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Med Board Goes After Murray with a Vengeance

2/8/2010 8:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray is a "danger to the public" -- according to the medical board that licensed him to practice medicine in California.

Medical Board docs: Click to launch

According to documents filed with the court, the Medical Board of California believes Murray showed, "utter disregard for the care and well-being of the persons entrusted to his care" -- namely, Michael Jackson.

The Board wants the judge to step in because it takes the Medical Board a long time to yank a doctor's license.

In the end, the judge ordered Dr. Murray not to administer anesthetics, including Propofol.

The judge will hear the Medical Board's request to suspend Dr. Murray's license as a bail condition in a few weeks.


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If you can stand back for a minute you'll figure out for yourself that this was coming eventually -and probably soon- based upon how MJ lived his life, and that he wanted drugs and to have his own way in regard to them, more than to live and be with his own kids...if you can do that, then you can also see that it didn't matter one little bit who actually was there that night giving the could have been any quack in need of money in the phone book. And if you can take that step and admit it, you'll see you need to take the doctors ability to practice medicine away...and put all the rest of it where it belongs...on MJ himself. For he was pulling the strings of his puppets every second.

Posted at 7:47PM on Feb 8th 2010 by Wombat

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Wombat, do we not expect a physician to know how best to prescribe care to his patient or do we allow the patient to 'dictate' to the physician. MJ bears responsibility for his actions is what you are saying. Then does the physician also not bear responsibility as well? Who has the GREATER culpability? Physician or patient?

1726 days ago

Sad sad    

Wombat I'm thinking that's what's mainly going to happen here unless the judge want's to set an example with him. I'm not sure how that goes. Hopefully Harvey will answer that on TMZ live. I'm curious. You have to figure that his actions in the end killed MJ. Not saying MJ is innocent in his action. Hell no. MJ was NOT a 100% healthy and wasn't for a long long time. The scary thing there are a lot of doctors like this. Money talks.

1726 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

* Michael Jackson zeroed in on people with financial difficulties when it came to aspects of his life that he wanted shielded from public scrutiny. People who were a means to hidden motives. He hobknobbed the rich and famous and the charitable sick in public....and took advantage of the weak and financially less advantaged in private.

He was a master manipulator. Of good and evil.

JMO....just my opinion.

1726 days ago


Hey TMZ...
Can you at least find out "why" Murray's ability to practice in Las Vegas wasn't considered by the courts, when they knew he was going back there?...

There were NO ORDERS issued in relation to him practicing in Vegas...Shouldn't his patients there be valued more than those in Texas and California since he clearly isn't practicing in either state?...And, since his practice in Las Vegas wasn't considered, how will this order even affect him there?...

C'mon Harvey...You're a lawyer so you should be looking into this one...

1726 days ago


Yeah, yeah.

You know, I have this $200,000 ferrari and I love to take it 4wheeling, and well...I really screwed up the engine cause it makes this awful grinding noise now.

I could have taken it to the authorized Ferrari auto repair shop, but they'd give me a long lecture about taking better care of it and not taking it 4wheeling...and probably want $10,000 minimum just to look at it.

So instead, I took it across the border to Pedro's Fresh Fruit, Dentistry and Auto Repair. I told Pedro that if he could fix it and keep the bill under $5,000 I'd pay cash plus give him a TIP on the side. And he said OK...well, actually he said "Si"...but that is the same as OK isn't it?

Anyway, you just won't believe it...he ruined my Ferrari! He killed it! It can't even be fixed by the pro's at the dealership now!

Oh, I'm going to sue them for everything they got! If they couldn't do the job they should have said so! It's all their fault!


P.S. They also pulled the wrong wisdom tooth and sold me rotten fruit!

Double bastards!

1726 days ago


Whoa, never thought I'd hear THIS. I'm watching Nancy Grace who says, and I quote her here, that Murray being charged with 'involuntary manslaughter' is "RIDICULOUS". She says it is "Outrageous that he was not immediately stripped of his license" & went on to say, "He's only looking at involuntary manslaughter. I'm surprised he didn't skip and dance into the courthouse"! This is Nancy Grace saying this?? Well, well....she's right! Just surprised considering there is no love lost between she & MJ. She also said, "It doesn't mean I agree with the verdict in the trial but this has nothing to do with that verdict".

1726 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray should be charged with negligent homicide.

1726 days ago


43. 38. You guys are missing the whole point - he isnt THE ONLY DOCTOR over prescribing drugs to the rich. If it wasnt him there would have been some other starry eyed doctor looking for fame as MJ's doc. Please, all these priveleged stars, politicians, rich people get what they want anytime they want. Look at all of the deaths in the rich public world and it always goes back to an overdose. Just makes me sick that my kids grow up with this. Wow, what role models are there?
Posted at 7:49PM on Feb 8th 2010 by lab444

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Of course he isnt the only one that prescribes to the rich!!! but we arent talking about the other doctors...this topic is about Conrad! Conrad needs to be sent to jail and pay for his consequences and definitely needs to get his license revoked so he doesnt do this to someone else....IT is all about greed and this is very love for human life, it is just all about the money.

RIP MJ! We love you and will never forget you!

Posted at 8:03PM on Feb 8th 2010 by MJFAN

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Ohhh, sorry okay no one else matters - every doctor needs to pay and I'm sorry I liked MJ but PLEASE, you missed my point of the whole - who are my kids supposed to look up to? A drug addicted superstar??? He demanded the drugs so in my book he was just as at fault as the doc...JUST BECAUSE HE MADE GREA MUSIC DOESNT MAKE HIM A GOD.

1726 days ago


janalal4, i know nancy can be pretty bad about her words concerning michael, but i do think she does an awesome job for the missing children she covers by keeping them in view so they may be found. she has never been to much of a fan over michael but she does believe that he was killed and that he didnt deserve that, no matter her past feelings of mj through the molestation trial. oh yeah!!! joe jackson is going to be on lkl tonight at 9pm, i just wonder what he has to share with the public? i can only imagine.sue from tampa

1726 days ago


Even Nancy Grace saying the DA is WRONG. That the DA should have gone for the highest offense(2nd deg.murd) & include the lesser offense of involuntary manslaughter to be used at the jury's discretion. Good grief. The DA's off to a glorious start:( No matter what I think of Grace's opinion of MJ, I respect her expertise as a former prosecutor.

1726 days ago



1726 days ago


Micheal was a CHILD MOLESTER ppl remember that? Death is too good for him. I hope he burns in hell. Murry shouldn't be charged.

1726 days ago


Ohhh, sorry okay no one else matters - every doctor needs to pay and I'm sorry I liked MJ but PLEASE, you missed my point of the whole - who are my kids supposed to look up to? A drug addicted superstar??? He demanded the drugs so in my book he was just as at fault as the doc...JUST BECAUSE HE MADE GREA MUSIC DOESNT MAKE HIM A GOD.

Posted at 8:21PM on Feb 8th 2010 by lab444

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Perhaps he made 'great music' & he was a human being as well?? Is there any room for your judgement of him to include THIS?? A very creative talented artist who also happened to be an addict? Does being an addict make you somehow an inadequate human being? Or a human being who had a problem that according to scientific study, happens to be a disease affecting one's brain chemistry? Perhaps the problem lies in how YOU view addicts?

1726 days ago

For Sure    


I think the LA DA wants to win this case...again IMO I think he has a slam dunk for what he charged Murray With and that is why they did not go for anything else!

I would rather see Murray do some time than no time....This way the LA DA can start going after the rest of the DR. Feel Good's in Beverly Hills...

Just my HO though

1726 days ago


dear Wombat..#30 I agree with what you have said, except that you can not compare the monkey or the bear in this situation..Murray is a liscened Cardioligist..a human being with the abillity to make rational decisions based upon his education and degree...he choose to put those things aside for the sake of the allmighty dollar....he and every doctor on the planet should have told him "NO!"...You are correct when you say Michael would have kept looking. Sure as hell, he would have found the ass that would have put their liscence, freedom, and everything else that they hold dear in jepordy. They would be the one standing in front of a judge today, about to be held accountable for their stupidity and greed.

1726 days ago
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