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Bristol Palin Custody Case -- Straight to Video

1/21/2010 3:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin has taken another step to win custody of the child she had with Benedict Arnold Levi Johnston.

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnson

Bristol was ordered to watch a 48-minute video, titled "Listen to the Children." Alaska judges require both parents in a custody dispute to view the video, which explains the impact divorce/separation has on children.

Bristol hit the play button Saturday and got a certificate of completion.

This may come as a shock -- Levi hasn't watched the video.


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Fred Farkel    

Say what you will about Sarah Palin.

But SHE stood up and spit in the face of the establishment.

And frankly folks??? In case you haven't caught on yet... THAT would be just about perfect for what we need in the White House today.

Thank you

1736 days ago

keepem sickanpour    

I think they both are being aweful right now, but I feel bad for Levi, not so much for Bristol. She said he wants to make money of Tripp, but she is the one making money off the baby. She seems to a fraud, a lot like her mother. So sad because she now has the money and can tell her mom to eff off.

1736 days ago


If having a child while not being married makes you "trash" then I guess you are calling the entire liberal voting base trash as well, especially all the black ones!!! Lol!!!

Posted at 3:53PM on Jan 21st 2010 by kimmy

Well Kimmy, have to burst your bubble as this lib got married before having the kid. Let me really blow your head off -- had a DS baby who is functioning well beyond Palin's in that I provide therapy -- while she should be in jai| for child abuse and neglect.

Now as far as your Queen that you so love and have you head so far up her arse you can't breath, Sarah Palin, she had a shotgun wedding as she was knocked up for months so had to get married.

Confirms - trailer trash runs through the DNA of that whole family. Sarah the w_hore - Like mother, like daughter.

Willow - she'll be in hiding by summer as she'll be knocked up too.

1736 days ago


Levi will do and say anything for MONEY. She was 17 and Levi 18 when he got her pregnant. He let GQ take pictures and post photos of his infant son's private parts from a motel room bed.GROSS!!! Levi's mom is serving time for drug dealing. Levi never finished his GED. Bristol is in college. Bristol should get total custody of this innocent child.

1736 days ago


FYI, Bristol Palin has a job and she is also going to school and she is taking care of her child.

What is Levi Johnston doing, other than riding Sarah's coattails and trashing the Palin family?

Has Sarah Palin ever trashed Levi?

No, she hasn't.

Meanwhile, Levi is running around and telling lies about Sarah and the Palin family to anyone that will pay him to say anything negative about the Palin's, whether it is true or not.

Yet the psychotic Palin-haters will believe anything and everything that this demonstrable deadbeat dad says.

While Sarah Palin has always been a success and continues to be successful as evidenced by her best-selling book and her new job as an FNC commentator and as a possible future Presidential candidate, Levi Johnston is nothing but a bum trying to milk his 15 minutes, and the clock is at 14:58 and ticking...

Johnston's mother is a convicted felon, he is a High School dropout, a deadbeat dad and an all-around douchebag who makes his "living" by airing dirty laundry, talking about the intimate details of his relationship with Bristol Palin and making up lies about Sarah Palin and her family.

Of course, the psychotic Palin-haters lap it up, much like a dog that laps up it's own vomit.

Levi Johnston is a proven liar, a deadbeat dad and a douchebag, yet amazingly, some people side with him while calling the Palin's nasty names.

That speaks volumes about those that side with Levi Johnston.

Levi is probably afraid to drop of the check in person because he can't face the Palin family after they took him into their home, treated him like family, and he then betrayed them and told lies about them to the media.

What an ingrate.

That and the fact that he has demonstrated to be the epitome of a douchebag and a low-life, deadbeat dad.

Would you want him anywhere near your home or your family after the way he back-stabbed the Palin family?

Because he would do the same to you and yours in a minute for a dollar.

Think about that the next time you "side" with this POS, deadbeat douchebag.

I don't think he was really a bad kid, but the media and the money either brought out his bad side, corrupted him, or both.

And of course, the media will toss him aside much like they did Cindy Sheehan once he has served their purpose, which is to trash a conservative political figure.

"Ricky Hollywood" will probably be doing Gay Porn about the time Sarah Palin is taking the Presidential oath in January of 2013

1734 days ago

JACK arnet    


1700 days ago
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