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Michael Jackson Kids Prep Acceptance Speech

1/30/2010 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince and Paris JacksonPrince and Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson's two oldest children, have been sweating over addressing the audience at tonight's Special Merit Awards ceremony .. where their dad will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Joe Jackson tells TMZ Prince and Paris have each prepared a speech. Joe says they are both great speakers and Paris has been working on her speech for a week.

As for the buzz that the kids will perform at the Grammys on Sunday: Joe says it ain't happening.


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#16 I hope to read about the massacre that kills all the likes of you...wait a minute I won't read about it cause you're a NOBODY and no one will care, including you're obese mother. You're a very disturbed entity.

1698 days ago

cathy is morphed has morphed into a jackass    

I want to speak at the awards too. i want to let everyone know how much I loved my father and how good it felt when he gave my peepee mouth love.

1698 days ago


Thats wonderful, looking forward to hearing it, I know it will be great!!

1698 days ago



you must have a miserable life and I kinda feel sorry for you. A person who gets a kick out of hating and verbally assualting children obviously got issues - serious issues, in fact you should probably seek help.

National Institute of Mental Health Information Line: Provides information and literature on mental illness by disorder-for
professionals and general public. 1-800-647-2642

jep, I was nice enough to google it for you.

1698 days ago

dr cyclops    

i love these comments and the fools who whine and cry about them ..your the ones who need to get a life,,wacko was funny in life and funnerier in death hee hee heee..his goofy looking kids are funny to just sit back fire up a joint and laugh a little you blowhards..we are sitting back behind a screen so we can say what the hell we want,,as can you,,because im such a badass if i even looked at you wrong you would go cry for lets enjoy the wacko comments they are funny and also because i said so maggott

1698 days ago


45. I wonder how many times their perverted father molested these two ?

Posted at 6:29AM on Jan 30th 2010 by Dindo

Read more:

Don't waste your time wondering cause they have never been molested like yourself, just do not try to reflect your own life on others. MJ's children are way, way out of your league, just think about your own family and get some counseling.

1698 days ago


#57 I hope you are a sterile jack@ass

1698 days ago


If true, this is very exciting. I wish them only the best. Hopefully, the camera won't even go near Jermaine. Of course, that's not likely. He'll probably walk on stage with them. He cannot stay out of the limelight.

BTW, that eBay seller still has Michael's photo for the skin-lightening cream. I'm going to contact them again. They say it's against their rules to have a photo of a celebrity without permission. No doubt that lady doesn't have the Estate's permission.

1698 days ago


Poor Michael he was accused of vile things and acquitted of all, but just by reading all the comments here I found so many disturbed and sexually abused people, expressing their inner feelings of pedophilia and murder. My guess is that we have to be very careful with the people we interact here with, they must be behind bars already or just waiting to strike!

1698 days ago


Joe says he's not attending the Grammys. I don't believe wild horses couldn't keep him away.

"While Katherine Jackson -- Michael's mother -- is expected to attend, Joe Jackson -- his father -- decided not to go because of his anger over the behind-the-scenes talks that led to agreement to have the children accept the award, family sources said.

The decision came just this week, after Katherine Jackson, the legal guardian of the children, complained to Grammy producers that no family members had been invited, the Jackson sources said.

Two sources in the family said that she was initially told by producers that the estate's special administrators would decide who would take part in the Jackson tribute.

"Can you believe this crap?" one source quoted Joe Jackson as saying when he heard that.

The Grammy producers have not responded to a CNN request for comment.

A spokesman for the estate administrators said the matter was for Grammy producers to decide.

"Why is a stranger making family decisions?" asked Oxman, the lawyer who is representing Michael Jackson's father in a legal battle with the administrators.

Oxman said those administrators have disconnected the Jackson family from any decisions involving Michael Jackson's legacy."

If this is something Oxman and Joe allege, chances are it's not true.

1698 days ago


Obviously meant to say: I don't believe wild horses COULD keep him away.

1698 days ago


For the ones on here who say these children don't belong to Michael, why don't you comment on Brad and Angies kids or Madonnas or others who are adopted? It's a real shame when you have to worry about Michaels children accepting an award for their dead father because of the rude and vulger comments.

1698 days ago


Why does joe have to talk about this in the first place? i hope he is not behind the idea of exposing the children. I have worked in the TV industry for years, and participation in such events is the result of a deal between the producers of the show and in this case the jackson family, so most likely the organizers wanted the kids to appear because it will draw audeince and offered a sum of money. Looks like the jacksons said yes. I wonder in whos pockets the paycheck will go.

1698 days ago

dr cyclops    

you people are stupid and i am smart so listen up..
1.these are not his kids so they should accept nothing,,
2.wacko hasnt done anyhting for like 25 years so he should get nothing.
3.he was a child toucher so he should get nothing,,
4.he never paid his bill so he should get nothing,,
5.he was a dopehead to the max so he should get nothing.
6.he stole the moonwalk so he should get nothing.
7.steve wonder wrote all his music but he was blind so noone could read it so he should get nothing
8.michael jackson paid steven wonder with 1.00 bills and told him they were 100.00 bills so he should get nothing
9.god didnt like wacko jacko so he should get nothing
1. wacko tried to kill his kids by throwing them out a 30th story window so he should get nothing
thank you

1698 days ago


Keep the kids away from the camera jacksons! They are too young to deal with the gossip and bad talk. You should know better!

1698 days ago
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