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Tiger Woods Alleged Statement Leaked

2/18/2010 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A radio station reportedly got a leaked copy of the statement Tiger Woods will deliver tomorrow -- a statement which says "things have not worked out" between Elin Nordegren and him. To us the statement is a total fake, and Tiger's reps reportedly claim it's not the real deal.

Here's part of the alleged statement:

"Directly to the point there is no one to blame but me for the mess I have put my wife and family through. I accept total and complete responsibility. My wife and I have been trying to work things out but sadly things have not worked out."

It goes on:

"We have decided to live apart with me having mutually agreed upon times when I can be with our children."

Why would Tiger get into issues of custody and make his relationship with his wife a focal point? Feels totally fake.

And there's this ... the radio station credited with breaking the story, WYCD in Detroit, claim they had nothing to do with it and "has since taken it down."

Here's the full statement.

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Maniacal Zebra    

While it's probably true that things won't work out between him and Elin, I seriously doubt that a guy who was FORCED to admit to infidelity would volunteer this information.

1603 days ago


What a total douche ... using his poor family to literally get back into the game...TMZ, can you please stop giving this creep press?!

1603 days ago


He's having a press conference at a golf course. He is going to say what his plans are for resuming his golf career.

1603 days ago


The ONLY thing he is sorry about is getting caught! I can't believe people actually feel sorry for him. Sex addict by ass! Gimme a break!!!

1603 days ago


Tiger went to Stanford. Whoever wrote this statement barely has a GED.

1603 days ago


The statement is as fake as Tiger's integrity.....

1603 days ago

Interracial facial    

Deep down inside Tiger Woods' PR damage control is false posturing. He's still as much in love with female holes as he is golf holes. And he's not gonna give up the pink ones so lilly white conservative snobs can forgive him as a fallen role model. Bad boys will be bad boys and to hell with golf moralists whose sport is as intolerant as it is elitist.

1603 days ago


Tiger's Press Conference:

Tiger will be seated next to 20 plus whores. Tiger will have a bushel full of $100 bills stacked thruout the room and to the ceiling to show "his worth". He will have that droopy-eyed buck- toothed face newly healed from "The Lovely Wife" trying to spit out words to the sick uneducated followers and media he treats like dirt.

Seated nearby will be the Damage Control Idiots and Public Relations Idiots who cash in on Tiger's Whores and who foster the false image of Tiger Woods and his "love and concern" for his bank account, I mean "family".

Let Tiger sink to level of crap in the toilet. A sham is a sham and shame on the media for NOT reporting it sooner.

No more support for anything that Tiger sponsors. Bye, bye Nike and others. He falsely represented himself. Would you like your doctor to be a phony?

Tiger Woods, Public Relations and Damage Control "experts" will pat themselves on the back thinking they once again, twisted the words to do Tiger's Specialty..... "SCREWING" over and over and over the public, fans, and consumers.

Joke's on all of you.

It's time for a new face, this time, let's get it right.

1603 days ago

Mrs Butters    

Forget for a second the questionable content of the alleged statement.For a guy with Tiger's money, you would think he would have people who would correct the lousy english used in the letter, it's as fraudulent as frauds can be, not even close.

1603 days ago


This is one of the worst Statements ever. I am conlcuding that a man that has succesfully hid his cheating with multiple women over 4-5 years has more sense and a better way with words + he has already confirmed he is playing at the Arnold Palmer in March NOT THE MASTERS in april(he will play there as well I am sure ) I am not a golf fan by any means nor a Tiger Woods fan but I hate crap journalism or media and thats what this radio station tried to pull

1603 days ago


Tiger is Budddhist not a Jesus-wheezer.
'Nuff said

1603 days ago

Elvis Twin    

The whole thing is fake.

1603 days ago


1603 days ago

David Boothby    

What everyone fails to realize is this----the leaked statement was a trial balloon by Tiger's PR firm------testing the waters------see how the public reacts------then make the necessary adjustments for the real statement on Friday.......very clever indeed.

1603 days ago



1602 days ago
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