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Octomom Wins Battle to Control Octofinances

1/9/2010 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctomomA judge in Santa Ana, Calif. took the side of Octomom Nadya Suleman yesterday and smacked aside a petition filed by some guy trying to get the court to appoint an independent guardian to monitor her children's money.

A random guy named Paul Petersen had filed, and been granted, a petition to have someone watch over their moolah since Octomom was striking all sorts of deals. But yesterday a California appeals court ruled in her favor, vacated the previous order, and called the whole thing an "unprecedented, meritless effort by a stranger."

Octomom can go about profiting off her children without further interference.


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Scott Chasen    

I think octomom is hot! really.

1715 days ago


Are you kidding? Paul Petersen is the 60's kid star from the Donna Reed show you ding dongs and has long been an advocate for kid stars so that they don't end up being ripped off by greedy parents and representatives stealing the money they earn. Paul, please keep on keeping these greedy-McGreeders honest.

Posted at 10:11AM on Jan 9th 2010 by Kathy

Kudos to him. In 18 years when the kids want to know where the money went, someone should send them to this idiot judges house.

1715 days ago

blanket jackson    

Dear jesus, please send a hitman to california to kill this waste of human flesh. and please make it the most horrific painful death possible. and for the love of christ please cut off those disgustingly huge lips and smash them under your boot. thx you jesus for making this happen u rock.

1715 days ago


Toxomom profiting is such a moot point.
She's done, done. You can't unring that wrung-out old-news belle.There's no profits to come and she's spent what the kids had. So if you are a California taxpayer, you get to pay her bills.
For 17 years on the healthy ones. Forever on the impaired ones.

1715 days ago


Gotta throw in my 2 cents worth--I'm so disappointed that you people could refer to Paul Petersen as "some random guy". Geez, TMZ. Ya really should have researched him before you did that. Very disappointed, this is not a small mistake. Petersen was right to do what he did, and you know it. And he's been protecting the rights of kids like these for a long time. I think you owe him an apology here on the website and on the air.

1715 days ago


Hey, TMZ -- it's a slow enough news day that you can afford a little time to do some work. "Some guy" Paul Petersen? Paul Petersen, a former child actor, is founder and president of A Minor Consideration, an advocacy group to protect children in the entertainment industry from exploitation. Petersen contended that Suleman's children have been vulnerable to exploitation and that an independent guardian should be appointed to look after their financial interests.

1715 days ago


Well thanks to pigs like Octomooch, my Kaiser Permanente rates went up by almost a $100.00 per month....all the while she used fraudulently obtained money to implant her embroyos, and Kaiser picked up the tab (well actually people like me picked up the tab) for her brood, and now she can profit without ever having to pay anyone back a dime. I wonder if all Kaiser members got this lovely Christmas present as well, a nice hefty premium increase.

Too bad, Paul Peterson has done some very good things for child actors, and he probably is the only person who is concerned about the kids' welfare. Octomooch certainly isn't...and BTW, thanks Nadaya for increasing my healthcare premiums just so your selfish, arrogant a** could have 14 children because you want to feel loved. Selfish b*tch.

1715 days ago


So sad for the she will be like Jon and Kate. Well they are the same. Parents using their kids to cash in. Have you al seen Kates new do? Well is cost her 7,000.00 for that new hair! Hmmmmm wasn't she just on tv saying she didn't have money to pay the bills that were in her purse? America needs to turn off this crap and not allow them to profit. Just don't watch anything Jon and Kate or Octonut.

1715 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

Now maybe she can get her hair done for $7000 like Kate Gosselin who is always lying and saying she is running out of money but can spend that on her hair come one at least octomom is not seeking attention all the time like Kate Gosselin the press just seem to seek her out and then give her bad press and people love to hate so the attack her.

1715 days ago


The Suleman and Gosselin kids should have child advocates looking out for their best interests. Paul Peterson knows what it is like to be used and left with nothing. Shame on TMZ for disrespecting this man.

1715 days ago


Paul Peterson is not some random guy, he's a former child actor from The Donna Reed Show and is a active advocate for children's rights. He's not just some Joe off the streets.

Know your facts before you post stupid stories.

1715 days ago


If tabloids such as TMZ and networks like NBC would stop giving a voice to these narcissistic "mothers" that "needed just one more" like Kate Gosselin and Nayda Suleman (and never seem have gone through the fertility struggle that most couples do in fact, suffer)that always seem to end up with plastic surgery and become fame-hos, maybe the cycle would end. Fertility to get rich quick has gotten out of control. It will surely be the children paying the price not the fame-seeking, plastic parents. Perhaps TMZ should also be aware of the young girls that think having a reality show/freebie life like Kate is cool, just start the fertility drugs right up. Disgusting.

Talk about needing a "memba him?" for Paul Peterson. Shame on TMZ, shame on the judge.

1715 days ago


Are you kidding? Paul Petersen is the 60's kid star from the Donna Reed show you ding dongs and has long been an advocate for kid stars so that they don't end up being ripped off by greedy parents and representatives stealing the money they earn. Paul, please keep on keeping these greedy-McGreeders honest.

and TMZ.. please do your research, ya maroons!

1715 days ago


Mmmmmmm. Octo-breasts.....

1715 days ago


Never heard of Paul Petersen? I guess you guys have never heard of the Jackie Coogan Laws, either; hell, it would surprise me if you had even any clue who Jackie Coogan was! Damn shame, considering you (allegedly) work in the business, but then, you only speak the show business of the past 15 years or so and call anything beyond that ancient history.

Petersen, who was himself a child star in the 50s and 60s and has been active in a number of industry and industry-related political activities over the years, has also very recently been involved in advocacy for the Gosselin kids. I know you know who THEY are!

In short, he is not "some random guy" and you folks at TMZ just continually embarrass yourselves.

1715 days ago
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