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K-Fed Goes Commando for Weight Loss Show

2/9/2010 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It takes a lot of guts to pose in just a pair of skimpy camouflage underwear -- but that's exactly what Kevin Federline did for his first appearance on VH1's "Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp."


A 232-pound Federleezy took the "before" pics for his stint on the reality show -- in which he hoped to shed 30 lbs.

During last night's premiere, Federline told the judges, "I look like a pregnant man."

We'll see if the show helps K-Fed give birth to a new physique.


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northern gypsy    

3 words k-fed...low self esteem !!!
did your ex damage you that much ???
you,ve got the $$$ now...keep it together...

1717 days ago


Got money to eat after Brittney funds this Bum!

1717 days ago


I'd wager that he became overweight on purpose for two reasons: 1. To keep the paps talking about him and 2. In the hopes that it would lead to a reality show like this....anything to extend his 15 mins

1717 days ago

~Garp & Triforce Luvva~    

Of COURSE he's a fatty fat fatty. Of COURSE he's gonna stay that way! He doesn't need to *work* (dance) ever again once he got the goose (Brit) to lay 2 golden eggs! (The boys).

Personally, I have no respect for his girlfriend... who is ALSO unemployed and living off Brit's money. What self respecting woman is going to live with (off) a man who is living OFF his ex wife?!?! Both of them are a waste of human space.

1717 days ago


232 for a 6 foot guy is not that bad, my guess is that he was about average for his age and height.

1717 days ago


Nope. I'd recommend going for a 40 lb loss of fat, with an addition of 15 pounds of muscle at the same time. He's a porker; no tone. Wasn't he the Brit Brit fella?

Makes me want to lose 7 pounds, after just glancing at that photo. I can sense the cholesterol from here. I'm getting dizzy, heart-rate falling, in on the floor, choking for oxygen, lights going out, can't see the pizza coupons from here, failing fast. Oh, yah, I have my bromelain and cayenne!

1717 days ago


I like it - seeing someone like this totally honest bearing all ... I wish him and anyone else who wants to lose weight and get healthy the best of luck! As far as it being Kevin, well this is the first time I got a glimpse of his personality on the show last night other than stupid pictures and trash mags.

1717 days ago


Only 5 pounds a week? Rome wasn't built in a thousand years, eh, lazy ass!

1717 days ago


I hope for the best. He had a hard start, but redeemed himself when he became the responsible adult with his sons.

Good luck to you Kevin!!

I can't stand to see SHAR anymore with the....

"Feel sorry for me...Kevin & Britney ruined my life" crap.

After Moesha....she wasn't doing anything...a forgotten child she is milking her "Tabloid" status for all it's worth.

Makes me ill!!!!!!!!!!

1717 days ago


This is what pot munchies will do to you.

1717 days ago


@5. Really, is this that important? You got "Obama's Katrina" going on in Haiti and our fearless leader is even screwing that up. If Bush was in power they'd be screaming for his head. But because its a well spoken "Negro", not a word. Obama's policy is killing thousands down there!!!

Posted at 10:50AM on Feb 9th 2010 by tkennedy

How about reminding ALL OF US what Obama hasn't done to make you happy today? I didn't know Haiti was Obama's problem or Fault. Katrina happened in our country dumbass and Bush ignored the cries of the American people while eating birthday cake with McCain. Get your facts straight you racist inbred moron.

1717 days ago


Good for you Kevin! Best of luck on your weight loss.

1717 days ago

London not England    


I said the same thing...but not to worry...they'd rather have a "SARAH PALIN", (that numb skull who couldn't even keep her 16 year old SLUT daughter from getting knocked-up under her own roof) for a President..just shows you where some Americans heads are..UP THEIR ASS!!!!

Take it's dark up there!

1717 days ago


should be the spokesperson for manssiere the bra for men with boobs! see what happens when you refuse to work and take care of your kids yourself...hell Britney is having the last laugh now...fat ass!

1717 days ago

London not England    

THIS IS THE KIND OF PO WHITE TRASH...Like Sarah Palin they want running the country and the world.....

He can't even keep from "running" to the 7Eleven!!!!!

Fat PWT Idiots!

1717 days ago
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