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Olympian Scotty Lago -- To the Victor Goes ...

2/19/2010 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bronze medal winner Scotty Lago got a little friendly congrats from a snowboarding fan in Vancouver last night.


No word on whether the fan received a medal for her work.

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~Garp & Triforce Luvva~    

I was JUST commenting to my DH last night on how CLASSLESS most of our American Team has been acting. Almost NONE of them with their hands on their hearts during the National Anthem, Mancuso shaking her arse on the podium, now this. I guess winning in the Olympics just isn't shown the same respect nowadays at it used to. No wonder there aren't that many WELL KNOWN Olympians like there used to be.

1684 days ago


A Gold Digger by any other name.

How Embarrassing. For the HO. For Team USA.

This aint a HO House Dorothy. Get a room.

1684 days ago


Honestly, who cares? The only thing wrong with this post is that some looser got money for selling a lame picture trying to degrade an Olympian. I have personally met Scotty and he has to be the funniest and nicest person ever. Really people, do not go around trying to pick dirt up and mess with him or any of the athletes for a few cheap bucks! And so what if he had been drinking..he is 22 and already competed..perhaps he shouldnt have worn a USA shirt, but it is what it is. And Bretz in the background with his sore cheek :( lol

1684 days ago

Wanda W.    

A lot of these young women today have NO self respect ! Geez,I would NEVER have even thought of doing something that trampy to a young man ! My god, young women please don't treat yourselves so cheaply ! I think that kind of behavior is AWFUL !

1684 days ago

Vagine DuPree    

I think if you look closely you will see that "the fan" is none other than US skating legend and stuanch Republican/Friend of Dubya Michelle Kwan.

1684 days ago


OMG-what a friggin skank!! Have some self respect and at least ACT like a lady!!

1684 days ago


Wow-I wonder what this skank does for a GOLD medal??

1684 days ago


You people flipping out all goodie-goodie christian mentality of being upstanding in a sport where Scotty just won a OLYMPIC MEDAL and he is out partying having a good time at the OLYMPIC GAMES.

Honestly those ragging on him, get a life. I KNOW this kid. I know his family. I know the kind of upbringing he had, the kind of guy Lago is defines totality of a sport where, yes, it does have a bad rap for partying and baggy clothes, BIG F'in deal.

In the saturated snowboarding industry, Scotty is looked upon as one of the most gentle, kindhearted, caring guys you would ever meet. He has been training at the pinnacle of the levels of a sport, where none of you could even begin to comprehend, so before you go judging a guy having a good time with his Olympic Medal in a phallic photo, get a life, grow a pair, go work hard for something you can look back on with pride and joy, and shut your conservative, ignorant, intolerant fingers with a guy you know NOTHING about, basing your comments on a photo at a bar during the pinnacle of the sport.

1684 days ago


Oh my how I love that man...so proud of him!

1684 days ago


I'm sorry, but who cares? He's an athlete. Not a human activist.
you people all go complain if a shot like this is of the president.

1684 days ago


TMZ I would just love to reiterate what everyone knows, you are a one sleezy outfit. You fall somewhere behind ambulance chasing lawyers and serial killers. Stay the hell out of people's lives and let people have some fun without you sticking your damn camera in there and ruining peoples fun and lives.

1684 days ago


If winning the bronze medal means that little to Olympian Scotty Lago that he would go out in public and degrade it, I think the olympic committee should strip him of it! Thank you Scotty Lago for representing the USA with No Class!

1684 days ago


like butter

1684 days ago


This is so dumb, they're not even doing anything. They're just having fun. People need to chill and get out more. They're human beings too and hes a guy.

1684 days ago


People's personal lives should not interfere with their professional lives. I think that he shouldnt have left the Olympics for this. In this case, hey, the guy wanted to have fun, the girl was willing, so WHO CARES! people are looking too much into this; he earned the medal, so he should be able to do what he wants with it! Really want to see something scandalous? Go to a Frat Party.

1684 days ago
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