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Sarah Palin's Hand Gets Job Done

2/7/2010 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin was back in 10th grade biology class yesterday -- using cheat notes on her hand during the Q&A following her speech at the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee.

Sarah Palin
Cheaters never prosper.

Thanks to the Huffington Post for the heads up.


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Are all Neo-Comms pot smoking, alcoholic coke heads like Obama has admitted to being???

1696 days ago


While Obama is destroying the country and becoming the most unpopular President in history, Sarah is getting richer and richer. LOVE IT!!!

1685 days ago


And this is the person that ppl swear would make a better president than Obama. If this the republican party feels she is representative of their political ideologies, then they are truly, truly lacking in something up in the cranial region.

1721 days ago


This Bit@h is a fraud.

1721 days ago

John Edwards    

This bimbo has no other choice than to cheat. Palin does not have the capacity to handle this without cheating.

1721 days ago


That doesn't surprise me at all.

1721 days ago


Well, at least no one has to haul around a teleprompter every single time she needs to make a speech! I personally think it's genuine and real that she writes notes on her hand. I do the same thing every day at work!

1721 days ago


Not as pathetic as Obama using a teleprompter to speak to a grade school class.

1721 days ago


Are you F'ing kidding me? The HuffPo thinks this is a big deal, yet the fraud that is Obama can't talk two minutes without dual teleprompters?

I smell desperation on the left.

1721 days ago


Can you name anything your anointed one has done to make the country better you continue look for anything to attack her. How many times do you have to get kicked in the head, people are tired of this B.S.. I can't wait until November. They will wipe your ass clean.

1721 days ago

Com' on you idiots    

are you people NUTS! Obama can't speak without his telepromters...even in front of 60 school children.

TMZ, Huffington Posts and other left wing nut cases thinks they can takes this woman down...she'll be around much longer then our now Pres. PBO Keep trying to put her down and the people will only hold her up people are actually helping her not hurting her. The jokes on you.

1721 days ago


You're worried about a litte note to herself, when the President has professional speech writers, and can utter two coherent words if his telepromter goes down. The same telepromter he takes everywhere with him including a short speech to a sixth grade class. Lighten up, we have a lot more to worry about with the current administration that Sarah Palin.

1721 days ago


I hope her telePALMter doesn't QUIT on her!
She's a moron.

1721 days ago


Cheat, Cheat, CHEAT?
Don't you people know ANYTHING about cheating. Where is her teleprompter???
NOW THAT IS CHEATING. Obama can't speak at all without reading someone else's words printed on a teleprompter screen. Cheat HA!
Anyone who heard her speak must have known at the instant that here is a force to reckon with. A natural leader, a true AMERICAN woman. Self assured and complete in her belief in the AMERICAN way of self reliance and WITHOUT GOVERNMENT FEEDING YOU AND TELLING YOU WHAT YOU CAN DO AND WHEN AND WHY. When you are told how high to jump by obama and if you don't????? then you will be satisfied with failure.

1721 days ago


She should use a Teleprompter like real people do.

1721 days ago
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