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Olympian Scotty Lago -- To the Victor Goes ...

2/19/2010 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bronze medal winner Scotty Lago got a little friendly congrats from a snowboarding fan in Vancouver last night.


No word on whether the fan received a medal for her work.

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He is not just some college kid partying...he won a medal in the Olympics...an international competition in which he is representing a country to other countries. It's completely different from partying at a bar as an undergrad, or whatever people are comparing it to. The thing is, he is too young to realize the responsbility that comes with doing something out of the ordinary like competing in the Olympics, and hopefully he is realizing it after this incident. We live in a world where now, you have to be careful what you do in public, especially if you're famous, but even sometimes when you're not. He could have done whatever he wanted in PRIVATE, tons of athletes whore themselves out, without hurting his career, as he is single. But, the minute you start fooling around in public, don't expect that not to hurt your career. It's good that he is learning this lesson at age 22 instead of 42, and hopefully he will go on to have more success in the future having learned his lesson.
As for "boys will be boys"...so if a female athlete was photographed partying after an Olympic victory with a guy kneeling in front of her with his mouth positioned at her crotch, I wonder if you all would be so forgiving?

1709 days ago


grow up people the dude just won an olympic medal doesnt mean he or any other foreign chump had to pass an integrity test. the dude just killed it and u wanna jock him for having a bit of fun, like you wouldnt. shred on scotty you rock.

1709 days ago


You know what I have to say? ALL OF YOU CAN SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN AND GET OFF OF THE TMZ WEBSITE!! As a responsible 21 year old I find it sad that you can sit here on this lousy tabloid website and talk about how terrible your children have become. IT'S YOUR FAULT!!! GET OFF LOUSY WEBSITES LIKE THIS AND INTO YOUR CHILD'S LIFE!!!

I'm so sick of kids my age being this way because THEIR PARENTS DROP THE BALL.

Bunch of losers.

The guy was probably having fun flaunting his OLYMPIC medal. Get the hell over it. Not to mention it looks like a motion picture. Like she didn't even actually have her face in his crotch.

I, as a young adult, am not offended and or embarrassed by this photo. You all did this when you were our age... so be it that he wants to have a little fun. He's in the Olympics... an athlete, whom are notorious for being sl*tty, he's not a political leader.


1709 days ago


To all the bleeding hearts out there that find this offensive remember "He who has not sinned, let them cast the first stone!"

1709 days ago


As a 25 year old young adult, I am not offended by his actions, but I do think he is immature and will learn how to act like an adult from now on, if he wants any type of career. Sometimes you have to grow the F up in order to become successful. This is something you just don't realize when you are in college and haven't had a real job yet....

1709 days ago


Hey, I think people are being a little hard on this guy -- he is young and he is not participating in an Olympic event at that particular moment. If we were to be upset with every star/personality/athlete who acts "inappropriately according to someones view" we would have no one to entertain us... I think that we should give the guy a break, and maybe someone (parent or coach) should give him a lesson in how to be a little more discrete

1709 days ago


well, I see Scotty likes getting some nice hot dog action from some of the local Asian hotties! :D

1709 days ago


Bill, you're preaching to me about morality checks when you condone this action as a representative of the US to the rest of the world? I guess I can add hypocrite to your list of attributes.

This is not just your run of the mill party. When you are chosen to represent your country you should show a little class. The whole world is watching when you win a medal at the Olympics.

I do love your e-thugging, though, with threatening to "kick my ass"...thanks Steven Segal for that hilarity.

1709 days ago


Big freakin' deal. Why is this even an issue?

1709 days ago


He just made an accomplishment of a lifetime, with a lifetime still left. Now I'm sure everyone that is bashing him has done so much more with their lives and acted in the most pristine manner while celebrating, and still have many more years to do great things. To those that haven't, get over it. You call this girl a "skank" or "slut"; to the parents, this is what children do when they are overly sheltered their whole childhood and teen years. You spend so much time suppressing their sexuality, they lose it when you are no longer there to keep them in the dark. He did nothing wrong, neither did the girl in the photo. Sending him home only proves how "Free" us Americans really are.

1709 days ago


The girl's actions speak for herself. He doesn't even deserve to be at the Olympics, representing the US. Apparently he feels the same way about himself, that's why he is leaving. The younger generation as a whole, doesn't know a thing about respect.

1709 days ago


Ok He is a normal guy. is he suppose to holdback and years later have a Tiger scandal. Have fun Lago. and now go get you some head.. meow.

1709 days ago


What is wrong with you people? How dare you impose your moral judgment on this young man, this Olympian? Or the woman in the picture for that matter. I'm sorry if we all don't walk around with sticks up our arses, which is how it seems you want everyone to behave, but you have no right to decide that his behavior is unacceptable or otherwise. "Judge not, lest ye be judged" Shame on all of you and Congratulations Scotty. Keep up the great work, most of us are very proud of you!

1709 days ago


OK folks - everyone really needs to chill out. Neither one of them is doing anything other than posing for a picture. It is clear that both knew it was being taken, and they wee just having fun - remember that? FUN? Or maybe all of you LDS folks have banned that too....

1709 days ago


Just another gold digger....hehe! Hey guys, see what happens when u suddenly become famous? Doesn't take much. Live it up man, u only live once.

1709 days ago
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