proud too    

am i weird for not understanding why khloe and kourtney are ALWAYS around their family?

I dont get that....

i mean theyre always with other family members....

and kourtney drags scott along with her to the kardashians

and lamar and khloe are like....Rarely together.....

i kno hes practicing a lot but come on...

she doesnt even text or call him either....

Am i a needy gf???

They seriously make me reconsider what type of person i am lol. (NOT)

I think she married lamar just so some one could give her an allowance....that could afford it. if shes smart, she will put most of the money she receives from him in a savings acct.

Gotta love how Khloe is also the only one to mention armenian heritage but never display any sign of it.

And great job faking that pregnancy!!! yaaaay! fake pregnancies!


i bother

1752 days ago

You Go, Judge Joe    

This is for Lola (#20) - You spent more time on your response than Khloe spent dating Lamar prior to becoming engaged! You're reading too much into this. Quick romance...quick engagement...quick marriage...long, costly divorce...Priceless!!!

1752 days ago


I love it! Another FACT you won't see on their reality show. He KNOWS this woman is a merely an accessory, and is keeping all property in HIS name. Good for you Lamar! Hoey and her sisters "fame" will last about six months longer than their reality show, like no talent buddy Paris Hilton.

1752 days ago


Curse of the OJ scheme team? Fate of the lawyers who helped OJ get away with double murder:

Robert Kardashian - dead of throat cancer

Johnnie Cochran - dead of brain cancer

F. Lee Bailey - disbarred

Brent Shapiro, son of OJ attorney Robert Shapiro, dead of overdose....

1752 days ago


Khloe is getting what she deserved she married him for the money.He has the right to have that home in his name because who is going to pay the mortgage not her.

1752 days ago


They still together? I didn't think they would last this long. He must have been out of town most of the time since they got married. Wait till Lamar has to spend a few days in a row with Khloe.

1751 days ago


Two idiots.

1750 days ago


Lamar and Khloe are going on 4 months strong! They will surprise many haters and doubters. Lamar bought this home because Khloe wanted a new home. He has a 5 bedroom home that he just put on the market that hasn't sold yet. He's buying this home for her. If she was ok, with living in the other home, he wouldn't be buying this now. Khloe is fine with not having her name on the property because she married him for love. Heck, if they do get divorce she'll end up with more than the 4 mill it took to buy the home. This is not a big deal. Folks are just looking for a reason to hate.

They poster above talking about some chick in NYC. She's in the some state as the baby mama if she even exists. Being the wife has it's privileges. Chicks need to stop letting these men have their way with them without a commitment.

1745 days ago


Vera Wang's dresses are not for figures like Khloe Kartrashian! That was one of the ugliest I've ever seen along with the entire wedding party.

If Lamar is gay, then so is Khloe. She and Kourtney (mother of the bastard she had fathered by the raging alcoholic Scott) appear to have an incestuous/lesbian relationship...two adult women sleeping and fondling each other along with their filthy dirty talk.

CPS will be breaking down their door soon if that baby is allowed to be around the out-of-control father, Scott. He appears to be a raging alcoholic and gold-digger, like Jenner. These gypsys and prostitutes have no shame and put all this out for the public to see on tv.

IMO LOLA posting here is that Kris Jenner herself. Those two younger girls look deformed, as does Khloe. The description given above by the one who said she looks like the wrestler, Chyna, is the most accurate I've ever read about Khloe.

The divorce papers are probably being filed as this is written since Robert Kardashian announced that the Lakers games are all rigged. His brother-in-law, Laker Lamar Odum, must have told him so.

Good for Lamar putting that house in his name. If it was the one on tv, butinski Kris picked it out and Lamar didn't want to buy it as he felt it was too big and expensive. Kris is a lying manipulative woman and I'd put NOTHING past her and watch my back as some of those gypsys and Armenians are affiliated with the Mafia or so I've heard from reliable sources.

1588 days ago


she did the right thing. You never know whats going to happen. Plus the divorce rate ix really high right now. Im glad she learned from Jessica Simpson, JLo, Janet Jackson who had to give about millions to their EXs.

1034 days ago
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