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David Beckham Sexually Violated by Reporter

1/21/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham grabbed headlines in Milan after a woman from an Italian prank show grabbed his crotch -- carrying out a full-on sexual assault for what she thought would be a funny TV segment.

The video shows a "reporter" sneaking through a crowd and reaching down at an unsuspecting David Beckham. The woman then gropes his crotch -- in an attempt to see if he measured up to the Armani underwear ads.

Beckham was furious -- and security instantly swooped to forcibly remove the woman from the area. Still, she chased after the soccer star screaming about how she wanted to see his manhood.

The woman was not arrested and her footage eventually ran on her Italian TV show -- she thought the whole thing was a big joke.

But if the roles were reversed -- and it was a man grabbing a woman ... would the reporter have gotten away with it?


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Kooky, do you have a job?

1704 days ago


What a pig. I sure hope they decide to charge her. She does this and then makes a public joke of it? If she doesn't get charged it opens the door for other "reporters" to do the same thing, let's see how funny it is when it's a young lady getting groped by someone in rubber gloves.

1704 days ago

dirty diana    

notice she used gloves..... gonna try and capitaize off it no doubt.

1704 days ago


I am a woman and I think what she did stinks! Did you see the look on his face? He or someone should press charges against her. Some joke, it wasn't even remotely funny. If I were her boss, I would fire her ass immediately!

1704 days ago


What a slut, should be banned as a reporter and charged with assault

1704 days ago


Yea it was wrong, but HILARIOUS!!!

1704 days ago


This reporter needs to be lock up. She committed a crime and most people does not think it is funny at all. I hope that someway somehow that she gets the same attention from a creepy old man. She is looney as they come. David your actions speaks loudly for your wife. Victoria should be very proud of you.

1704 days ago

kelly dawn    

No, I don't think a man would've gotten away with it...and I don't think she should either....a very, very stupid and disrespectful move....and, sweetie, if THAT'S what you need to do to get ratings, your show must really suck!

1704 days ago


what an AHOLE SHE IS.

i don't really care about becks or posh, but HE needs to address this BITCH... SEXUAL HARASSMENT CHARGE & RESTRAINING ORDER. I cannot believe this chick thinks she's funny~what a FREAK-chasing him around wearing those rubber gloves; IDIOT. I hope his bratty kids didnt have to witness that and I sure as hell would have security beat her up & press charges.

1704 days ago


This is not funny. This is wrong and the woman should have been arrested. If an unknown man had walked up to her and touched her in that manner, he would have been arrested.

1704 days ago


heard he has a small package

1704 days ago


Did the reporter that groped Scarlett Johansson’s (sp) get arrested and beat down? Ok, it was wrong, but come on....beat up? jail time? good grief, then they'd have to let rapists and child predators out of jail on 20k bond to make room for apology and a possible fine would be sufficient, unless they are a repeat offender…then a Psyche ward would be more appropriate.

1704 days ago


If David would have done something like that to her, she will talking to her lawyer to try to get money from him!. Most of women don't have any manners these days. I hate when I see women inside men restrooms just because they've the excuse that theirs are busy. Men don't do things like that either. Back to this woman.... She should be fire from her job!

1704 days ago


This woman should be charged. Talk about a double standard. Many women do think they can get away with so much because they are women. Want equal rights? Take equal punishment.

1704 days ago

Black Power    

To Post #15 Jen - I want to meet a girl just like you. I'll touch you if really, really want me too. Just don't beg.

1704 days ago
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