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Nancy Grace Hacks, Sneezes Through Deposition

1/28/2010 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Grace Nancy Grace's deposition could make you sick .... if you were sitting in the same room with her.

Grace sat for her deposition in Atlanta today, in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of a woman who killed herself after getting grilled by Grace.

We're told Grace had an epic cold and barely made it through the depo. Various people in the room were bringing her Vicks cough drops, Kleenex and other accoutrement.

Our sources say the depo wasn't groundbreaking ... no smoking gun.

Much to the chagrin of Grace and CNN, the deposition was videotaped but the tape is under wraps.


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Allred Tree    

Is complimenting her over her looks and those twins of hers a pre-requisite for the callers to her show? Almost half of the time is spent with her talking about those blankety-blank twins and thanking the callers for gushing all over her saying what a wonderful mother she is and how cute those twins are. Her sense of reality seems warped as those twins look very much like most kids their age and it seems to me she spoils them and they will soon be out-of-control brats if not already.

Nancy's show will suffer if she continues associating her self with the crass, horrid Joy Behar who is riding Nancy's coattails and whose show follows hers.

1693 days ago


She has it coming to her...Just can't stand This woman.. Why she is still on TV is amazing.. Terrible Host. Has no Talent.

1693 days ago


Didn't this woman know what kind of show Nancy Grace has? She just couldn't take the guilt of what she had done anymore. NOT Nancy Grace's fault at all. I admire Nancy for all the work she does to get to the truth.

1693 days ago


You have got to be kidding me! Should Nancy be held accountable for everyone she asked a tough question to. I think not! Get Well soon Nancy.

1693 days ago


yet another TMZ tell all story NOT!

I doubt anyone cares wtf she says how it was said or what wasn't said. this is a classic example of tmz being desperate to fill the site with non news crap

1693 days ago

h d    

Why people like Nancy Grace are given a show, is beyond me. Who wants to hear the opinions of these so called "journalists". She always makes her opinion of the persons guilt or innocence perfectly clear. I believe it is people like her, who keep people from getting a fair, and impartial trial. We need to keep "entertainment journalism" where it belongs, in HOLLYWOOD.

1693 days ago


She could make u sick? come on TMZ Dang she dose that on a daily basis.. with her constant Rambleings that she doese on a daily base I dont even know why this soul less Hag has a show because the majority of what she says and ask is repeted somany times it's no wonder this poor Woman did what she did.. All I can say is we were not behind closed doors and dont know all the details of what was said after words...This is a scam she is acting..ha.. this is over done and she did this so if it gets spliced and diced which it maybe she can use the victim.. well I say since she's so Dam sick how about they do it another time when she feels better..I know I am gonna hear it about this but oh well she had no kind of sympathy for anyone else.. so I say hahahah Karma Nacy take ur meds like the Animal u are.. bet u wish u didnt sell ur soul to the devil now...So Nacy how dose it feel to be on the other side Nacy not so graceful?

1693 days ago

Allred Tree    

What's your question, dear?

Why don't you announce eff. immediately, no caller will be put on the air who compliments you or your twins and if they sneak one in, they will be hung up on or bleeped immediately.

With all the perverts Nancy reports on and with all her preaching about how she is such a great mother, I'd think she'd want to keep her twins out of the public eye.

1693 days ago



1693 days ago


Hope this bitch is holding hands with OJ in hell soon. BTW, dirty diana, you probably are! LMAO

1693 days ago


TMZ, if you followed the Trenton Duckett case, you'd know that Melinda didn't kill herself because Nancy asked her a few grilling questions. The screen was cut from the INSIDE, and there are so many of us on the net that believe Melinda knew what happened to Trenton, and killed herself out of guilt.

1693 days ago


Posted at 5:14PM on Jan 28th 2010 by WHO CARES ABOUT THIS BROAD

Hey number 6 it is one thing to go after a person you don't like but to go after their children MAKES YOU A BITCH PIG OF THE WORSE KIND. You don't go after children and the fact that you would makes you an ABUSIVE POS PERSON.The world would be a better place without people such as yourself!

This woman had everything to do with her son's disappearance. Had she not she would have answered Nancy's questions and for those who will say she did not have to you are right she was under no obligation to answer Nancy's questions just like she was under NO OBLIGATION to go on Nancy' show. I mean what did she think Nancy was going to coddle her? And while she was under no obligation to answer Nancy's questions SHE WAS UNDER AN OBLIGATION TO ANSWER THE COPS QUESTIONS since she was his mother.......unless of course she was guilty and then like most guilty people she stonewalls them. Guilty people don't kill themselves. This girl was crazy and the only one responsible for her death is her. Nancy is a former prosecutor and she tries her best to get to the bottom of things on her show and if a story doesn't make sense she will call someone on it. And I say good for her. What if this girl had killed herself after the cops interviewed her what should her parents have done then sued the police? This lawsuit is a joke. She was guilty and instead of owning up to her crime and going to jail she killed herself. Too bad Casey Anthony did not do that. I am sick of giving criminals the good life behind bars while the majority of Americans struggle we give the worst of society the easy life so I am glad to did herself in too bad she didn't confess in her suicide note so this little boys father would have some closure.

1693 days ago


if someone in your family came up missing or God forbid worse , nancy grace would be the first to use your family as a prop to further her own career based on your pain...she does not give a rats ass about your situation is just a soapbox she can stand on and use as a rant to promote herself ,....smarten up ...she is all about herself ..oh yeah and when tmz says she misrepresents the facts...comming from these people and they think she sucks ..well she sucks...

1693 days ago


You know you have made it big when the media reports on you sneezing! WOW!!!

1693 days ago


This EVIL mother killed her kid, and her family is just trying to get $$$ out of CNN. Why don't they look for the "real kidnapper" of Trenton? Because his mother killed him. Her husband lost custody due to a My Space post that SHE wrote when she hacked into his computer. SHE WAS EVIL. Nancy was WELL WITHIN HER RIGHTS in questioning HARD the PRIME SUSPECT in this crime, the ONLY suspect in this crime STILL according to the police. This is the 100.0 version of the Twinkie Defense. Too many twinkies, too much sugar, made me kill (fill in the blank), Nancy was mean to me, therefore, I'll kill myself. Baloney.

1693 days ago
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