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Tiger Woods Photographed Swinging

2/18/2010 8:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

These pictures were just taken at the golf course near Tiger Woods' home in Isleworth.

Tiger Woods Photographs
The photos were taken by the same photographer -- Sam Greenwood -- who took the pic yesterday. The pictures are posed ... One photog actually got pictures of the Getty photo shoot.


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44. Why should we be mad at a man that we dont even know because he cheated on his wife? Yall m u t h e r f u c k e r s get a life. Tiger dont live for us, he plays golf, really good. Thats it. Think of the lying and dishonest things that u have done in own your life and u will realize that you are no better than Tiger. Hiding behind all your negative comments like u are a bunch of saints. Go play golf tiger because i have not watched it since u been away!! Golf needs you. Without Tiger playing, Golf is the same old boring game it has always been.

Posted at 10:10PM on Feb 18th 2010 by jamie

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Speak for yourself. 14(and counting) 'Ho's' in 3 yrs of marriage?? A...yeah, I AM BETTER THAN TIGER!!

1676 days ago


He is a MAGGOT!

1676 days ago

Elvis Twin    

I thought Michael Jackson was dead.

1676 days ago

for real    

Tiger, looks younger and healthier. His face looks so much younger. Total different look!!!

1676 days ago


The catching of the Tiger by the tail has exposed one of the last citadels of what some of us hoped to be a perfect role model in sports.

1676 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

tiger wood rocks!

1676 days ago


Can somebody explain to me why black men get stupid and crazy when they get with white women?
For example:
1. Michael Jordan had to pay Juanita over $150million when she found out he was messing with white women.
2. Charles Barkley spends time with police cuz he likes picking up white hos for b**w jobs.
3.Kobe Bryant accused of assaulting a white women. Oh yeah, she got paid too.
4. Michael Strahan had to give his white ex-wife over 1/2 of his worth because of a badly written prenupt that he had put together.
5. O.J. I need to explain this one.

and now Tiger Woods.

Are these white hos worth the disgrace and humiliation? No. But when a black man thinks with what's between his legs instead of what is between his ears, alot of stupid stuff will happen.

A friend of mine says that black men who like only white women have the O.J. Disease & white men who like only black women have the DeNiro Virus. The DeNiro virus isn't fatal unlike the O.J. Disease.

1676 days ago


His teeth are as big as ever.

1676 days ago


photo was maybe just released but it looks to me that Tiger's waist line is smaller than in the photo of him jogging

photo appears to me to have been taken before this whole thing happened-even the smile looks too relaxed to have had this hanging over his head

just sayin'

1676 days ago



1676 days ago


Sloane- your comment on tiger looking thinner in this photo is dead on!!!

people need to compare the tow pics and the difference is obvious

maybe Tiger is wearing SPANX??

naw--just an older photo-who do they think they are fooling with their carefully constructed come-back!

they want us to reference the Woods of old that everyone thought was such a great guy with hit pic....not the man we now know he really is

this works with a lot of people but not with me-sadly I know a little too much about the PR game and how come backs are orchestrated and Tiger has hired the best to help him "rehabilitate" his image

the orchestrated phony conference today
if he is only reading his prepared statement while trying to look appropriately remorseful and sincere-he could have just released the text to the press

you can bet he's rehearsed and videotaped and critiqued and fine tuned his "performance" with his team of experts so that a lot of people will buy into it

wish that everyone had a bit of a PR background so that they could see through politician's and people like this when these type of things happen-you have a whole different insight on things

Tiger is only fooling the people who really want to be fooled.
People looking for a reason to forgive him will have it

others like me won't fall for it
The corporate sponsors who dropped him are not going to suddenly take him back after this

maybe he'll win an Oscar for his performance today

1676 days ago


If only Dave Chappelle was still on...OMG I miss DAVE! So long fried rice hello fried chicken! Fo shizzle!

1676 days ago


Enough of this miserable...and enough of Nike too.

1675 days ago

Joseph Mathews    

Go Tiger! It looks like he is getting back into the groove of things since the episodes that took place with his wife. I still think he is someone we can look up to. Everyone makes mistakes and even the best of us do.

1501 days ago
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