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Octomom Wins Battle to Control Octofinances

1/9/2010 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctomomA judge in Santa Ana, Calif. took the side of Octomom Nadya Suleman yesterday and smacked aside a petition filed by some guy trying to get the court to appoint an independent guardian to monitor her children's money.

A random guy named Paul Petersen had filed, and been granted, a petition to have someone watch over their moolah since Octomom was striking all sorts of deals. But yesterday a California appeals court ruled in her favor, vacated the previous order, and called the whole thing an "unprecedented, meritless effort by a stranger."

Octomom can go about profiting off her children without further interference.


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Lola, thanks for your is the rest of the story from google answers:Is there any explanation of why Danny Thomas chose Memphis to build
his St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital? I know the story of how
he promised St. Jude to build a hospital, but(since he was born in
Michigan and died in LA), what led him to choose Memphis, and to be
buried in Memphis?


Subject: Re: Danny Thomas's St. Jude hospital
Answered By: pinkfreud-ga on 03 Dec 2005 17:02 PST
Danny Thomas was troubled by a news story about a young
African-American boy who died because he was refused admission to a
segregated hospital. This caused Thomas to want to show his thanks to
God and St. Jude by building a racially-neutral children's hospital in
the South. The final choice of Memphis as the location was influenced
by his mentor Cardinal Stritch, the Archbishop of Chicago, who
suggested Memphis (the site of his first parish).

Here's an excerpt from a Larry King interview with Marlo Thomas, the
daughter of Danny Thomas:

"[LARRY] KING: Why Memphis?

[MARLO] THOMAS: Well he wanted to put in it the south because he had
read one time in the paper; in fact he had it tacked on his wall,
about a young black boy who died because no hospital would take him
after an accident. So he said one time to us, as a family, he said I'm
going to put the hospital in the south because there was a lot of
discussion about putting it in Boston or putting it in St. Louis
connecting it to some of those great hospitals. He said let's put it
in the south and then Cardinal [Stritch] in Chicago said I'll help you
to put it in Memphis because that's where he was from, so they put it

CNN Transcripts

From the hospital's own website:

"And through all his success, Thomas searched for a way to fulfill his
vow to create a shrine for St. Jude Thaddeus. Thomas met with Samuel
Cardinal Stritch, the man who performed Thomas? Catholic confirmation
service, to talk about this 'shrine.' During the meeting, Thomas
blurted out, 'What about a hospital?' The Cardinal liked the idea and
steered Thomas to Memphis, Tennessee."

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: Danny's Dream,2883,646_3848_9940,00.html

From the Daily Catholic's series, "TOP 100 CATHOLICS OF THE CENTURY":

"He had been contemplating what he would do to repay God for his good
fortune and kept looking toward the back country of the Mississippi
Delta to establish some kind of home or medical center to help the
very poor of Louisiana. In 1955 with his career well on its way, he
approached his mentor, Cardinal Samuel Stritch, then the Archbishop of
Chicago, and asked for his advice. The cardinal wasn't shy and
counseled Danny to look toward Memphis. It had been the location of
the cardinal's first parish. Even though Memphis already housed one
children's pediatric hospital - the LeBonheur Children's Medical
Center, Cardinal Stritch felt there was room for more and Memphis was
centrally located."

Daily Catholic: Danny Thomas Going beyond his promise to God for the children,vol.10,no.151txt/aug12dc1.htm

Google Web Search: "danny thomas" "why memphis" OR "memphis because"

I hope this is precisely what you need. If anything is unclear or
incomplete, please request clarification; I'll be glad to offer
further assistance before you rate my answer.

Best regards,

1756 days ago


The situation with Octo-mom is so disgusting. Most Americans are done hearing and talking about her. She's a pathetic person who doesn't understand responsbility, and what is she getting paid to do what? Simply pop out children. I think we need to ignore/avoid her at all costs, and maybe, just maybe, she'll go away for good.

1756 days ago


This will be good news for the Gosselin parents. Sets precedent so they can continue to live off their children.

1756 days ago


I feel sorry for her kids!!!!!!!! Being raised by someone like her!!
That Dr. she had was out of his mind!!

1756 days ago


Well, at least someone, somewhere tried to guard the childrens' money from low life Nadya. Plenty of proof of what she has done, in the news everyday, on her face, in her closet... the judge must have taken a little kick backy like all the doctors that have signed her worker's compensation docs, and her childrens' disability forms. So, so sad. And worst of all there are idiots that think she is a good mother. If she is a good mother, Josef Fritzl is a good father.

1755 days ago


Paul Petersen is the former child star who played Jeff Stone on The Donna Reed show. I heard him talking on some TV show about how Child Services should step in and do something about Octomom and all those kids. I'm assuming this is the same Paul Peterson. He is active in many child services organizations

1755 days ago


Does the state of California have child actor labor laws. If it does, then those children would fall under those laws and hopefully that will suffice to protect them. They need to be treated like any other family that puts their kids out there to perform. And TV is full of them.

This woman is not smart enough to hold a legitimate job and will use her kids to earn a living. People need to ignore any show of her and her kids just like they did with Leno's show. Treat every talentless lout the same, kardashians, hilton, kate and her 8's.

1755 days ago


This women is insane. I give props to whoever filed this against her. She shouldn't be able to sell off her children to America. Octo-mom doesn't really care about her kids. Why else would she patent the name, and why in the world would anyone want to exploit your children. If she really care about her kids she wouldn't have had as many kids in the financial situation she is in.

1755 days ago

Paul Petersen advocate    

#78 - Greg, are you one of those brainless people who just have to say 'something', even if you've got it all wrong. Paul Petersen is trying to protect all child actors, so they won't be broke AND have no career once the childhood acting parts are done. He was a child actor, as are many of his friends, and he has heard heartbreaking stories of families or guardians who controlled the young actors finances, and spent all of the child's earnings before the child reached adulthood. He hosted a special a few years back about this same topic, which included several grown "child actors", who tearfully told their stories of their guardians greed and financial ruin. Although she was not on this show, there was a public lawsuit filed by Leeann Rimes against her parents, esp. her father, who she said was controlling all of her earnings and spending money she did not authorize. She was maybe about 16-17 at the time, and the court ruled in her behalf. For a time she was estranged from her parents. I don't know the current status of their relationship, but at the time this all took place, there was much bitterness between Leeann and her parents.

1755 days ago


If u want to talk about her wanting to make money to support her kids... What about Kate and her 8 she has been pimping them and no one talks about that!!!

1755 days ago


By the time the child labor laws kick in, the money Suleman earns using the notoriety of producing these children will be long gone and she will be pushing her surgically enhanced parts around in front of her with a supermarket cart.

People like Petersen get involved because the story has played out in "Hollywood" again and again (although there is also a kids-for-cash factor with multiple births dating back to the Dionne quints of Canada many years ago) that parents exploit their kids and provisions are not made for the children to enjoy the financial security of their earnings.

The only things "random" around here are: 1) Octomom's sperm donors; 2) TMZ's research, and; 3) the knowledge base and functional brain cells of too many TMZ commentators who actually ADMIRE this freak and think that her "rights" to privacy (after publicizing and selling the story of your outrageous unmarried, unemployed on welfare and already with children being supported by the state, IV multiple birth???) and financial independence (while receiving public assistance!!!) supercede the rights of the children to receive protection of their welfare and monetary assets.

She is whoring out her children in order to support them because she has no other means of supporting them (or herself)and certainly had no means of supporting them before she fertilized them. Too bizarre for words. Let's all have freaky families to earn money and 15 minutes of fame!

Keep at it, Paul; you are doing the right and moral thing.

1755 days ago

Janet P    

Way to step forward for the kids Paul! No need to say WHO Paul Petersen is. Even a 5th grader in the biz knows who is watching their back when people, INCLUDING TMZ, continue to make money off of the children as well. Way to show your ignorance TMZ staffers and applause to Paul who is there 24/7 for kids, harding working on worldwide child labor and a true advocate for decades!

1755 days ago

Janet P    

TMZ "staffers" without a name...let's see how you feel about this? You'd have a huge increase in the amount of negative headlines concerning young stars if Paul Petersen was not there to offer assistance, whatever it may be, confidentially, no fees attached.

More to report on TMZ staffers or maybe glad that some of these kids/teens and young stars were set on the right path and that someone was there to offer help unconditionally when all the people surrounding these young people had only dollar signs and the Hollywood sign in mind and not their welfare!

There is a time for reporting headline trash and there is time for giving a well deserved praise for people who do good things for others. Put that in your drinking cup and straw Harvey and think about it!

Cowards who hide behind computer keys and make incorrect statements...the real heroes are those that come forward and take the risk to help others.

Janet P child advocate and not afraid to confront this industry as well.

1755 days ago


I love how NO ONE on ANY OF THESE TYPES OF SITES has done homework on this story. A random guy named Paul Peterson. Not Child Actor Advocate Paul Peterson, founder of A Minor Consideration.


Last I remember, "journalism" often requires something called "research".


1754 days ago


And it's Petersen, not Peterson. My bad.

1754 days ago
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