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Conan O'Brien Reruns on NBC - Done Deal

1/21/2010 4:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NBC will run Conan O'Brien reruns beginning Monday ... sources tell TMZ.

Conan O'Brien Reruns on NBC - Done Deal

As we first reported, NBC execs like the idea of "Tonight Show" reruns because they fill the time before the Olympics and they won't have a problem with Conan trashing the network.

The reruns will begin Monday and go through February 11.


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1734 days ago


Oh, that will really bring the networks news down even more. I'm sure that will just thrill them even more. Since that is what this is "suppose" to be about in the first place.

1734 days ago


NBC, Leno, Zucker, Gaspin, Ebersol... what a bunch of corporate wimps with no sense of talent or humor.

I never had a bad thing to say about Leno before this debacle, except for that his show was boring.. but never thought ill of his character. His speech the other night about Conan not getting the ratings just made my skin crawl, and confirmed all the nasty things peers have been saying about him in the press.

Nice way to buttf--k the execs Jay. You'll be 60 soon.. How long do you plan on hosting anyway? You couldn't have just taken your gazillions and retired with class. Let the new guy settle in, like the chance YOU were given in the beginning. If you had an ounce of integrity you would have stood up for Conan and not agreed to a show bump, like Conan did for Fallon.


1734 days ago


what a joke 45 million what for being basically fired from his job for not being funny and poor weak job performance aka getting weak poor ratings after a year on the job after leno stepped down and made way for conan if anything conan should repay give money to nbc and leno if conan had a normal ten to five job like the most of us he wouldn't get anything for doing his job poorly and on the unemployment line by now

1734 days ago


Why no guest hosts??

1734 days ago


Good. Now will you please stop posting about this obscenely overpaid buffoon? Enough already.

1734 days ago

Reruns, really? How original. Reruns, really? How original. Reruns, really? How original.

1734 days ago


Dude, I love Conan but I don't feel sorry for him. That had to be the best $$ GIG in TV history, 7 month 45 mill... I would be laughing all the way to the bank! F-NBC

1734 days ago


All the late night loons have been pissing on Jay because he will crush them in the ratings. Jay treats his audience with intelligence, not toilet humor.

Welcome back Jay we sure missed you.

1734 days ago


Replace new Tonight Shows with Carson reruns. That I would watch. But I will not be watching Leno. Period.

1734 days ago

Milf Biggenson    

I literally cannot wait to NOT watch The Tonight Show when Leno's back on. Nothing against Leno, but I just prefer Conan now. On the one hand, it's a very sad day to see Conan leave and on the other, I'm sure it feels like wonderful justification for Leno fans to have him back where they think he belongs. Show biz is a business and money talks and Leno's audience are TV watchers. Conan's target demographic is generally younger (although I'm not), and they are texting, IMing, Facebooking, Internetting, Tweeting, sexting, gaming, clubbing etc. They are NOT watching TV and this is something that is becoming more common in our society today. It's a very fragmented demographic. Someone needs to harness that audience, but I'm not sure that's possible on a daily basis.

1734 days ago

TV Gord    

This is a non-story. The Tonight Show was scheduled all along to be in reruns next week.

1734 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

What has happened to the once "GREAT" NBC. It's news networks are worst of the worst, and there cable outlets are also some of the worst in the country. The once great NBC that had some of the best shows on TV like friends Cheers, Seinfeld, ER, and the list could go on, and on. What has happened to them, and the answer is one single name, and that name is JEFF ZUCKER. HE HAS DESTROYED THAT COMPANY FOR GOOD. HE WENT ALL IN FOR THE OBAMA PRESIDENCY SO HIS CABLE NEWS OUTLETS ARE SUFFERING FROM THE LACK OF TRUE JOURNALISM, AND THEN THE REGULAR TV OUTLETS, AND THERE JUST IS NO MEAT ON THERE BONES IF YOU WILL, BY WAY OF ANY GOOD PROGRAMS AT ALL ANYMORE. I THINK INSTEAD OF CONAN O'BRIEN GOING AWAY IT SHOULD BE JEFF ZUCKER. HE HAS RUINED THAT COMPANY FOREVER. IT WOULD TAKE A MIRACLE FOR IT TO COME OUT OF WHAT IT IS IN AS OF RIGHT NOW.


1734 days ago


Leno has no integrity. Whatever Conan decides to do next, I wish wish him all the success in the world. BOYCOTT LENO!

1734 days ago

TV Gord    

Sorry about all the similar posts. It didn't seem my post was appearing, and then all of a sudden, there they ALL were. (sigh). Sometimes, I hate the intertubes.

1734 days ago
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