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Michelle vs. Kelly

Who'd You Rather?

2/4/2010 5:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's former Destiny's Child backup singers Michelle Williams (left) and Kelly Rowland (right) showed off their spankin' new weaves at different events on different coasts this week.

Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland
Question is ...


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Okay genius (#24), tell us exactly what features on Halle Berry and Alicia Keyes are the "white features"??? It's certainly not the spray on tan, their lack of crows feet or facial hair...

1723 days ago



1722 days ago

Jwm from Wakefield, UK    

Kelly is the UK's sweetheart and deservedly so, as she is absolutely beautiful very most talented. She was always the babe of Destiny's Child and has proved since then not only was the the prettiest but the most talented out of Michelle and Beyonce. Long may she be so.

1722 days ago

Bryan Stanley    

Michelle, she's got real boobs!

1722 days ago


I choose Kell. She looks almost white.

1722 days ago

billy bob    

I choose Casey Johnson and that other slutty, nasty, dirty, wet dog smelling, hair lice having, dingy, bipolar, drug addicted white trash slut Brittany Murphy. Ooops I forgot...both of those white trash losers are DEAD. I LOVE BEING WHITE TRASH!! Don't you Bubba.

PS : Bubba I just found out that you live 3 trailers down from me. We can hang out. We poor white trash gotta stick together.

1722 days ago


this answer is for number #42 well i dont know who ever said either alicia keys, or halle berry were attractive. but if we are to presume they are, first lets acknowledge the fact that neither of them are 100% black. or should i say "african american" to be more politically correct. but if you would like me to point out which features of their face are "white" since you are too stupid to see with your own eyes, well their noses are relatively small (white feature), lips small (white feature) cheek bones refined and delicate (white feature) the only thing they have that is "black" is their nappy hair that no matter how much relaxer they use or how much money they spend on weaves, just doesnt seem to go away.

1722 days ago



1722 days ago

billy bob    

I'm jealous pathetic poor white trash. I will never amount to anything. That's all I will ever be. I hate being white. I wish I was big, old, fat, ugly, black Oprah. She can buy and sell me and my white trash relatives with her mere pocket change. But I have white skin. Having white skin USED to open doors, now it produces high school drop outs like me. Having this white skin is not helping put a dime in my pockets either. All I have is white skin. No education, no investments, no finacial security, just white skin. While blacks succeed in education, politics, in the corporate world, in business, sports and entertainment me and my lily white skin struggle to pay the rent in this cheap hovel of a apartment I share with five roomates. Even white women don't want us white men. Everytime I turn around I see a white woman with a black man. What's wrong with us white men? White women love black men and the black men treat them like garbage. They treat them like dirt. They beat white women, cheat on them, treat them like sluts, talk about them behind their backs, humiliate them and give the black man money which he turns around and gives to his black baby mama. These black men are making a fool out of our white women. I HATE IT!! And to make things worse white women want to be black and have BLACK FEATURES by getting the dark tans, lip injections, not to mention the butt implants(which was very much needed by white women though). I can't stand it. What's wrong with being white now? Everybody wants to be black. I guess being white USED to open doors now it produces high school dropouts like me. I guess it's not COOL BEING WHITE ANYMORE. I'm gonna kill myself now. By the way, white women please come back to the pure white christian man. We won't hurt you. We won't treat you like tramps and whores and we won't beat you like black men beat you. Pleaaaaase come back to the white man. Give us a second chance. I'm so depressed. What is the world coming to. Where's my crack pipe? BYE TMZ.

1722 days ago

billy bob    

I'm about to go tanning and get lip injections so I can be black too. I already got butt pads. Beyonce look out, you got competion!!Poor white trailer trash Becky just came to town and I'm gonna be a star!!! Eff you Kanye West, Spike Lee, and Jay Z. We all know you don't like white people. That's why I want to be black so I can be cool. I don't wanna be white anymore. Eminem is the coolest white boy on the planet. He doesn't even want to be white. I'm gonna continue tanning until I look like Wesley Snipes. I'm gonna be a star. LATER WHITE TRASH!!

1722 days ago

billy bob    

Bubba and billy who is the same crazed, delusional, disoriented prozac taking person should be lucky he even has internet service in his trailer compounds. He's still bitter and angry because his twenty dollars life savings had been stolen by Bernie Maddoff. So so so so so so so sad.

1722 days ago


Kelly is wearing a LACE FRONT WIG just like beyonce does, except i can see the glue, it doesnt even fit well. remember its a lace front ..not a weave.

1722 days ago


I would rather boil my pecker in hot oil...

1714 days ago


i love you girl,even the ugliest human got haters,aim at the top where ya belong.....gatch your bak hun...................

1654 days ago
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