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Barack Obama

Call of Duty

... As in Jury Duty

1/25/2010 8:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaWhatever your excuse is for getting out of jury duty, it's not "I have to give the State of the Union this week."

President Barack Obama was called to serve by his home state of Illinois. He told the court he won't be able to make it, cause he's got this thing on Wednesday night and he can't reschedule.

We think they'll understand.


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What a pathetic excuse for a leader Obama is.

1741 days ago

Old Enough    


I'd love to see the job you'd do running this country. We've seen what 8 years of a disaster can bring and he's only had 1 yr to try and turn around that disaster. In 8 yrs, we entered an unjust war and were told a bunch of lies about it. We were taken from having a surplus to being in huge debt but of course the Republicans are blaming that on Obama even though he inherited the huge debt. We were brought to the brink of financial devastation because of lack of oversite on the financial industry because of course businesses can always regulate themselves. But keep blaming a man that only been in office one year.

1741 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Who are you kidding Harvey!?!? He'd much rather do jury duty than have to give a State of a Union, a Union that he's destroyed in just one year's time with ZERO accomplishments to be able to point too. You Nazis truly do all stick together.

1740 days ago

arte help    

Yeah, his other job is screwing up the country, healthcare, the economy, etc. Also, Haiti is Obama's Katrina. Imagine if Bush was president when this happened, they'd be calling him a racist because its poor black people. Wake up America and throw this lame ass out in the next election!

1740 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Old Enough,

It's time for you kooks to own up to your irresponsible, anti-American policies and stop blaming others like children. What surplus do you speak of? Surely you aren't stupid enough to try and convince anyone that Clinton had a surplus. The only reason Clinton didn't destroy the country, like Obama has done, is because he had a REPUBLICAN Congress to block his anti-American agenda. Obama has QUADRUPLED the deficient in a short year's time!!! The lack of oversight you speak of was routinely denied by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, both Neo-Comm Dems. Bush is on record of wanting oversight. Try and sell crazy else where. Your boy is a failure and the voters will let him know this in 2 more years.

1740 days ago


So snooze, how exactly is it possible to both have "ZERO accomplishments" while simultaneously causing the country to be "destroyed in just one year's time".

I could point out accomplishments, but you would just ignore them. You probably think no terror attacks happened under Bush, too.

Not saying that I think Obama is doing a stellar job, especially since he basically seems to be a slightly less right wing version of Bush. Remember, without the Bush+Reagan debt, we wouldn't have any national debt, and without the bipartisan deregulation of financial markets (Clinton signed it) we wouldn't have a financial crisis.

1740 days ago


nance: Clinton didn't have a surplus just like there weren't any terror attacks during Bush's terms, right?

1740 days ago


....Obama is a sexy daddy that is being hated upon....tsk stupid and narrow minded is it to compare KATRINA to HAITI!? All the HATERS are just waiting to see OBAMA send haiti trillions to help so they can scream out...SEEE!!! WE TOLD U HE WAS JUST GONNA HELP BLACK PEOPLE!?omg...the sickness is thick...i would like to know exactly what u people want from him...i mean really...exactly...a list and a way U think it could happen...i'll be waiting ...and please keep ANY comments regarding my acknowledgement of his sexiness to urselves...thats a whole nother subject...besides...he is very much so a sexy daddy...(dont let his sexiness enrage u further...hee hee)

1740 days ago


He should still serve on jury duty. How long can it possibly take to say "Yep, me and the democratic party have gangbanged your a$$ and you'll never walk the fact, your great-grandkids will be born bowlegged after I get through with ths country. HAHAHAHAHHA! Goodnight America!"

1740 days ago


we all should be the jury on HIS IMPEACHMENT!

1740 days ago


I voted for Obama and now wish I could take my vote back the reason being the way the elderly and poor have been basically forgotten. No adequate health care, no cost of living increase? My check barely covers my living expenses and I know so many on fixed incomes who are now homeless but I guess we aren't as important as long as they get their huge salaries.

1740 days ago


My philosophy has always been that IF YOU HAVE TO RESORT TO NAZIS AND COMMUNISM TO PROVE YOUR POINT, YOU AUTOMATICALLY LOOSE THE DEBATE. I think people should stop attacking other people's patriotism just because they think there is a different way of doing things. We have a two party system, we have literally hundreds of people debating and dissecting every piece of legislation under consideration. I BELIEVE via these vigorous debates the best decisions will always be made. We also have checks and balances so whichever party/class/person is in the minority will be sure to have their concerns addressed. People, stop attacking each other because you disagree with someone. Instead of trying to get them to believe as you do, try to UNDERSTAND their point of view. If your beliefs are strong, understanding your opponent will not shake your commitment. It may actually help you to bolster your case, and deepen your resolve. We are all Americans. What happened to the solidarity we all felt on September 12, 2001?

1740 days ago


We need LESS regulation, not more. Regulation of business and the Federal Reserve printing money is what caused this mess. Lets try something we haven't done since the founding of the United States and LET THE MARKET work instead of sticking the government's hand in it and messing it up. Get rid of the corrupt corporatism that both parties support and let true capitalism work.

1740 days ago


So many stupid remarks on one simple mined story.
Number 2, 8, are out of it totally.
Number 9 is stoned and has NO idea what he is doing, what time of day, and what century he is living in.
Number 5 seems to have it pretty well defined for the intelligence displayed here today. Possible, probably even understandable for number 9. MAYBE!

Number 8 athensguy...Clinton did NOT HAVE A SURPLUS. The so-called surplus was merely PROJECTED for the future. Presidents do that to suck up "points" and to burden their successor. Clinton was a popular jerk and adulterer. However, I admit that is a popular item on this site.

1740 days ago


Loser. Stop blaming Bush for your inability to lead.

1740 days ago
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