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Conrad Murray News Conference

2/5/2010 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray In the rockiest start to a criminal prosecution ever .... we're now told that Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers plan on holding a news conference near the courthouse where Dr. Murray was set to be arraigned today in the death of Michael Jackson.

We're told attorneys Ed Chernoff and J. Michael Flanagan will publicly complain that they have become pawns in a feud between the L.A. County D.A. and the LAPD.

Although Chernoff's publicist told TMZ this morning Dr. Murray will come to the courthouse ... it's unclear if he'll be at the news conference.

Unless things change in the next hour, criminal charges will not be filed against Dr. Murray today.

TMZ broke the story about the feud between the D.A. and the LAPD over how Dr. Murray is brought to court. The D.A. was working with Murray's lawyers for a voluntary surrender ... the LAPD wants to place him under arrest and bring him into court.

Of course, TMZ will cover the news conference live ... we're guessing it should go down around 1:30 PM PT.

: Ed Chernoff just confirmed the news conference, but said due to "safety concerns" it will be held at a park 12 blocks from the courthouse. He did not say if Dr. Murray will be there.

UPDATE 2: A spokesman for the Sheriff's Department confirms the press conference will be moved, but says there were no "safety concerns."

Steve Whitmore: Click to watchUPDATE: 3: We called the park where the news conference was supposed to go down and the park person said he was contacted by someone and told them they absolutely could not have a news conference there because a permit had not been taken out.

UPDATE 4: Dr. Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, took his notice of a news conference off his official website. The plot thickens.

: Now Chernoff's website says the news conference will be held at Polliwog Park, 3 miles from the courthouse.


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Why is the DA in that county handling this guy with kid gloves???
This is exactly what people are talking about with JUSTICE for MJ.
It seems like the DA is intentionally going out of his way to make sure this so called DR. walks free. Does this DA have an old axe to grind with MJ? How close is he to Sneddon?

1659 days ago


This is absurd. They have actual celebrities that get arrested every day and they are making a circus out of Murray.

We're done with the games. He could have been arrested by now.

What is more important..the arrest or the film footage..makes you wonder...

1659 days ago


Yea so Murray's team speaks out first about this so they look innocent.
Good move LAPD and LA. Jerks

1659 days ago


This SUCKS big time. Why do they have to make everything surrounding Michael complicated and difficult - and PAINFUL. It should be so simple: Murray murdered Michael. Murray gets arrested.

As soon as they pronounced it a homicide, you'd think they'd have arrested him. Now his lawyers are going to spin this. And TMZ LOVES all this. More publicity for them.

Michael broke records once again with the TII DVD. He's going to be breaking records forever. There's been no one before like him and there will be no one after like him.


1659 days ago

Lee Lee    

I dont trust these reports at all.

Harvey and Mike, have your cameras everywhere......there's going to be a circus in town today.

BTW, I had a dream last night , there was a fan and a gun involved.

1659 days ago

Just my opinion    


1659 days ago


As usual they cant prove anything..*sigh*
Novelty Motorcycle Helmets

1659 days ago


Tired of injustice
Tired of the schemes
The lies are disgusting
directed at me.
Kicking me down
I got to get up
As jacked as it sounds

***The whole system sucks***

We Want Justice...We want Justice...and we want it NOW

1659 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

the best plot is working it way to the BLUE SCREEN MY EYES see it now.Suzanne de PASSE can get the players and MAKE THIS FILM BILLIONS.HOLLYWOOD can sell this

1659 days ago


I am so glad I am not an American. But the LAPD is right this man murdered someone. So why is he being treated so special? Throw him in jail and throw away the key. And couls someone please tell me why he was at Forest Lawn. Feeling quilty is he.

1659 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

I'll have to miss it, I need to run out and have my car inspected. But I'll catch the video on TMZ later.

1659 days ago


This is all smoke and mirrors. When the time is right, the prosecutors office will inform the LAPD when Murray will be charged. Murray is jumping the gun here, showing up with no arrest warrant out for him. This man is crazy, he was wandering around Forest Lawn yesterday, today he wants to be arraigned.

Remember the RODNEY KING episode?
No justice for MJ, whether he is dead or alive.

1659 days ago

screamin in dig    

CROCK CROCK! More smoke and mirrors!! Hoax with a big H!!

1659 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

i need to PEE

1659 days ago
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