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Charlie Sheen's Car -- Key In, Garage Open

2/5/2010 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's car that went over a cliff this morning on Mulholland Drive was ready to drive ... because law enforcement tells us the key was in the ignition and the garage door at his home was open.

Charlie Sheen's car
Charlie lives in a gated community where other residents sometimes leave their garage door open as well.

Our law enforcement sources say when they arrived at Charlie's home he looked fine and told cops he had no idea who heisted his ride.

Cops say other cars in the gated community were burglarized.


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1700 days ago


Does anyone really leave their car key in an ignition? Also Mercedes has codes for utilizing their version of onstar support. Does the guy that hijacked the car know the code? Unless Charlie gave the code out to someone...Fess up Charlie!

1700 days ago

~Garp & Triforce Luvva~    

I believe TMZ reported that it was an OnStar LIKE program... not OnStar. Secondly, it could have been a member of CS STAFF who left keys in said veeeeHICKLE... not Charles himself. How often do you see people being driven around?


1700 days ago

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1700 days ago


1700 days ago


15. It's bad enough we have to read past all of Kooky's BS threads and now we have Dillholes emulating this f@cking retard. I'm sick and tired of have to browes past this crap in order to read peoples comments.
You guys at TMZ seem to let everything and anything stay in, from dating sites, cheap sneakers and clothes to Kooky’s f@cking tired and completely stupid threads. I’m getting sick of you TMZ!

Posted at 3:42PM on Feb 5th 2010 by Whamo
I agree.
Wake the eff up, TMZ. Filter out the sh*t. That must show how little TMZ cares about quality. I guess as long as they're making money, they don't care. They also let in really low-life comments. It's like the difference between a fine restaurant and a restaurant that let's anybody walk in -- drunks, people who haven't showered in weeks, people who shout, belligerent people who harass others, etc.

1700 days ago

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1700 days ago


It had to be Rose the stalker chick.

1700 days ago


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1700 days ago

Howard Star Hughes    

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1700 days ago


We all know Charlie was driving drunk, crashed, left the scene, then vandalized the other cars to help divert the cops.

1700 days ago

I think Rose did it...

1700 days ago


The car in the picture is a Mercedes S550. You turn the car on with a button not a key. Like a Prius. You can pull the button off and use a key, but no one does that. My guess is that he left the key in the console because you never need it to physically turn on the car and it's easy to forget.

1700 days ago


right stolen,,,more like I was drunk driving thats why my keys are in the car and i crashed,,, now my lawyer said it was "stolen" cause he doesnt think a DUI will help my domestic violence case

1700 days ago


I still say it was Rose!

Posted at 3:32PM on Feb 5th 2010 by TorontoPerezFan

Ok, you got a huge laugh out of me for that one! Clever!

1700 days ago
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