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The 'Lost' Diary -- The Substitute

2/17/2010 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LostDaniel from TMZ here, welcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

You know that bar game where you have to stare at two pictures and touch the screen whenever you spot a difference? I think that's what this season of "Lost" is like. One minute you're yelling "Hey, Desmond isn't supposed to be on the plane" and the next week you're screaming "Claire's sonogram says October but it's supposed to be September!" What will we spot this week?

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. I swore to myself I was going to watch "Lost" at a different place each week, but every other place is far and Ari lives five blocks away. So here we are. Let's roll.

9:00 -- I avoided promos and commercials all week, so the fact the "Previously on 'Lost'" section is Not Locke heavy has me very excited.

9:01 -- Don't tell John Locke he can't get out of a van! OK, maybe he can't, but still -- just don't tell him.

9:02 -- My jaw could not have dropped any further when I saw Helen. Is it possible alternate John Locke is ... *gasp* ... happy?

9:03 -- "And your dad ..." -- Helen. OK, now this is getting weird.

9:04 -- "Maybe it's destiny." -- Helen. Not gonna lie, we're four minutes in and it's getting a little dusty already. Locke-themed episodes never disappoint. (*knocking on wood)

9:05 -- Smokie Cam is making me a little nauseous.

9:06 -- "Alright, Richard. Time to talk." -- Not Locke

9:08 -- I love when even two-bit characters from three seasons ago show up again. How fast did the agent for "Randy" agree to do a cameo?

9:09 -- So apparently Locke "stole" his trip to Australia from his company. Not sure how he ever thought he'd get away with that one.

9:10 -- Richard just asked Not Locke what he meant when he said Locke was "a candidate." Is that the first time Richard asked someone else a question? Usually he's the man with all the answers.

9:11 -- "Come with me and I promise I'll tell you everything." Not Locke to Richard. That feels more like a Ben circa season four line. And who was the little Children of the Corn kid supposed to be?

9:12 -- Ben has had his testicles in Not Locke's purse so far this season, so watching him lie to Ilana is a step in the right direction toward getting them back.

9:13 -- If you could turn into a pillar of black smoke and fly around everywhere, would you ever walk?

9:18 -- "Here's to being dead." -- Sawyer

9:19 -- "What if I told you I was the person who could answer the most important question in the world?" -- Not Locke. Is someone finally going to tell us why Libby was in the mental institution?

9:22 -- Hurley and Locke just had their little meeting and ... dammit it's getting dusty in here again!

9:23 -- I want to get the inevitable Jin/Sun reunion out of the way soon. We all know it's coming, it's going to be great ... let's just do it already.

9:24 -- Now Not Locke is chasing the Children of the Corn threw the woods. Again, why wouldn't you just turn into smoke and chase the kid down? Not Locke is totally under-utilizing the whole Black Smoke Monster thing.

9:25 -- "Don't tell me what I can't do." -- Not Locke. Never gets old.

9:26 -- "Don't tell me what I can't do!" -- Not Locke. See? Never gets old. Oh, I am working under the assumption the Children of the Corn kid is Young Jacob till I am proven wrong.

9:29 -- Richard's warning was pretty concise, well-argued, and all around convincing -- but Sawyer is sticking with Not Locke because it makes for better television.

9:30 -- Locke wants to speak with the temp lady's "supervisor." Has to be someone we know, right? Juliet? Libby?

9:31 -- ROSE!!!!!!

9:31 -- OH NO!!! Rose still has cancer!!! There is no God!!!!

9:32 -- "A little after my time." -- Not Locke. There's a phrase you never hear.

9:33 -- As I am basking in the greatness of Terry O'Quinn, I can't help but think that odds are we will finish this episode, the third of the season, and only seen Desmond for like a minute. That better get corrected next week.

9:38 -- Sun, Ilana, Ben and Lawnmower Man are burying Locke. Ben is about to give his last words. Should be good ...

9:39 -- "He was a much better man than I'll ever be ... and I'm very sorry I murdered him." -- Ben. I just told Ari that when I die, he has to give that eulogy word for word.

9:40 -- Locke tries to call Jack, but gets cold feet.

9:43 -- Locke is explaining to Helen about getting denied on his walkabout.

9:44 -- "There are miracles, John. And the only thing I was waiting for ... was you." -- Helen

9:45 -- Not Locke starts climbing down the ladder and Sawyer follows shortly behind. Man you never would have gotten me to do that.

9:46 -- After a rejected scene from the movie "Cliffhanger," Sawyer and Not Locke make their way to some kind of cave.

9:47 -- "Inside joke." -- Not Locke. Throwing the light stone into the river, leaving the dark one behind.

9:48 -- So everyone's names are scratched into the ceiling? Interesting.

9:53 -- Locke as a high school science teacher -- I buy it.

9:54 -- I know that voice ...

9:55 -- "Ben Linus, European History." -- Ben

9:56 -- Jacob's list?

9:57 -- "Jacob had a thing for numbers." -- Not Locke. And not just any numbers ...

9:59 -- "Are you ready to go home?" -- Not Locke

10:00 -- "Hell yes." -- Sawyer, who is now Team Not Locke

One of my favorite things about "Lost" is that the show is "good" in different ways to different people. Depending on a lot of different factors -- who the flashbacks focus on, how many answers are given, whether or not Kate is soaking wet -- can influence your opinion of the show.

There have been plenty of times I have given an episode a high grade and been called crazy (or vice versa). Even though we all love the show, we all see different things in it and get our enjoyment different ways.

That being said, I woke up this morning (or rather was woken up by a text message. Thanks, Steven -- it's becoming a weekly tradition) and found myself texting, IMing and calling people to find out whether or not I was crazy.

"Last night's episode was awesome, right?"

I take my grades of "Lost" very seriously -- like a high school substitute science teacher. So, that all being said ... I give tonight's episode an A-.

I think if you love "Lost" when it's giving you a non-mythology story, you loved Locke's off-island scenes. If you love "Lost" to try and figure out WTF is going on, you loved Not Locke's scenes. To me, it was the perfect combination of everything I love about "Lost."

Doesn't hurt that I love Locke.

I am going to throw out a question here that I am not sure the answer of. Well, I am like 90% sure the answer is "no" -- but I am keeping drifting more and more towards "maybe" as I think about it. Here goes"

Are we sure -- like 100%, lock it down, no doubt about it sure -- the Man in Black/Smokie/Not Locke is really the bad guy here? Just asking.

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Randy at the box company was someone, who was he?

1675 days ago


My one insight for this week - I think the names with numbers on the cave ceiling could only be males, as the replacement candidates for Jacob. Hence no Kate Austen and only one Kwon (likely to be Jin).

Not sure on everything else, just letting it all unfold. Love the twists and turns and everything being interconnected from current season all the way back to season one. Gets more exciting with each episode. Thanks for the running commentary.

1675 days ago


Also I have noticed that it appears that Claire has replaced Rousso, she has the guns, she is shooting to protectect the losties, and her child was also taken? Thoughts anyone??

1674 days ago

Sawyer's a babe    

Who else is feeling sad and a bit anxious that this will all soon end? It just doesn't seem fair.

1674 days ago


Yeah I feel the same way::: "Yea I really think Not Locke is the Devil and he is looking for his replacement (The Candidate) and it looks like Sawyer wants the job. The White Stone has to be reference to "good" and the Black Stone a reference to "evil" "

Have to say LOST Diaries YOU ARE MY NEW ADDICTION! you had me at:

"9:12 -- Ben has had his testicles in Not Locke's purse so far this season, so watching him lie to Ilana is a step in the right direction toward getting them back.""

1674 days ago


Umm shouldn't it be "through the woods"???

Nice english... I know you aren't exactly a legitimate news source, but come on...

1674 days ago


Dude, the word English, as you reference it, should always start with a capital letter. Go Hurley!

1674 days ago

Lost in Texas ...    

Did anyone catch what Helen's shirt said? .. Peace and Karma .. I do agree with the folks that mentioned the island being Purgatory .. Also last week when Miles was made to tell Sawyer what Juliet's last words were .. "It worked" then she died .. (or did she?) ..

1674 days ago


I suspect, as in backgammon, black and white does not represent good and evil but only represents opposing sides. Perhaps the black/white cliche is a red herring. My theory is the viewers may split by the end of the series as to which side they stand for; like democrats and republicans.

Also think Good is just a name. Remember Goodwin. Horace/Ethan Goodspeed. The references to people on the lists being "good". Perhaps this family or ancient tribe destiny... or dynasty. Perhaps our losties of related somehow from way back.

I'm very curious about Kate's position in this game. She doesn't have a number. Maybe she is the dice in the (backgammon) game: Toss Kate around. See how she affects the outcome.

Another feeling is the players can not kill each other or kill the pawns after they have been claimed. Like Jacob did before some of the losties came to the island. The losties can kill each other out of "free will" then the losties are free game (locke).

Theory: whomever wins the game, gets the island.

1674 days ago


I think that the last "game piece" of the backgammon game will be forced to play their own game on the island once it's over. NotLocke said that he used to be just like Sawyer, human maybe? Maybe Notlocke was a game piece in a previous game and was the last one or the "replacement" for that game. Now he's playing Jacob and can't leave until he wins?

1674 days ago


I didn't originally catch the fact that there was a light-colored and dark-colored stone on the scale. I saw them, but didn't see that detail. I can't see Jacob being "bad" and "UnLocke" (as I call him) being "good". Especially if he's the smoke monster. Didn't the smoke monster kill Eko when he finally started to redeem himself for his past sins? Why would someone "good" do that? Why would someone "good" kill ANYone, Jacob included?

1674 days ago


I thought I understood the flash-sideways thing, until Ben showed up at the school. Desmond on the plane sort of makes sense because if in the alternate reality the island was sunk by the bomb in the '70s it would not have been there to trap Desmond when he went sailing, but how the heck does Ben get to California in that case? Unless the bomb didn't sink the island in the '70s but erased it from history (though that doesn't make sense either because the underwater shots of the island showed the Dharma village, right?)


1674 days ago


maybe it's not Sun or Jin who is the candidate, but their baby instead.

1674 days ago


Everything is all about the battle between Jacob and The Man in Black, thats why one of the first scenes of the season was Jacob and The Man in Black talking...and despite the MIB wanting to kill Jacbob, he knew he wasn't able to do it himself. All those names/numbers written in that cave, they are all candidates to take over for Jacob...and be in control of the island. The reason Not Locke(aka the Man in Black/Smoke Monster) wants them all to leave the becuase once they are all gone he controls the island, and until they are all gone Jacob is still in control....Jacobs spirit can continue to go on aslong as Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley and so on stay on the island.

I am confident Not Locke/MIB is the true bad guy...i mean lets not forget he's been the one killing people....while Jacob has been heeling. Its a good vs. evil scenario....

1674 days ago


I don't have any theories, but does anyone remember a couple/few seasons ago when Ben broke into Whidmore's room and said something about going after Penny because he couldn't kill Whidmore - it was against the rules? I haven't heard mention of it, and not sure how it fits, but it sure seems like it would be significant.

1674 days ago
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