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Neo-Nazi Boots TV Shrink in the Head

1/8/2010 9:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A guy with a swastika carved into his forehead jumps on a table and kicks a former talk show host in the head -- and shockingly, it wasn't Jerry Springer.

Dr, Keith Ablow

The guy on the receiving end of the kick was former TV host and real-life shrink Dr. Keith Ablow. The doc was evaluating some scumbag accused of rape and double murder at a corrections facility in Massachusetts -- when Keith claims the dude jumped on the desk and put a foot to his melon.

According to MyFoxBoston, guards immediately rushed in and subdued the 23-year-old. Ablow claims he wasn't injured in the attack and wanted to continue with the evaluation, but officials wouldn't allow it.

We'll finish it for you -- the dude is a horrible, disgusting, vile excuse for a human ... technically speaking.


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A pig is a pig no matter what
He is a ugliest pig between them all
I hate this pigs there are evil. Black people are not that bad but give a reason to a pig to behave like an animal. He will of course eat your flesh
Pigs are animals from another planet. Sorry... LOL

1748 days ago


Sounds like a white version of AL SHARPTON!

1748 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

@AReallyWhiteGirl: It's called a double standard. The ones that holler racism the loudest are usually the worst offenders.

1748 days ago


The swastika dude thinks he is a superior race.

What he doesn't realize is that he exhibits some bodily indicators that show he is NOT superior.

Having pink skin indicates he is has a greater chance to get skin cancer. Having a short fat neck means he is more likely to have heart attacks. His head is way too big for his body, which means he has a smaller brain. His ears are way too small for the size of his face. His beard is skimpy which means he is short on the male hormone testosterone--same with his hair, which he apparently shaves because he hasn't got much hair to begin with. His eyes don't look very light-colored to me (he needs to have a recessive gene from each parent to have blue/gray/green/hazel eyes and blond/red hair, traits which are considered superior). And light-colored is good if you hate people, which Nazi-lovers do--they hate about everyone and everything.

Most likely he is breeding little haters.

1748 days ago

Half black half white    

this is for 25 and 23 im number 12.I have a master degree in computer science, came from a very poor family , and I worked very hard for everything I have, so don't tell me I got anything for free A-Hole , unlike you privileged white Fu*88cks , I can't even walk in my white cousins’ neighborhood alone without someone calling the cops on me, and I don't look or dress like a thug, poverty came for my black father passed through generations, he's father "my granddad wasn’t given the same opportunities white people had in those days thus not giving my dad the chance to go to a good school or raise me in a good neighborhood.

For thousands of years the Chinese had been using gunpowder with fireworks for celebrations, then the white man came stole the idea and made guns to kill people, steal their land rape their women kill their kids, F38Ck everybody over and now act like they are nice , oh yeah we have all this because we work hard and we’re nice , yeah right u Fu@@cks thieves liars scare lil punks like I said I’ll day will come when you will not be on top anymore. Karma bitches don’t complain because the Mexicans are coming.

Posted at 12:22PM on Jan 8th 2010 by Half black half white

1748 days ago


To #1 ... Neo-Nazis hate Jews, African Americans, Africans, Asians, Latinos, Arabs, Native Americans, homosexuals, Catholics... and everyone else they feel does not meet up to their racial or religious "pure" standards... which is just about everybody. It's not just the Jews.

1748 days ago


This is what the loser- white -folks do when they cant fit in society. Pretend they have a cause... Pretend to stand for something, even if its ignorant. Look at this man, wouldnt the first indicator of insanity be the fact that he has carved into his own forehead. They should lock this nut-case up in an insane asylum.

1748 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Hey Half Black, I would call the cops on you too, just listen to the way you talk. If you should be angry at anyone it should be your own kind. They are the ones that sold your fore fathers into slavery. But you you rather be a RACIST and piss and moan.

1748 days ago


give someone a GUN and let them shoot this (p) rick right in that swastika head of his and then give them a free pass for muderering a sick physo and then make him a hero.....Idiots like him go straight to hell not pass go not collect whats left of your pathetic life......please let us knopw when they kill this sob and I will celebrate like there is no tomorrow...people like him do not deserve to live!

1748 days ago


This guy is a total D-Bag, so I expect this from him. BTW the correct title is Correction Officer...Not "Guard". Just a heads up....

1748 days ago


When you carve a swastika in your forehead, and get it wrong, evaluation becomes easy.
Peoples like this should not be accepted by any society or group, not even the Nazis.

1748 days ago


I think he should b put in gen pop.. Race has nothing to do with it what it has to do with is what he has done.. He had to watch Inglorious Bastards to many times lol.. At any point he is sick and something needs to be done with him..I dont care if u are black white pink purple green or blue you do something like this or anything u shouldnt then you should be heald accountable for it no matter what..So get off the if they was black thing.

1748 days ago


Figures....typical white person. Face it, you will be the minority very soon. My.. how the tables turn lol.

1748 days ago

Michael E.    

I can tell by looking at his kind face, this guy just wants to play with your driedel Harvey, and maybe a hug!

1748 days ago


number 12 is no better than this swastika dude and needs to join him....what a patheic racist #12 is....Hey #12 do us all a favor....go jump out your window and into oncoming traffic this with swastika are on hateful, sob. Take it back to yo mama and find out what the bitch did to you so that you are that angry...also do everyone a favor...dont reproduce!

1748 days ago
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