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Sarah Palin's Hand Gets Job Done

2/7/2010 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin was back in 10th grade biology class yesterday -- using cheat notes on her hand during the Q&A following her speech at the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee.

Sarah Palin
Cheaters never prosper.

Thanks to the Huffington Post for the heads up.


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Cheating?? B.O. can't even talk to elementary students without a teleprompter but Palin jotting one word notes on her hand is 'cheating'? Well done TMZ, follow A. Huffington off the cliff with the rest of the libs: revolution 2010.

1716 days ago


At least she didn't have to bring a teleprompter to speak to a crowd of 6th graders ***cough cough Obama*** Oh wait, he brings that damn thing everywhere, even to Q&As.

1716 days ago


She and other politicans use teleprompters and prepared notes LIKE THE SPEECH LAST NIGHT YOU RETHUG MORONS ARE BOASTING ABOUT. Reading from notes is no different than a teleprompter (like she used at the RNC, oh no!) Reading from her hand during a Q&A, however, is DOWNRIGHT PATHETIC!

1716 days ago


AMEN Sarah Palin! You go girl! Watch the whole video people and learn the truth! Get the leftist and liberals out!!!!!!

1716 days ago


That cheatin bitch should be Spanked

1716 days ago


Look at the content of the notes. This woman needs help remembering her core beliefs. Maybe it's because she has no core and only believes in her own entitlement. Not liking Obama is one thing. Choosing a mean-spirited, deceitful ignoramus like Palin instead is just plain dumb.

1716 days ago


5. Well, at least no one has to haul around a teleprompter every single time she needs to make a speech! I personally think it's genuine and real that she writes notes on her hand. I do the same thing every day at work!

Posted at 11:19AM on Feb 7th 2010 by VRowe

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...then you need to grow up, loser. You should be ashamed to admit that. LOL, you are such a loser. Where do you work? McDonald's or some other fast food joint.

1716 days ago

Pat in FL    

Wow, this is the worst the Huffers can say about the brilliant speech last night? At least they were her own notes AND not those by a speech writing instructing Obummer what to it appears someone needs to help him keep his lies straight - thus, where the teleprompter is "required" - Sarah tells the truth, like it is....speaks from the heart, she doesn't need someone putting words in her mouth. GO SARAH!

1716 days ago


Accepting the fact that Palin is a moron who was used to gain the interest of those extreme right wingers does not mean that Obama is anyone's "annointed one". Take a critical thinking class people. Your logic does not follow.

Come on people. Do your party proud and don't sound like a complete idiot. You are really supporting the left by that behavior.

1716 days ago

hillary clinton    

its sooo funny how the gays....about 2% of the us population...... hate and hate and god forbid someone gives an opinion against pole in pole....this lady is just like obama, she wont do anything against gays or for the gays...just like obama...its only 2-3% of the US , who cares....cheers

1716 days ago


What is the big friggin deal. President Obama and all other Presidents have read from teleprompters. Calling her a cheater is just plain stupid. So what she had written a note on her hand.

1716 days ago


Re: the teleprompter - Ronald Reagan, in his first term, re-read the same paragraph off his teleprompter.


1716 days ago

Pat in FL    

Obummer needs help keeping his lies straight; someone writing his speeches sure must be busy trying to keep them straight..full time job it must be.

1716 days ago


8. Can you name anything your anointed one has done to make the country better you continue look for anything to attack her. How many times do you have to get kicked in the head, people are tired of this B.S.. I can't wait until November. They will wipe your ass clean.

Posted at 11:20AM on Feb 7th 2010 by Joan

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Poor, stupid Joan. Do you realize how long it took for your Master to get us into this mess or were you playing with your Barbie doll during the previous administration.

Ok, I will break it down for you. You know how when you track mud in the house from playing outside making mud pies? Well, it takes your mommy a few minutes to get up that muddy mess. Can you understand that sweetie?

1716 days ago


Um, how do you figure keeping notes on YOUR OWN speech is cheating? She also seemed to be reading from notes at the time. How is this different than using a teleprompter every time you leave the White House. I think it would be beneficial for people to listen to Palin and make up their own mind and not let anyone tell them what they think or feel. You don't all have to like her but when you go to a gun fight with a knife, you really don't stand a chance of making sense.

1716 days ago
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