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Britney Spears Lands in Court

1/22/2010 6:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has just arrived in court for a hearing in her conservatorship -- her white Escalade was seen driving into the parking lot moments ago.

Britney Spears

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Cat Funt!

1733 days ago


Britney Spears will be in court tomorrow.

If you recall, Britney Spears was set to be in court last week but instead of seeing her sitting before the judge regarding her conservatorship, we saw a smiling Britney Spears out shopping. If you’d believe the conspiracy theorists, Pepaw made sure Britney missed her court date and even forced that phony smile on her face while she was out buying expensive jewelry.

If you understand Britney like I think I understand Britney then you’d know that no one can force her to smile and play happy for the paparazzo unless she wants to. I guess a great way to measure these Free Britney theories is to judge and see for yourself.

Take Sam Lutfi for example. He currently has a restraining order against him and is not allowed to contact Britney at all, yet he retweeted a post made by one of Britney’s fan sites who both agree that Britney Spears is being held hostage.

Tomorrow is a big day in deed for Britney Spears but are any of us on the outside really in a position to claim she is being held against her will or wasn’t responsible for her own court appearance? Are any of us in a position to judge what the Commissioner, the doctors, and her family feel about Britney’s true state of mind?

If a person is indeed bipolar and dealing with mental issues that jeopardize her safety and sanity are we above questioning a team of doctors who have to sign sworn affidavits that she is or isn’t well?

I guess I could have questioned when my doctors told me I had cervical cancer but luckily I didn’t and they saved my life.

Do we really want to believe that a court appointed commissioner is in Pepaws back pocket and that together with the doctors and Andrew Wallet they are all conniving? Do we really think that her family is forcing her to perform for $$ when for 2 years they let her pave her own path before begging a court to help them save her life? Do any of us really want to see her sitting on a curb again balling her eyes out while the only people in her corner were Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib?

And finally I say let common sense prevail. The conspiracy theorists along with Sam Lutfi tweeting Courtney Love speaks volume to me. Yes, you read that right- these people actually believe Courtney is being blindsided by her family to remove Frances Bean from her care. I think I speak for all of us when I say Courtney’s actions caused the removal of her child, not a conspiracy from her daughters family.

Somehow these people remind me of the same ones that rail against the Government and think paying taxes is highway robbery.

Regardless of the outcome of Britney Spears conservatorship that none of us are in a position to judge- Good luck and happiness to Britney and her boys.

Thanks to PP for the heads up!

1733 days ago




1733 days ago


Eff B why is she even news

1733 days ago


Oh WOW!!! You can bet I'll be glued right to my computer for updates to this VERY important news TMZ!!!

Oh wait...unlike Britney, I have a life...

see ya...

1733 days ago


Good luck Brit!!!!

1733 days ago


Somehow these people remind me of the same ones that rail against the Government and think paying taxes
is highway robbery.

Posted at 4:34PM on Jan 22nd 2010 by Lara


We don't mind paying taxes. What we object to is having our hard earned money forcibly taken from us by the government and given to those who choose not to work for a living and contribute to this once, great country...

1733 days ago


@Tony @4:57pm - such a mature post! Get a life moron! Stop wasting space.

1733 days ago

The Running Back    

Warning to the people of planet earth. When Britney Spears becomes free of her conservator ship The Universe will collapse. shrivel to a cinder and spin off into the abyss. Beware of this catastrophic event.

1733 days ago

The Running Back    

To #9 Tony B Are you really that big of a Britney fan?

1733 days ago


I'd like Brittany to land on my face...maybe in the Lincoln Bedroom!!!

1733 days ago


i hope this c-ship ends soon b/c it's getting ridiculous in my opinion. she's doing so well these days

1733 days ago


@Michelle---How do you know she's doing well, do you know her personally or do you just read what other people think of her? Grow a brain Rtard

1733 days ago

Tony B    

★★★ HEY HARVEY!!! ★★★
Thanks for defending Britney and being nice to her at the end of your show last night.
That was classy. ★★★

1733 days ago


She used to take good care of herself. Now she looks as if she's never bathed.

1732 days ago

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