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Joe Jackson: Dr. Conrad Murray Got Off Easy

2/9/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson isn't sitting pretty with Joe Jackson.
Joe Jackson: Click to watch
After Murray's arraignment, a disappointed Joe went to "Larry King Live" to say this was murder, not manslaughter.


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joe is never right. he should celebrate. i think conrad's lawyer is a hick.

1687 days ago


MJ's dad is an idiot!!!! For murder, you need a motive. What would this doctor's motive be to kill his gravy train??? MJ was a drug addict who paid for what he wanted. Doctor Death enjoyed the cash. Is he negligent? Yes. Should he lose his license? Yes. Murder? No. Why this guy gets any face time on television is beyond me.

1687 days ago


I wonder what deep rooted issue caused Michael to abuse drugs. Beat any kids with a extension cord lately Joe... Should be 2 charged with murder.

1687 days ago


Joe Jackson is a media whore. He has no talent and no real purpose in life. He should just shut his mouth and go away. Everytime he opens it stupidity falls out. How long are you going to ride the fame of your children?

Get a freaking life already!!!!

1687 days ago

MJ's PYT Superfly Sista    

Thats right Joe. I was there at the courthouse yesterday and
the look that murderer gave me when i called him a murderer said
it all.The emotions i felt seeing that killer in person was overwheming. I was happy to see the family all together seeking
justice for Michael, that was beautiful. If the charges cant be
more , at least let Con rat the murderer do jailtime. Thanks to all the fans at Airport Court for their support.
Thanks TMZ for reporting the NEWS first. You really be on hand
doing your thing.

1687 days ago


I agree with obvious. If anyone should be charged it should be Joe himself. His years of abuse to these kids lead to Michaels addictions and weird ways. Did he make his kids famous like he wanted.....sure but this is the ultimate price that the kids paid in the long run. It caught up to him. Lock up Joe's ass!!! Piece of sh!t for a father! Michael would have gotten the drugs from someone. Do we lock up street drug dealers and charge them with murder when some addict ODs...hell no. Should we....hell yes but we don't and this is no different.

JAIL FOR JOE "The beater" Jackson!

1687 days ago


Its not murder. Geez. I think there is a motive for trying to pushing the murder rap. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and to make MJ not respobsible at all for his own death. The guy was a drug addict. A junkie. The jackson family doesnt want anyone to see him that way. Sad. Murray should be punished for not doing his job and taking the Elvis money because he was broke. He was a doctor he should have known better but he was greedy. two people helped kill MJ. Dr. Murray and MJ himself.

1687 days ago


I truly believe MJ is not dead. OF course Murray will go out of this case very easily, 'cause no one died, or if you prefer not MJ. As for MJ's father, I believe he is not in the plot, that is why he just don't get it.

MJ has prepared his way out for years, out of the medias for sure and out of the guy he was tired to be.

Still MJ has so called left us, there are plenty marks of evidence showing he is very well alive.

I said for months Murray will not go to jail and so far I am so right.

MJ faked his death,Murray will not be responsible for anything, and lots of people are making tonns of money from this GENIUS MARKETING PLAN

If you wanna make your own judgement, just watch this vid (dated september 2009):

And tell me,this huy is not MJ ?!!!


1687 days ago


You mean they are still trying to FIND Tohme? He is really hiding (and hiding stuff?) like Joe says?

1687 days ago


Michael Jackson was an ADULT and he ASKED for these medications, knew the dangers and took them willingly. Dr. Murray is guilty of manslaughter and I believe should be guilty of numerous ethics violations in terms of his role as a "physician". He should never be allowed to practice medicine again.

1687 days ago


David's story is well known you idiot.His father did that to him. Its not makeup. MJ is dead. You are not helping dispell that all MJ fans are freaks and weirdos.

1687 days ago


I agree... this wasn't murder, but the good doctor WAS horribly negligent and irresponsible to use such a powerful drug without proper monitoring. There is a price to pay for that negligence, and a judge & jury will determine what it is.

Car accidents aren't "murder". However, if you are found negligent in the operation of your vehicle, manslaughter is a very real possibility. You are responsible for the death of another, but didn't have the malice of forethought, intent or motive for killing them.

Dr. Murray was negligent in the use of Propofol, but I highly doubt the intent was to kill MJ. And if MJ wasn't such a junkie, he wouldn't have sought the stuff out and a doctor to administer it. The KEY here is that MJ WILLINGLY paid this doctor to administer whatever he did, and WILLINGLY took the risks associated.

For whomever thinks MJ was a "wonderful" father, think about this: He walked around in a daze while raising his children and then took foolish risks with his health KNOWING those risks. The children are now orphaned to an 80 year old grandma, whom they will lose at young ages as well. Then, they will move on to yet ANOTHER caretaker until they are 18 or 21 (don't know when they are set free WITH THE CASH in CA).

What kind of damage is MJ doing to those kids NOW and for the next several years until they are of age? I see at least one more household to be passed onto before they are of age. That's THREE sets of caretakers... not too stable.

All that said, Joe is an INARTICULATE IDIOT. The only reason he's proclaiming guilt on a host of others is for future potential lawsuits so the bum doesn't have to live on his social security or with his wife.

What a loser!

1687 days ago


Michael knew what he was doing. I find it hard to believe he was that naive. He should have sought professional help. Any right minded person knows taking that much medication is not good. I think they both share the blame, Murray more so but it's not murder because there was no malice. Murray was just greedy and took advantage of Michael.

1687 days ago



Girl was that you doing all that screaming yesterday? It was great to see all the fans there. Many of us were there with you in spirit.

1687 days ago


Michael Jackson’s Doctor Won’t Be Putting Anyone Else Out

"As the world knows, Dr. Conrad Murray was arraigned yesterday and set free on $75,000 bail. The government wanted $300,000. Dr. Murray’s lawyer thought he should just go free. The judge found a middle ground.

Now the case moves to downtown L.A. on April 5th for a preliminary hearing. But my sources say that we won’t have a trial before September, and it could be as long as a year before Dr. Murray has to face a jury of his peers.

Meantime, the government scored a point: Dr. Murray, while he waits for his medical license to be revoked, can longer administer anesthesia. He won’t be putting anyone else out or under. That’s a good thing. You may recall a story I did last summer: Dr. Murray’s late doctor father also had problems giving patients such drugs. He was suspended for two years. The Murrays apparently like knocking out their patients. A lot."

1687 days ago
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