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Tiger Woods' Resurfacing Is All About Rehab

2/19/2010 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods didn't choose today as the day he would break his silence -- it just worked out that way -- to accommodate his rehab.

The PGA Tour commissioner wrote a letter yesterday saying, "As we understand it, Tiger's therapy called for a week's break at this time during which he has spent a few days with his children and then will make his statement before returning."

According to Commissioner Tim Finchem, "There was very little flexibility in the date for the announcement."

After the "news conference," Tiger will make his way back to the clinic where he's been undergoing therapy.


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1685 days ago


oh bull sh@t

1686 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Ladies keep it on lockdown while he's loose.

1686 days ago


Can someone at TMZ show a little respect for your service and stop the Kooky and Balls style of off-topic commenting?

Now on to Tiger Woods:

He was raised as a spoiled child. He still acts like a spoiled adult.

His huge, grandstand apology, interrupting a tournament, pissing off other pros, etc., is not helping his case. Once a god, always a god, I guess.

1686 days ago


He is not owning up to the thing we cannot prove, performance enhancing drugs.

He took drugs just before having sex...

1686 days ago


Usually therapy means a twelve-step program of some kind.

I think this "press conference" today is just part of what Tiger has to do in his therapy program.

I truly believe that if he hadn't got caught cheating, he would still be doing it.

Question the press couldn't ask: Tiger, did you pay off your bimbos so they would shut up?

1686 days ago


After looking at the Tiger Wood's quality of life didn't stock didn't shoot through the roof....I didn't get no prettier...birds didn't suddenly start chirping...the sun didn't shine no brighter....Not one of my kids came through the door..and said...Ma!, Here's a $1 million dollars for you! WTF and who cares? Who made Tiger King of the human race? What is it? Golfers don't cheat...or Golfers don't get caught cheating? This was between him,Ms. Elin and God...not us!

1686 days ago


Are we getting a glimpse of a celebrity that will be on Dr Drew's next sex rehab show? Such a great promo for VH1

1686 days ago


Yesterday I was really pissed that he scheduled the conference during Accentures time. But today I was more happy to hear he is going back into therapy. I thought it was a plausible explanation 7 I liked how he said "my friends at Accenture". I thought his whole speach was a great FIRST STEP and For the first time in a very long time I felt hopeful that he & Elin would work this out. He clearly loves his wife. And I think she is a real woman that is up to the task of making him become a better man for her sake & the sake of thier kids. I admire her for that. I really would like to see Tiger become a BETTER man much more than I care about his golf-which I could care less about. Tiger the man is what I want to see become better not the athlete or endoreser. I hope he never apoogized to any of the whores. But I think the whores should apologize to Mrs. Woods!

1686 days ago


News conference on a Friday...coincidence? I don't think so.

Everyone know that a news conference on Friday is forgotten by Monday morning news shows.

Tiger is all about himself, the whole staged conference was insincere and fake. From the sounds of it, his wife is going to stay with him. He did say that she has told him that his apology will come from his actions not his words. Wake up girl, once a cheater always a cheater!! And a cheater that is caught and forgiven will lose respect for you!!

1686 days ago


Tiger doesn't owe you negative people anything.Most of you are a bunch of jealous haters.His money,talent, drive, force, strength(physical or mental),energy,capacity for natural growth and survival,power,ability, action, activity, agility, alertness, bang*, birr, bounce, capability, capacity, dash, drive, dynamism, endurance, enterprise, exercise, fire, force, get-up-and-go,hardiness, healthiness, intensity, juice*, kick*, liveliness, lustiness, might, motion, moxie*, muscle*, nimbleness, pep, pith, potency, puissance, punch*, push, quickness, snap*, sock, soundness, starch, steam,tuck, urgency, vehemence, vim, vitality, well-being, zing, and zip just PISS you off.Oh,and did I say MONEY.Get over it,he'll be back and he'll win.The only mistake he made was getting married to the nanny in the first place(should have stayed single,longer)

1685 days ago


Yes, I knew this was likely part of his therapy process, to come out and acknowledge and ask for forgiveness, but what I dont get, is why at a pga event? I could see if at the same time he announced his return to golf in some way, but he did quite the opposite, stating he would return one day, but don't know when...It was more of a personal message, really not much to do with golf at all, so why disrupt a tournament in process? Why not pick some other location...

1685 days ago

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