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Crisis Manager -- Tiger Woods Rambled

2/19/2010 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Crisis Manager -- Tiger Woods RambledOne of the biggest crisis managers in America says Tiger Woods' address was a great 5 minute speech ... problem is it lasted 13 minutes.

Michael Sitrick, who has repped Rush Limbaugh, Paris Hilton and lots of other celebs in crisis, thinks, "There were good points in the speech but you had to wade through so much to pick them out."

Sitrick thought the most effective moment for Tiger was when he hugged his mom, which Sitrick says, "showed a genuine, human side."

Uber-publicist Howard Bragman -- who repped Isaiah Washington during his ordeal -- tells TMZ, "He didn't forget to apologize to anyone. Today was Yom Kippur for Tiger!"

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Michael Whitlow    

I think it is a shame that the PGA allowed the event to take place at their house. See The Buzz Bin at http://www.bit.ly/b1aUP2. Do you think it was wise for the PGA to provide the location or should golf be above this situation?

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b167927_hollywoods_conflicted_you_are_about.html#ixzz0g0yBN3Qz

1707 days ago


I thought this entire event was inappropriate and disrespectful to the people playing golf today.
Tiger's body language was telling. The entire "speech" felt robotic
and insincere. It was totally off. The real reason this was given was to get the Tour popular again and to get sponsers and fans back. It was only about money. The only reason this phoney thing was staged is MONEY! I have never witnessed such breathtaking nonsense. Elin should divorce and move on.

1707 days ago

jason f    

To all the haters...
Tigers gonna come back RICHER and BETTER than before. Don't hate the playa, hate the game!! Rem: it takes two to get the job done...

1706 days ago

Jerry Martin    


1707 days ago

ray ray    

A professional liar telling the truth about lying.

1707 days ago

emeril I'm not    

blah blah blah more b.s. tumbling out of tigers mouth. Ran out better than most sewer pipes. Just SHUT UP AND GO AWAY. NOBODY CARES

1707 days ago


Seemed like he had things to say... probably encouraged to lay it out there as part of his recovery.

1707 days ago


another bottom feeder giving his 2 cents.

1707 days ago


Is he the guy who wrote the speech for Paris that she said she was never going to party again?

1707 days ago


"Today was Yom Kippur for Tiger!" lol... right on the money.

1707 days ago


Yeah yeah yeah. The great thing about advice is that everyone can give it just as long as they themselves don't have to eat it.

1707 days ago


The man had 12+ mistresses---He had to devote at least a minute for each one of them. Lots of apologizing to do.

1707 days ago


I thought it did ramble a tiny bit. But big effing deal. I think Tiger also didn't want to appear to be rushing or abrupt. I think Tiger did a very good job! I was really pissed w/ him going into it. But I was very happy to hear he is leaving for more help tomorrow. I was thrilled his wife didn't humiliate herself for a dog & pony show. And I do not think he needs to apologize to any whores!!! The whores need to apologize to Mrs. Tiger Woods. I was also glad he did not annouce a return to golf & is getting additional help. I thought it ended w/a badly needed ray of hope! I am really rootin for him & Elin.

1707 days ago


Only thing this guy is truly sorry for is he got caught. A wife never gets over this level of betrayal. They may go thru the "motions" of being united, but the scar is permanent. Elin's reasons for staying are her kids and money...not undying love...obviously.

1707 days ago


I thought he did great. This was absolutely essential to his healing and moving on forward, positively, healthy. This also shows that nobody is perfect, everyone has issues or faults. I'm happy for him. This closes the door on all that crap so he can look forward to rebuilding his future with his family and hopefully kick butt on the golf course again.

1707 days ago
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