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Kimmel's Brutal Leno Beatdown

On Jay's Show!

1/15/2010 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jimmy Kimmel completely destroyed Jay Leno on his own show last night -- constantly ripping the talk show host apart for taking back the 11:35 PM time slot.

Trust us, this gets pretty damn awkward/awesome.


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Posted at 9:37AM on Jan 15th 2010 by Libby

"I like Jimmy but that was ridiculous, give Leno a break, it didn't work out for anyone, Conan's show sucks, Leno's show sucks, it does need to change period, its not even NBC's fault quite frankly. Nobody did as well as they were supposed to so guess what, in this world if you don't show the money you get cancelled, quit your cryin and get over it."

Well apparently you dont have the slightest clue what you are talking about because both talk show hosts are worth over 50 mil and rake in an INSANE amount of money just for having a show 5 nights a week less than 40 hrs like the average human. And I definitely don't see either of them shedding a single tear about it. Conan got shoved out because he lacks in audience views compared to Jay... Get your facts straight. Good day!

1686 days ago


I saw it last night and thought Jay took it very well. He has to know that he's going to be the subject of many jokes for a long time.
Jay said earlier in the week in his own monologue that NBC wanted drama at 10 and now they have it!

Whoever gets Leno and Conan together in the same room for and interview will have ratings sky high!!!

1686 days ago


I love that little bulldog.

1686 days ago


who the hell stays up that late to watch that crap..maybe morons on the west coast but by 11:35 i am definitly asleep on the east coast..well unless my wife is keeping me up heh heh or my girlfriend,, heh heh ..or the live in maid heh heh or the babysitter who is 18 by the way

1686 days ago


Will, what did NBC, Leno and TMZ think would happen? TMZ works for Zucker. Jay Leno and Jeff Zucker's chickens have come home to roost.

1686 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel is a giant douchebag. Just another cheater, drinker, and liar.

1686 days ago


I love how Kimmel pointed out how fake it was for Leno to pass the torch to Conan, only to yank it back after a short time. Conan should either take the money and spend time with his family or move to Fox.

1686 days ago


It was staged you morons ... it's Hollywood ... everyone hates everyone else and they have perfected the art of turning controversy into fodder for ratings! Who really CARES where these guys end up? If you like Leno you'll watch Leno, if you like Kimmel then you'll watch Kimmel, if you like that creepy looking little Conan (CoCo?? come on how gay is THAT???!!) then you'll watch what ever station he's on. This is NOT rocket science! This is petty BS! And it's NOT about the money .. it's about the EGOS!

1686 days ago

Bob Lee    

Leno is a backstabbing sell out. He acts like a nice guy in public, but will f*ck over a grandmother to get ahead. He screwed Carson and Letterman, now Conan.

1686 days ago


The show is not aired live at 10pm so what ever Jimmy said I am sure Jay knew exactly what was coming. The questions that were asked were geared for those types of answers. How stupid are people. Do you really think that NBC would have aired it if they thought it was really insulting to them or to Leno or to Conan. Do you people not realize that all of this is generating interest and ratings for Jay and Conan and more people are probably tuning in now!

1686 days ago


I love a joke or two, but Jimmy took it a little too far last night. It was a major turn off, and I felt sorry for Leno at the end of it.

1686 days ago

Milf Biggenson    

That whole thing between Jimmy and Jay was scripted, anyone with a half a brain could have figured that out.

Jay: Ever order anything off TV?
Jimmy: You mean, like NBC ordered your show off TV?

Good line, but that's scripted baby. Why would Leno ask that question? It's a comedy "Set up" and "Spike"!

1686 days ago


Jay was never forced out. He wanted to retire, but since money is his god, they threw together a show for him, which was just a regurgitation of the Tonight show and stolen bits from other shows. Stupid human tricks....come on. The sad part is what Conan said about his whole staff moving their families. Jimmy said it best, "you just have a bunch of cars, we have wives and kids." It doesn't matter who your favorite late night is, Leno, are you that greedy, that you're the brunt of every comedians jokes and yet you would agree to this. Shame on you.

1686 days ago


I am a Kimmel fan but, I am disappointed in his behavior, Jay Leno is a nice man who really doesn't deserve all the bashing. Conan sort of forced Leno out of his time slot in the first place, Leno is just taking back his position. Conan is one of the most boring people in the world anyway.

1686 days ago


Jay wants to be the late night Oprah, worth a billion. He will crush anyone in his way to do it. After all, he has cars to feed.

1686 days ago
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