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Pre or Post-Op Heidi Montag

Who'd You Rather?

1/19/2010 11:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's surgically refurbished human "Hills" star Heidi Montag in L.A. on Monday (left) -- and the natural, fresh-faced 19-year-old back in 2006 (right).


Question is ...


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She is crazy!

There was NOTHING wrong with her looks before the operations!

She should have spent the money on counseling!

1738 days ago


Heidi don't go out in the sun, you'll melt!!!

1738 days ago


OMG! She looks like a fake Barbie doll. She looked so much more naturally pretty before. She will look like the cat lady in a minute!.

1738 days ago


I liked the in between Heidi the most. She went WAAAAAAY too far this time! What an EGO!

1738 days ago


she looks even more plastic now

1738 days ago


What did she do, take a picture of Faith Hill to the Doctor and say "Here, this is what I want to look like"....... she certainly doesnt look 23... its hard to tell through that fakeness how old she really is.

1738 days ago


Heidi is a very sick person. She is craving attention and is going about it in all the worst ways. First she marries the most hated male in the world, acts like a complete idiot, and now, at 23, has had so much surgery she doesn't ever resemble the person she was and now looks 45. Heidi should move to Europe and disappear amongst those who do not know who the hell she is. Totally disgusting.

1738 days ago


Anyone with PhotoShop knows the illusion going on there. Photo on left involves much makeup and pastel-level color saturation, with a low level of contrast. Hence, she looks different, washed over and magazine-like. Photo on the right is untouched, high contrast, full color saturation, no makeup. Hence, quite different than on the left. The problem I have is the damned stare on the left. Did she have exterior changes or interior character removal? I can't see that the exterior changes made any great change. Minor nose slope alteration, and what else? I think Heidi was sold a bad idea by the same sort of incompetent morons (Conan term) in LA who have been doing the rest of the botched and unnecessary surgery for the last 30 years.

1738 days ago


How did they change her eye color?

1738 days ago


Sadly, she looks OLDER now (and yes I know she was only 19 in the before pic, but she is ONLY now 22). She has to wear a TON of make up to cover the surgical scars probably. What is wrong with hollyweird? What about her plastic husband? Where is his surgery? It got her a People magazine cover and some free publicity (hint hint TMZ). She will look 50 when she turns 25. Damn shame!

1738 days ago


I think she looks great lots of jealous peeps here wish you could do it back off she looks wonderful

1738 days ago


she looks like a blow-up doll.

Now her looks matches her personality and husband: Fake, plastic, and vapid.

1738 days ago


she's even fuglier now... inside and out

1738 days ago


This is so sad. She was really cute back then. Still dumb as rocks, but so much better looking. Now she can't go back. How horrible.

1738 days ago


She looks like a completely different (older person). With that said I still think the new look is beautiful. You can tell it's fake, but what I wouldn't give to get a few nip/tucks here and there. If she feels like the best person now that she has changed what she wasn't happy with than props to her, every person deserves the right to be happy with themselves inside & out.

1738 days ago
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