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Gets a Leg Up

on the Competition

1/18/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just precious.

golden globes


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At first I wasn't going to comment and although I bit taken aback when I saw the picture, I decided to say this because everyone is SO "ewww..."
Who cares, BUT being an actress she's had to have heard that legs like that are not socially accepted.
BOTTOM LINE: She should have kept them COVERED!

1705 days ago


@ Monkeynoodle

That's right females have leg hair like men. They also have FACIAL hair as well but they shave and pluck THAT off. So tell me what's the difference?

1705 days ago


come on guys.maybe she forgot she had wookie legs.cut her some slack.XD

1705 days ago


White people act as if they set the standard for beauty. Just because it is something you all do doesn't make it the norm. You guys do own most of the communication in the world, but do you have to be so prejudice toward others. I think the smell of wet dog is gross but you not going to see any comments about that. Shaving is more about hygiene, not necessary for beauty, which is taught to african-american women.

1704 days ago


Why is it 'gross', 'nasty' or 'ugly' when we're ALL born with hair all over our body??? Some choose to spend their valuable time and money looking like fake mannequins/aliens, while others have better things to focus on. GROW UP!!! She's an AMAZING actress!!! Focus on that!

1660 days ago


Dude looks like a lady

1658 days ago


She looks beautiful! Her husband looks very proud.:-) Congratulations, Mo'Nique! You deserve all the accolades and awards you are getting. If you give in to these idiots on TMZ and shave your legs, I will be so disappointed. Keep setting your own standards. Look how well it's working for you. :-)

1657 days ago


I am from Texas and Black. In our culture men have historically found hairy legs to be very sexy. Hairy legs may not appeal to all Black men, but it does appeal to many. There are cultural things that separate the races, such as chitterlings on New Year's Day. This is one of those things.

For you are enjoying the opportunity to spew racist venom on this most accomplished beautiful, intelligent, Black woman, we know this is not your first time. You just think you can get away with it this one time. Do you have your own tv show or talk show. Are you the star of anything, not to mention several successful movies. The truth is in your heart and it comes out of your mouth.

1698 days ago

Allred Tree    

This rude, crass, crude woman (?) should be banned from any and all formal events. She has no manners and no idea of how to behave.

I'm surprised she didn't pull down her pants, show her big, ugly fat ass, moon the crowd and then pee, poop and fart. There is nothing left for her and her ilk left to do. They are not one bit cute or funny.

It should be illegal to sell strapless dresses to anyone who is overweight as they all look terrible. But this gross obese pig is ultra disgusting and I hope she loses every award she has been nominated for. Ban her from all future events.

1692 days ago

Allred Tree    

I'd love to hear someone like Bill Cosby or a lovely black woman with class such as Diane Carroll or Felicia Rashad speak out about this lowlife, horrid display of behavior. Monique really insults the designer of this dress which is pretty....but NOT ON HER! As I said before, a strapless dress only looks well on someone who can wear it and that someone is not most who do! A woman should be at least normal in weight and have good collarbones and a good back in order for a strapless dress to look good.

I don't know why these fat, obnoxious women insist on their loud, lewd, words and actions. They'll do anything for attention and are setting the worst possible example for young girls today, especially the black ones. Shame, shame and more shame!

1691 days ago

Da Truth    


1707 days ago



1707 days ago


effin nasty monkey....go back to the zoo where you belong or until you fully evolve

1707 days ago

don nash    

Mo'Nique should put a dimmer switch on them hairy stumps.

1707 days ago


Wow..what do you even say to that. So gross.

1707 days ago
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