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Randy Jackson Pissed at Courtroom No-Shows

2/8/2010 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson just Tweeted from inside the courthouse to express his total disgust -- because the people he thinks are profiting most from MJ's death are nowhere to be found ... namely AEG and the estate executors.

Randy Jackson

This all went down as Randy watched Dr. Murray get arraigned on involuntary manslaughter charges in the death Michael Jackson.


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he cares so much he thought to tweet from the court room.the so called murderer's araingment wasnt important it seems.yet says the guy who has tv deals now that mj is dead

1715 days ago


I agree with Randy!!!!!!

1715 days ago


He'd rather they WEREN'T making money??? Why is he mad at executors? Michael's the one who left him and the other siblings out and left Branca, et al in charge. Last I read the judge gave Branca... the GREEN LIGHT, AND told them they were doing a good job. "THIS IS IT" WAS nicely put together, so he should be GLAD AEG was able to make lemonaid from, I hate to put it like this... but, a REALLY BIG LEMON.

1715 days ago


Another media whore Jackson at it again...anything to be in the public eye. Joe Jackson is a big media whore too. What a disgusting my wonder Michael wanted nothing to do with them...allegedly.

1715 days ago


Randy, I sat here in my home watching the whole thing on my computer, and crying because the day we have waited for has finally come, and this man is going to suffer now as all of you have suffered. We fans all love you guys, and are with you 100%. I remember the first time I saw you guys on Ed Sullivan, and Michael was so cute you couldn't help but love him. I have always been a fan and will always be. There was alot of Michaels fans outside that court, and they will be with you guys. Draw your strength from them and god. It's all you will need to get you through this. Love to all the Jacksons. Forever Fan

1715 days ago


Give me a break! 

1 - The Estate has offered PLENTY of support for Justice! Every time the Estate stops Papa Joe is his tracks (ie; monies, medical records, etc.) it A BIG FAT SWIPE AT JUSTICE FOR MJ! 

2- There was ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR THE JACKSON FAMILY TO ATTEND THE ARRAIGNMENT in the first place. What could have been an in & out 15 min procedure done in night court became an all day affair that cost the tax payers more that $750k because the Jacksons had to show up en masse for no other reason than to be seen. (& Please spare me any of this "they are still reeling" business, it's BULLSH!T If they are "reeling" from ANYTHING it is the loss of a cash cow!) IT WAS ALL FOR SHOW. They came because of the swarm of media attention surrounding today's proceedings. THEY COULD NOT HELP THEMSELVES!!! TV cameras are like FREAKIN' HOMING BEACONS to the less talented Jacksons!!! Swear to God, go park a news van in your driveway & set up a live feed, in no time you'll attract a Jackson. 

3 - Clearly from his tweet Randy cannot stop thinking about "profiting". Well, golly, Randy, PEOPLE WITH JOBS DO TEND TO PROFIT! Joe and Katherine raised Michael from an early age to believe it was his obligation to use his gifts to financially support themselves and his siblings. WTF???? What keeps these people up at night is the fact that MJ FINALLY DID IN DEATH WHAT HE COULD NOT DO DURING HIS LIFE: TELL THE FREELOADERS TO GET LOST!!! (Branca/McClain can't be bullied & manipulated the way your brother could, uh, Randy? The manipulating emotional blackmail doesn't work with them, no?) You'll NEVER convince me that ALL of the Jackson family members don't look upon MJ's beautiful children with a certain amount of resentment. It just kills me to think Joe and Katherine and the siblings are already laying the ground work to "convince" the MJ3 of their "lifelong obligation" to always financially "look after" the next generation of the family. Thank God for Branca/McClain!

and P.S. … THE WILL IS NOT FAKE!!! Let it go already!

Posted at 9:47PM on Feb 8th 2010 by MJ LIVES ON


Well said, I couldn't agree more!!!!!

THIS I strongly believe:

"You'll NEVER convince me that ALL of the Jackson family members don't look upon MJ's beautiful children with a certain amount of resentment."

now STFU Randy with all the bitching and complaining!

1715 days ago

Karen F. from Chicago    

Randy, I feel your pain!!! The world is full on greedy whores...

1715 days ago


how did randy jackson tweet from "web" while sitting in court?

1715 days ago

Pink Daisy    

Go, Randy!!! A lot of people got rich after your brother died. You forgot to mention Sony and Dr. Thome Thome. God bless and protect, LaToya. She's not playing around.

MJ has a lot of fans who think the whole thing stinks. Something isn't right.

Does anyone know who is making what from the sales of TII DVD? Thanks

1715 days ago

Pink Daisy    

Is there anyone in the Jackson Family you despicable people like? Randy got Mezz for his brother. What did you do?

You are not there. None of you were in that family and can't understand it's dynamic. At the end of the day Randy and Michael are blood. You people make some of the sickest comments. Do you honestly think MJ would like what you're saying about members of his family? Your jealousy is showing.

Get a life? You don't know Randy.

1715 days ago


BTW I did not see Janet in court today, or was that OK Randy?? what a delusional clan!

1715 days ago

Pink Daisy    

30. The estate executors, AEG...Randy thinks the only people that should profit off of MJ is the Jackson family, like they have for years. With the exception of Katherine(maybe), Rebbie, & Janet....when the rest of the Jacksons run out of targets, maybe they can work on how to jip the kids out of their money too? Sick of these whiners! Did Randy miss out of the Jackson Family Dynasty show, no source of income on the horizon, Randy?

Posted at 6:50PM on Feb 8th 2010 by janalal4

Your theory about Randy is as baseless as you say are the AEG conspiracies. You have no clue what's in his heart. Have you sat down and talked to anyone in MJ's family? Have you talked to MJ's children?? Maybe the children talked to the family and told them their father feelings and what he was going through the last months of his life. There are articles that were written right after MJ died stating that MJ reportedly told his fans he went to sleep doing 10 shows and woke up to 50. And that the wasn't happy with AEG.

MJ had a manager. He probably trusted his manager's judgment when he hooked him up with Colony Capital and AEG.

Again, when were you and the Jackson's tight? Didn't think so.

1715 days ago


How incredibly ignorant. I don't know about AEG but Kenny Ortega, who is probably one of the sweetest most supportive guys in the world tweeted earlier in the day that his thoughts and prayers were with the jackson family.

1715 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Geez did you just now figure this out? After your brothers and you slept with the devils for profit? Pot meet Kettle. thank you.

1715 days ago

Pink Daisy    


1715 days ago
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