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Gets a Leg Up

on the Competition

1/18/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just precious.

golden globes


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omg!!! that's just not right, that's just not right, that's just not right!!!!!!!!!. my retina's are completely destroyed now!!!!

1701 days ago

Blinded by the light least she got a pedicure.

1701 days ago

blanket jackson    

i just puked on my keyboard.

1701 days ago


this has got to be a fake! Yucky!!!!

1701 days ago


I heard she's saving it up to weave an Indian blanket.

1701 days ago


For all those who find her unshaved legs disgusting I find your comments revolting. Shaving ones legs is a choice it is NOT mandatory. Our society has trained, tricked, brainwashed, taught, forced and enforced girls from the age of birth as to what is the beauty ideal. Women were born to have hair on their legs and under their arms. Some, most have chosen to shave it off.

To find her unshaven legs disgusting, something which is natural to her as a human being, would be to find a man's unshaven legs disgusting or to find her kinky hair disgusting or her menstral cycle disgusting. It may not be for everyone, but guess what its natural, and for her, that is what beauty seems to be about.

1701 days ago


I dont buy it! Not for 1 second!... This is coming from someone who uses photoshop ALOT & this is very doable... TMZ is effin up their credibility smh (Even if Mo' dont shave her legs THIS PARTICULAR pic is fake!

1701 days ago


All 36 of us in the office passed this nasty picture around today...laughed and made nasty references to it ALL day long. Consenses...she's nasty.

1701 days ago


I thought was a fat unattractive dress she wore last evening when she got up there with the her fat hangin' all over and then when I just saw this, I was again reminded of how fricken' nasty she really is! How gross!
I just lost my appetite but how precious can that be!! NASTY....

1701 days ago


She must never get laid ha. Why shave when you know you aint gettin'lucky? Hahah

1701 days ago


Such pathetically childish comments on this board (on this entire site, at times). It's none of your business if, when, or where anyone shaves. You don't like it? Tough. It's not your body, and no one is forcing you to look at it, much less make rude comments from behind your computer in your mother's basement. Get over yourselves.

I know a lot of people don't shave because shaving causes ingrown hairs, and the infection from one of those is worse than seeing a hairy leg, I can assure you (septicaemia anyone?). It is extremely unnatural not only to shave, pluck, and wax away all the hair on one's body, but to have a porn-actress view of what women should look like. Women are not all hairless, hardbodied, big-breasted, and easy. Nor should they be, you hormone addled twerps.

Kudos to Mo'Nique for not shaving her legs, whatever the reason (be it health or aesthetics). Keep proving that we don't all have to be bleached Barbies to be beautiful!

1701 days ago


For all the nasty comments that are being left, it's NOT THAT
SERIOUS. Come on people, you're being REALLY nasty over hairy legs. A
gross soul? fried chicken? maybe her husband is gay? People pleae get
a grip and cut out all of the drama. And yes I would have shaved my
legs but so what! I still don't see how all these crazy comments are
necessary. Congratulations Mo'Nique!

1701 days ago

me so horny    

This woman is disgusting and extremely Nasty!

1701 days ago


You can take the woman out of the pig sty, but...

1701 days ago


#421: Hey, everybody... "Lili" is also a fat sow who's too lazy to shave...

1701 days ago
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