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Octomom's Kids Were In Peril, Med Board Says

1/4/2010 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Medical Board of California says Octomom Nadya Suleman "was placing her offspring at risk for potential harm."

The Board is recommending that Michael Kamrava, the fertility doctor who artificially inseminated Suleman, be disciplined because he acted with "gross negligence" with regard to her treatment.

The Board concluded, "His failure to recognize that [Suleman's] behavior was outside the norm and that her conduct was placing her offspring at risk for potential harm."

The Board is recommending that Dr. Kamrava's license be revoked or suspended.



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The big issue I have with both the doctor and Octomom is that neither one gave a d*mn about who would be paying for the IVF, the birth, and the long term care of these kids. (Which, of course, is California tax payers).

It would even be ONE thing if she was childless and had a couple (two, the recommended number to be implanted) embryos put in in the hopes of becoming a mother. Having to pay welfare for even that, maybe I could stomach.

But this woman who ALREADY HAD 6 KIDS living off the system has now forced us to pay for eight more. Hell, I'm trying to feed my own two. I sure as hell don't need to be paying for the brood of this monstrous TOOL.

I AGREE with the person who commented that the doctor should have to pay for these kids.

1697 days ago

Sean P.    

I agree with you Freakin! She's going to run out of money long before those children are 18 years old -- I guess the taxpayers are going to end up footing the bill for the 14 children because she CAN'T SUPPORT THEM on her own. NO WAY will she ever get a real job that will pay enough to raise 14 children.

Not only that, but in the RO interview she just gave she was worried about who she could go to now if she wants to have MORE CHILDREN if Dr. Kamrava loses his license! Someone needs to put this woman in a straight-jacket!!!

1696 days ago


since it was exposed she used fresh eggs n still has more in the income...was she selling donor eggs? that would explain money for plastic surgery...they confronted her on Radar with paperwork..she lied about doing it to save frozen embros.

1696 days ago


The kids need to be removed from her care and the sooner the better. The doctor should lose his license. This person is only out for the fame. Take away the fame and let the kids live normal lives with people who will actually care for and about them. Get rid of Octo mom forever.

1624 days ago


Michael Kamrava, role in all this. Pay Nadya balloon payment off in full. Nadya already took a major beating from the public why Dr. Kamrava went into hiding. I say the court should not only take away his license, but they should make him pay for Nadya home so that the kids help her make can have a roof over their heads permanently. jmo of course.

1591 days ago


People don't have a life, else why do they take her and microscope her life. I think she's heroic, and her doctor is a saint, togther they saved lives. She and the doctor admitted all the eggs don't normally survive, she did not think they would all live. Now they are healthy and beautiful by the way. I wish I could help her financially. People are so hateful, satin worshipers probably.

1582 days ago


im a cotton worshiper myself

1416 days ago
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