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Joe Jackson: Dr. Conrad Murray Got Off Easy

2/9/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson isn't sitting pretty with Joe Jackson.
Joe Jackson: Click to watch
After Murray's arraignment, a disappointed Joe went to "Larry King Live" to say this was murder, not manslaughter.


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a fan    

And this means what exactly? That he treated them for free? No, whatever treatment he performed was paid for by medicaid or whatever insurance the patient had. Do you people really think he was treating patients for free? This "his patients were poor" argument is irrelevant.

Posted at 1:13PM on Feb 9th 2010 by barbra

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Calm down Barbara. I am not argueing nothing. Just stating. But I do know lots of people and their families that went to this so called doctor before all of this mess happened and they said their is no way in hell they will go back to him. They said if he showed negligence on this, what else kind of protocol is he not following?

rip mj

1682 days ago


what joe is saying is that people who stood to make money off michaels death , allowed it to happen,that he was worth more dead then alive.blame the victim? blame the victims father.?good idea to have the media pointing that camera in another direction..when we all including myself are done blaming joe for being an abusive father when the kids were young, lets start looking at murray and who is paying for his legal fees ?

who did he call when he say mj dead because it sure wasnt 911.who told him to turn up the heat it the room ?

who told him to continue cpr on a dead body and be the doctor in charge in the ambulance so he would not be pronounced dead at the house , where it would have been investigated immediately?

who had him pass the responsibility of pronouncing mj dead to another doctor at the hospital so as his name would not be on the death certificate ?

when he was still pretending mj was alive and was performing cpr an a dead body, why didnt he tell the paramedics what he had given mj when he was supposedly trying to save his life.?

cover ups ,hampering an investigation ,tampering with evidence ?

he isnt smart enough to come up with this stuff all by himself..

he must have called the higher ups and their lawyers.

how come as randy said yesterday , the people who made all the money off mj and supposedly cared about him werent there yesterday.?.they were there in a sense because that is who is paying his legal expenses,imo...who else would it be?

once again the media will enable someone to screw michael over like always.

dig too deep and people will see they helped kill the man little by little themselves...

dont blame just joe..its standing room only when it comes to how many people did mj in..

1682 days ago


1682 days ago

For Sure    

The level of denial here doesnt shock. Fans dont want to see the messed up imperfect MJ. He was human and failed himself and his kids. Just as Elvis and Anna Nicole did. Its not all that complicated or hard to understand. He died of a drug overdose. Fact. He let this guy give him drugs. If fans dont get this oh well. Its the truth. MJ was a typical junkie. Hard to face that fact I know. Its easy to blame others so MJ can seem perfect even in death.

Posted at 12:17PM on Feb 9th 2010 by tina


I disagree with you ...I think the fans are well aware of MJ's short comings...

I can not speak for anyone but myself ...So here goes..
Yes MJ did drugs....Yes MJ did go over board with Plastic Surgery...

While reading the autopsy report...I have come to the conclusion he would never have been able to do those 50 concerts...The way AEG had them scheduled..Had they scheduled them 2 per month for 2Years ...I think he could have done that...

As I have said before he had Osteo Arthritis, which by the way is common at age 50..., in the areas that he had...I have the same, in the same areas...

What I did not like is the fact that he had propofol in his stomach...and in his eyes..No good..!!!

So now my conclusion...MJ definately had a problem...with the concert schedule and was desperate to figure out a way to do them... because of the repercussions (sp) of not doing them.

I absolutely blame Murray for enabling him, but I now want to see
his manager who booked him...and the persons,who signed off on the concert schedules, for MJJ, SHARE THE SAME CELL AS MURRAY!

I WANT THAT PERSON HELD AS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS DEATH AS MURRAY! and I want the DR. who did the physical and cleared him for the concerts to HAVE THE CELL NEXT TO MURRAY! because he is just as much to blame for clearing these concerts.

With this kind of pressure, knowing well what his limitation were at the time, I totally understand MJ's situation and why he said the things he did to the Children...Kai...and others..

Shame on you!!! The Dr. for passing him in that physical...Shame on you...Thome or Frank for signing off on that concert schedule!
I hope you all are very Guilty and have to live for a very long time knowing that You all together Killed MICHAEL JOE JACKSON.....

I NOW BELIEVE THE FAMILY WHEN THEY SAY THEY COULD NOT GET NEAR HIM TO INTERVENE (SP) How could they when the powers to be did not want them near him..

Let me make this clear ...I do not think it was AEG per say I think it was Just single people, who set this up ...I do not think AEG would have done any concerts without all the lieing the above people did!

Just MHO!


1682 days ago


Perfectly said.

1682 days ago


Is Murray a complete idiot who should use his license to practice medicine? Yes!

Lets not forget MJ was not 100% innocent in all this. He knew what was up, he knew the dangers.

1682 days ago


TO #120...roe50
Thank you for writing it all so well.

1682 days ago


I try to read these comments before I comment and alot of you have made good points. Joe is Michaels dad, and he showed respect for Joe in public. I was raised to show respect for my elders as was Michael, so as fans I think we should show Joe respect too. I think the reason the DA picked Manslaughter is because he felt he could win the case, and murder would be harder to prove. By watching the hearing on TMZ is was obvious they felt Dr. Murray would be a danger if he was allowed to go on putting people to sleep. My husband has a cardiologist because he has heart problems, and that cardiologist has never put my husband to sleep for any procedure. It's not their job! I read Dr. Murray has a wife who is also a Dr. and he has two kids with her. I don't know if they are seperated or not. Perhaps she put up the bail and lawyer money. We don't know that much about him, but someone is paying the bills. I watched "This is it", and it was clear Kenny Ortega loved and respected Michael. Why would any of the AEG people want Michael dead? He was their payday with all the concerts. It wouldn't make sense. I guess that's why we need a trial. There are so many questions. Why didn't Dr. Murray have the necessary equiptment to monitor Michael? Why did he do this dangerous drug? There are other ways to treat insomina. Why was Dr. Murray on the phone when he should have been caring for Michael? Why didn't he call 911 for help when he first discovered a problem? Why didn't Dr. Murray tell the paramedics, or the ER docs about the profonol. They might have been able to give him something to revive Michael. So many questions. We fans have to support the family and pray for their strength. I want to thank the LA fans for being at the court house, and showing their support. I am sure the family appreciated the support. Who was the guy dressed like Michael singing, and dancing at the court house? He was really good! He should go on American idol. As much as it hurts me to admit MJ had a drug problem, I guess he did, but that still doesn't let the Dr. off the hook. Docs are not supposed to be drug pushers! Write back if anyone knows the answers to any of the questions I asked. Forever fan

1682 days ago

Truth Unblinded    

Calm down Barbara. I am not argueing nothing. Just stating. But I do know lots of people and their families that went to this so called doctor before all of this mess happened and they said their is no way in hell they will go back to him. They said if he showed negligence on this, what else kind of protocol is he not following?

rip mj

Posted at 1:29PM on Feb 9th 2010 by kim

Kim, I should have posted the original post you were responding too because that was what I really was commenting on. It looked like I was getting on you and I wasn't.

1682 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Doctor Tohme are you a Lincensed Doctor "No" Then tell us what else did you LIE about.Tell us did you "GO" to the HOLMBY HILLS home on the night and morning of 6-25-26-2009."YES" and who "HIRED YOU" speak up Mr Tohme the jury would like to hear your answer "LOUD AND CLEAR".

1682 days ago


Guys, Michael is not dead. He's alive and kicking and maybe laughing his ass off on what's going on! Keeping watch, its getting better and this "Conrad" person will set free and be done with his part of this hoax.

1682 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Breaking NEWS;The fake DOCTOR in the ROOM WHEN MICHAEL DIES,Murray's LAWYER TEAM has TOHME on the ropes,DID AEG hire Tohme who else was behind TOHME and T.R.W... Casino BOSSES will they be called ...THE PLOT THE MURDER THE DEATH this will heat up folks stay tuned ""THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A HOT SUMMER IN L.A"".

1682 days ago


Joe is an embarrassment.He looks dignified,but then he opens his mouth and says the most outrageous,ill-considered and ill-informed things.He is verging on slander.It is one thing to be a grieving parent,and another thing to be an out-of-control buffoon.I understand the family's disappointment with the charges.I know that Murray lacked intent to kill,but couldn't other charges based on recklessness been handed down as well? Murray is not qualified to use propofol,nor did he have the proper equipment to use it safely.And then there is the matter that he left a patient alone,something that no doctor does when a patient is under the effects of propofol because they no full well that heart and breathing must be monitored at all times.Then there is the matter of giving too many depressant medications,one on top of the other...all of this is sheer recklessness in my opinion.

1682 days ago


Posted at 1:39PM on Feb 9th 2010 by roe50

Hi Roe.

No disrespect on your post how do you blame a promoter for promoting? MJ wants to make a comeback and schedules a tour which MJ agrees to. Where is the criminality in that? As for the physical he took, the coroner said that other than the propofol he was a perfectly healthy person for his height and weight, am I not correct? Then it is not beyond reason that he passed the physical for the tour.

The bottom line is that MJ agreed to the tour and the dates.

1682 days ago

a fan    

They just announced that the Texas medical board is probably going to be seeking a suspension on his medical license now.

rip mj

1682 days ago
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