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John Mayer:

Tiny Part of Me

Is White Supremacist

2/10/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John MayerJohn Mayer is at the center of a racial controversy -- and it's all because he compared his penis to a white supremacist.

It's all over an interview Mayer just gave to Playboy Magazine -- in which he was asked, "Do black women throw themselves at you?"

Mayer's response: "I don't think I open myself to it. My d*ck is sort of like a white supremacist. I've got a Benetton heart and a f*ckin' David Duke c*ck. I'm going to start dating separately from my d*ck."

Mayer goes on to name some African-American women he's attracted to, but we gotta ask ...


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It wasnt racist. He was trying to be self depreciating and funny. Whoever is "offended" by this needs to get a hobby.

1718 days ago


HA! I'll bet his peen IS a "tiny part" of him.....verrrryyyy tiny! Black or white, who the eff would throw themselves at him? He is effing FUGLY and his music sucks!

1718 days ago


This is much ado about nothing. Don't care if John Mayer dates black women or not.
The stuff he said about Aniston and Simpson is worse.

1718 days ago

non story tmz    

he might play the guitar well but he's an idiot, an extreme famewhore and a RACIST. i can't believe jessica and jennifer aniston dated this monster. jennifer aniston dated him twice!

someone call AL sharpton. he needs to be set straight.

1718 days ago

I LOVEham horsecowchickenrabbitsquirrel    

As a black woman it is highly offensive, as a bystander to his music I never commented becasue I personally think it sucks, but then agian he is not attracting people like me. I dont think he is a looker I think like hundreds of other average white guys I see everyday he would just be one in a number he dont stand out at all. So he banged a boring hollywood actress look at her record who has'nt. I have never heard or personally talked or had a conversation with any other female black woman about him. Size do matter but to us LOVE matters more. SO stay with your own we dont want you and your little little cant touch the middle.

By all black women

1718 days ago


Oh Pleeezzzz!

Don’t try and make John out to be some racist pig. I like John and his music! He’s just stating a few of the old stereotyped folklore. “white men penises are inferior to the African men penises”, “big shoes equal big penises” and let’s see….”Klan members wore coverings so that their black girlfriends wouldn’t know who was lunching all those black men”.

Leave John alone! If the right black woman came along, I can assure you John wouldn’t hesitate to use his little miniature male part to do what it does!

1718 days ago


Yea, and a black man says this and it's funny.

1718 days ago


CAN HE JUST SHUT UP FINALLY!?!?! He needs to get over himself. He's an average musician and an exceptional dips**t.

1718 days ago

Gail from Canada    

I actually listen to John Mayer's music and find his music amazing, however he does come off as a d-bag.

He needs to get a publicist.

1718 days ago

northern gypsy    

J.M. wtf are u babbleing about ???
most of the time...i'm amused by ur vibe...
get over ur penis's boring !!!

1718 days ago


#21...u r descriptive in your 'so called comment' so, it only leaves one to think that you've been there or attempted to get some and it didn't work for you and now you're trying to sound as stupid as John Mayer. Maybe some civilians need publicists too.

Read more:

1718 days ago


Remember when his comment about why he and Jennifer broke up came back to him in the a$$? Looks like he's never going to learn to keep his mouth shut. Loser!

1718 days ago


21 tooofunny This is for you. Go back to school and learn how to spell you dumb ass! Before you try and insult a race, at least try and get an education first STUPID! WHITE women stink also, they smell like wet DOG!

1718 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Dude needs to STFU.

1718 days ago


What a piece of garbage. He looks like a homo to me; why do people admire guys like this? You can be honest without being a classless a-hole.

1718 days ago
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