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Kimmel's Brutal Leno Beatdown

On Jay's Show!

1/15/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jimmy Kimmel completely destroyed Jay Leno on his own show last night -- constantly ripping the talk show host apart for taking back the 11:35 PM time slot.

Trust us, this gets pretty damn awkward/awesome.


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@ post number 4... Jay Leno Is not being honest to the public He is trying to come off like he is not responsible for the whole mess.. Jay Leno is the SOLE cause of his bad ratings the following news brodcasts bad ratings and this has affected Conans Ratings. Jay Leno Is a Greedy Egomaniac and it is amazing he even has his own show. He must give good head

1749 days ago


We only have a million channels, podcasts, reality shows, and movie
channels to choose from, not like the Johnny Carson days of old.
Jay was the one booted out remember....and others were run over by
Conan so he could get the coveted 'stand by' spot. Get over it.
Millionaires v. millionaires. The guy who cheated on his wife with
interns and employees, with the bad hair and heart, is laughing
like crazy. What are Kimmel's ratings. He got his best exposure
on the Leno show this past week in years.

Again, if Conan, on his own, got better ratings for the past 7 months, or showed promise he would...he would be staying. He did not. Stop whining Conan. Like millions of Americans , no fault
of their own, who moved to new cities, moved to new jobs, they
got fired anyway! Sucks doesn't it. Get over it. Your millions
are yours, and have a nice time w/them.

He will get big ratings in his initial new he did here,
and then flatline again. As he has done before.

Do we really need late night hosts anyway?

1748 days ago


I give it to Jay for not removing it. It's not like they had to keep the 10 at 10 in the show. I also don't think Jay is a bad guy and I'm sick of hearing that.

I've been for Conan since NBC promised it to him 5 years ago and he hasn't had a fair shake.

With that said, why not blame Conan for not taking a MEAGER 1/2 hour bump? Blah, blah blah it's not the Tonight Show at 12:05... BS, just like Late Night is actually the early morning show? He pleaded his case on TV about all the people that moved their families and people like to make that a point but who lost these peoples job? It was Conan, who will still end up on his feet.

Kimmel's little "we have children" comment made me gag. How should I feel sorry for him making 50% or even 25% of his promised $40 Million? Is Conan somehow soon going to be destitute or even drop close to what most of us make? Most of you seem to be completely missing the point that Conan is going to land on his feet and still be doing a lot better than any of you, possibly in a year than your entire life.

As for NBC's part, they basically bumped Leno 5 years ago. Listen to the interview floating around the past few days of him giving the show to Conan. While listening, don't miss the intro that NBC DIDN'T WANT TO LOSE Conan and wanted Jay's contract structured around that. Jay didn't say he was ready to retire in 5 years. He was told he would retire in 5 years.

I think NBC is the most to blame for this but neither Jay or Conan are innocent and Jay isn't the only a-hole in this situation.

Just remember that Conan got his entire staff of 200 or whatever it is fired, not NBC and not Jay... It was ENTIRELY Conan and he had the gall to go on TV and throw out how those people uprooted their lives without saying "in the end, it's me not willing to move to 12:05, sorry guys but you lose while I'll still probably take home an assload of cash".

1748 days ago


JayLenoIsAGreedyPig you're DEAD WRONG and apparently so spiteful that you have no clue what you're talking about. Leno was forced out 5 years ago to make room for Conan. How is that his fault?

How are Conan's low ratings his fault? How is Leno getting a chance by hosting at 10PM rather than forced retirement his fault? Finally why is it his fault that NBC wanted him back?

Again, Conan had a choice and said no.

Stop the ignorant hate spewing.

1748 days ago

charlie from chicago    

Jay got what he deserved

1748 days ago


it's called MONEY people.... Conan isn't a money maker, Jay is.... If Conan would have taken the show by storm and MADE MONEY you wouldn't even hear about Leno anymore, BUT HE DIDN'T!!!!!!!

Get over it, and go watch coco on some cable show at 11:30

1617 days ago
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