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Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad -- That Was It?

2/8/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After weeks of hype and outrage, the Super Bowl commercial with Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow finally aired Sunday night -- so what was all the fuss about?

The ad, paid for by Focus on the Family, features Tim and his mom -- but doesn't make mention whatsoever of any political issue (*cough cough abortion).

If you want to be upset about anything that went on during the Super Bowl -- take your anger out on whoever booked The Who for the halftime show.

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Jennifer Bouldack    

I don't know what half-time show you were watching, but everyone around here thought The Who absolutely ROCKED the Super Bowl last night!

Super Bowl half-time shows SUCK as a rule, but finally they got one RIGHT! The Who were GREAT!!!!

You people must be out of your minds. Everyone I know was Facebooking about how The Who was awesome.

1716 days ago


The reason is because Focus on the Family is a anti-gay hate group. Harvey should know that.

1716 days ago


And Focus on the Family is NOT an anti-gay hate group. You people are just repeating what you have heard and clearly know nothing of the group.

They are a pro-family group and they don't "hate" anybody. They do not support gay lifestyles, but that doesn't equate to "hate." That's a huge jump from "don't support" to "hate."

Whether you agree with them or not - I couldn't be less interested. Just get it right as to who they are. I can't stand it when people distort the facts. THAT is the side I am on, TELL the FREAKING TRUTH.

The truth in this case is that this group doesn't hate people or any group of people, they simply don't support a lifestyle. Let's not jump to the word "hate" for every group that simply doesn't agree with what we believe.

1716 days ago


The Pro-death people always get upset when they think you are trying to save an unborn child or worse spread the Christian messege. They did not have to see the ad, just know that Focus On The Family was paying for it.

1716 days ago


Such classy people with a great message, nothing stupid or trashy. People with morals and common sense, no many of those kind of people left. Good for CBS !

1716 days ago


Does Focus of the Family also "not support" people eating shrimp because the bible calls that "an abomination?" Nope, Focus on the Family picks and chooses its targets. And yes, they are anti-gay. They pretend that marriage has always had one definition, one man plus one woman choosing to marry and live happily ever after. Sorry folks, that is only recent history with many countries still following different laws and customs including women as property..you know, traditional marriage. I'd rather have the modern definition which includes love.

Tebow tackling his mother in the commercial was vulgar, but what do you expect from a group that believes in traditional family, you know the sort in which a man rules the woman violently.

The WHO rocked!

1716 days ago

Lenn K.    

One of problems in the gay community is if you don't support gay marriage or lifestyle means you hate. Blacks and hispanics in California didn't support gay marriage and no one in the gay community ever called blacks and hispanics haters or racist. No they went after Mormons because they were a easy target and they don't fight back.

1716 days ago


Yes... The outrage should have been directed at whomever booked The Who... Shameless publicity spot for CSI... With the "Theme Songs" for CSI: New York, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami one after the other... Which are all CBS TV shows... Do you really believe that it was a coincidence or a "thought-out" plug???

1716 days ago


How about that 1/2 Time show. Too bad The Who from back in the day couldn't make it. You would have hoped these guys practiced a little before taking the stage but from the sounds of their singing, they just woke up!

1716 days ago


I didn't have an abortion and I have a special needs child. Oh, wasn't I a great and wonderful christian? Funny thing, when I brought my child to church with me, everyone passed around and coo'd over pretty babies, but my child was not touched or looked at by church members. I have found that my situation is not unique. You are judged if you have an abortion, but you are forever ignored if you have the child. I stopped going to church and am so much happier with my life. I have friends who love my child even though different....funny thing, they are atheists...moral for morality not because they are afraid of an old man in the sky.

1716 days ago

annie bananie    

The Who's performance during the half time show was horrible- maybe they can start booking gigs in nursing homes for their peers!

1716 days ago


This is not the complete ad.. When Tebows mom was pregnant she was having complications and they told her to abort due to health reasons.. wich she didn't and this was supposed to be displaying that choice. When I watched the whole ad it did make me feel like they were saying abortion wasn't right in any case.. thats why they cut it down.

1716 days ago


OMG! GREAT half-time show? Are you DEAF? They were AWFUL! I like the WHO also, but it's time for them to hang it up! Manilow and Sedaka would have been 1,000 times better! It was painful to watch and listen to. The best part was the light show- THANK GOD for that!

1716 days ago


let me just say that i didnt care for this years super bowl at all clearly the saint v vikins game was messed up. we all know who should have won -_-

now back on subject: the who was terrible. period

1716 days ago



1716 days ago
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