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Conan Supporters Slap NBC in the Facebook

1/13/2010 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien's most loyal employees are refusing to abandon their leader -- and have taken to Facebook to rally support for the guy NBC is treating like a redheaded stepchild.

Several people who work for "The Tonight Show" and NBC have united on the social networking site and changed their picture to an Obama-esque image of O'Brien that features the words, "I'm With COCO."

The COCO craze is already spreading like wildfire on FB -- and according to the guy who created the artwork, Mike Mitchell, the image has already been seen by Conan himself.

So far ... no sighting of any "I'm with Chin" or "I Heart Peacock" artwork floating around.


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I can't wait for the new Tonight Show with Jay Leno, brought to you by Geritol and Depends Undergarments. I hope Matlock gets to be Jay's sidekick!

Keep chasing that winning nursing home demographic, NBC. It'll stick with you through thick and thin for at least another five years before they all die off.

1751 days ago


76. What do these geeks not understand? If you don't have ratings, and you don't make ad money, YOUR SHOW GETS CANCELED.

Gotta love today's generation of brats who think that because THEY like a TV show, it must stay on the air!

So take your Wonderfalls, Firefly and Arrested Development and stick it up your...

So why did NBC allow Jay Leno 2 years in the chair before Hugh Grant? What was up with Leno at 10 show? Complaints from the news stations that Leno was suppose to lead late night in? Did the news stations lose revenue on Leno?

1751 days ago


conan doesn't deserve any support he had his chance to host the tonight show and he failed by the slump in the ratings it's not leno's fault that conan sucks balls and is loosing his job that he's out of a job that's all on conan hey conan go lay under a rock

1751 days ago


Simply put - Conan is not funny!!!!!!!!!!!

1751 days ago


Conan isn't funny. He never was a good fit for the Tonight Show. I mean, how is a Masturbat*** Bear funny? To high school and college guys it might be, but not everyone else. Conan should have stayed where he was. Jay should have stayed where he was.

Go Team Leno!

1751 days ago


leno rules / ruled when he was the host he never should have left the tonight show leno's number 1

1751 days ago


I bet he's left handed too.
He should bring back Andy Richter and "In the year 2000!" you know the good ole days!

1751 days ago


UGH! ConAss and his stupidity appeal to those with ADHD. Glad the jerk is gone.

1751 days ago


Leno didn't have to take the show back. He could've said no. For that... he will forever be a douche in my book.

Seven months is not long enough to get ratings, especially when he still has Leno before him. Other posts on here got it right... why watch 2 shows when the first one already covered the topics.

Personally, I do watch 'The Tonight Show' with Conan. I like his take on the topics more than Leno. I believe Leno has run his course and needs to back off.

1751 days ago


Jay made a mistake,that is his own fault.Conan shouldn"t have to pay for his mistakes.They gave Conan a contract,now live up to it.I think 7 months is a little to premature to pull the plug.

1751 days ago


Check out conan's house, jay's house and other celebrity homes at:

1751 days ago


I always liked Conan!!! I didn't like that he moved to the 10pm stop because I watch my news at 10 and liked watching Coco at 11pm(central time zone). Well i'm sure NBC will do what it has to for there ratings so bring back Jay and put Conan back at 11pm and I'll be happy or I just keep watch George Lopez's late night show...He is funnier then Jay anyday!!!

1751 days ago


I still don't get why people are being so hard on Jay Leno. Do people not realize that he was the one who originally got screwed when NBC decided to kick him to the curb for the unfunny Conan O'Brien to host The Tonight Show? And look at what's happened since. Conan's ratings alone on The Tonight Show just prove that despite all these people rallying for him, he can't bring in the ratings that Jay Leno brought in. Use logic and common sense people.

Please visit in support of Jay Leno being put back on The Tonight Show.

Also visit and sign the petition for the same cause at

1751 days ago

juli seutter    

Screw NBC CONAN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1751 days ago


Get over it, Conanbots. His ratings are in the tank. Jay left him a show that was doing great in the ratings, and Conan has sunk it like the Titanic. He's not funny, deal with it. Welcome back, Jay!

1751 days ago
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