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Sweaty, Glistening

... Sexy?

1/6/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Based on this video alone -- forget the 14 kids and the craziness etc. -- Nadya Suleman may have finally qualified for MILF status ... right?

With sweat pouring down her surprisingly toned body, the mother of fourteen threw on a revealing top and some spandex pants and hit an L.A. gym well past midnight earlier this morning.

The question is ...


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Politico Pablo    

She has to be preparing for an upcoming photo shoot. I would not be surprised if she ends up in the March edition of Playboy. We'll see.

1717 days ago

N' Doyle    

This woman is a peice of crap. A woman's body is not designed to carry that many babies. She has children that are going to grow up with mental & physical disabilities. Apparently she doesn't care about her children to give them a start at life like that. What her & her Doctor have done is careless & in my opinion have already endangered the welfare of a child or many. Also just because you can have that many children doesn't mean you should. The world is over populated now. So Angelina & Brad, Octomom, Jon & Kate, the Duggars & so on put a cap on it.

1717 days ago


I had one child and attended college. I didn't even have time to take a s@it. WTF kinda mom is this person and yet the media gives her tons of attention. When her kids are on tv they are outta control and actually mean to each other. Family services needs to get these kids outta there now! Those poor babies. Can you imagine what it must be like. Makes me so sad.

1717 days ago

Fools Rush In    

Some people around here tell the truth, the majority of men would be very pleased to even have a shot at a woman that looks like that. Maybe not your absolute "perfect" and "ideal" woman, ok, but get real, she looks great. Very few women would be upset to look like that. Most of us lament what happens to us after a singleton pregnancy, much less 4 singleton pregnancies, a twin pregnancy and an octuplet pregnancy that goes well into the third trimester.
For the guys that are worried about the state of her genitalia not being some Hustler mag perfect for your fantasy, umm, just keep reading that and all your other porn mags and watching the vids, you don't know much about a woman's body and what it's capable of. I doubt you could please women much, given you don't even know that it's a muscle that can be toned, unlikely your tiny boy like parts.

Ok, so you don't like her, so what? That isn't the point of the question.

1717 days ago


Mightymad I agree with u 100%.
For all the ladies complaining about Nadya having time to go to the gym, if some of u spend less time watching jerry springer, TMZ,etc or even being on the site reading this, then I gurantee u that you do have the time to go to the gym.

As for whether she is botoxed, plastic surgery, etc, most of u either are wearing false hair, fake eyelashes, or an inch of makeup, or just jealous u cant afford it.

Thirdly u women are just envious that nadya did not follow ur script and con some guy into marrying or knocking u up. Casue i am sure all of u are single parent, dragging some guy thru court for child support/spousal support. I would take nadya over all of u. Atleast she is not into using men.

And I would totally HIT that - twice before midnight, once between 12 & 5am and once before i leave for work. No apology. The girl looks great!! Anybody who says otherwise is plain jealous or an ass.

1717 days ago

N' Doyle    


Ok, I am not sure what you mean about us women pulling a con on some unsuspecting man to trap him into marriage & whatever else but that is just wrong on so many levels.
As for Nadya not using men is because her mother was taking care of her & her unnatural pregnancy children. She exploits those children for money & is now able to afford plastic surgery,botox gym memberships....etc.
Those children are growing up with disabilities from the unnatural pregnancies. She is a selfish woman & not someone that any of us women should be jealous of in the very least.

How desperate must you be to actually want to hit it. And twice I might add. You sad little man. :(

1717 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    


1717 days ago


Alot of sexy women are crazy. I would hit it, if she has had her
tubes tied.

1717 days ago


First of all those babys didnt come out of her she had a c-section. Why is everyone against this women. She says she dont live on welware and aleast she trying to better her body more than alot of people commit to. Her kids are being taken care of by nannies that voluntered thier service so WTF is the problem. Yeah she had to many kids and she has issues but who dont. she seems to love her kids and she probaly getting ready for her reality show. She will have have alot of money just like John and kate. Im sure she has future business deals taking care of her.Keep going on the right path Octamom dont forget to get your kids in church

1717 days ago


I used to think she was mentally ill. I've been amazed at the extent of her flawed, delusional, selfish, unethical behavior. I know of very few people that have exceeded her in those categories. I considered her the poster child of the mentally ill. But I no longer think of her as mentally ill. A very wise person on a different forum explained why she is not mentally ill. Mental illness is a sickness that can be cured. Nadya Suleman is a sociopath, and there is no cure for that.

1717 days ago


Over 30% of you would do her! What is wrong with you people! She has 14 children and is just psycho crazy. This is what is wrong with america.

1717 days ago


Would I? Octomom? Not even with Harvey's penis. But I will say that she IS amazingly fit for someone who had so many kids at one time.

1716 days ago


what the he-- is wrong with the State of California???
How long are they going to continiue to let her use the system and make a public mockery before they step in and do a "true investigation". Comments like "the children appreared to be well cared for", "she appears to be a good housekeeper" - what is wrong with these people. She is never home to do any of this. They need to post a 24 hour watch on the house or about a week to see who comes and goes and how much she is home. I believe the fact that there are 14 children in that house with a single parent is reason enough for an investigation. Do they ever show her caring for a child, no; do they ever show her taking one to the doctor for a checkup - no (just calling 911 and using the ER); do they ever show her cleaning house or cooking - no. They show her at the park at dark with 2 of them, they show her at the toy store shopping with 2 of them, they show her at the gym, at the Starbucks store, shopping for herself, etc. Who is caring for the kids and who is paying them. How is she paying the bills and are the children being cared for and educated. I think we all know the answers to those questions. California - Do something, no wonder you are broke.

1716 days ago


Personally, I'd like to volunteer to help her dead lift
about 200 pounds. She'd be flashing her boobs at the TMZ photographer and giggling. She'd reapply her fake sweat mix. Then I'd let go of the weight and let it drop on that freakish face of hers.

1716 days ago


#144 u hit the nail on the head i can't believe these people who hate her so much don't get it....

1710 days ago
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