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Tiger Woods -- So We Were Wondering ...

2/20/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods gave a 13-minute, heartfelt (?) apology to his wife, his family, his sponsors, his ... well, everyone. So now we ask ...

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant


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1677 days ago


"make up sex" - with who?

1677 days ago


i think that elin is a stong women i heard that the longer the marriage the more money she gets when thay are over which they will be because. 12 women and who knows how many more are u kidding me she is supposedly saying that she will stick by him but seriouly this is a business deal all the way

1677 days ago


Tiger did a really bad thing. It's gonna take a long time for everyone to forget about it since he's watched like a hawk. I think there are worse people out there than tiger who have slept with like a 100 women or men. It's just that he is a celeb.I watched the E! interview with that blonde mistress (face piercing?) , she is still crying over him. How can someone be so stupid?? For someone to mislead you like that. What was she thinking? Did she think Tiger was gonna leave his wife and kids for her? She is sooooooo Lost and I feel so bad that she is this stupid. I get annoyed every time she gets interviewed because of her stupidity. i am only 18 and I know better. Why let someone toy with your emotions like that and then show up on t.v and look even more stupid by talking about it. How embarrassing? Please get help woman. Alll 14 of you should. And YES YOU ALL OWE ELIN AN APOLOGY. YOU RUINED HER MARRIAGE AND FAMILY!!

1677 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

geez..this is just so sad...I hope he gets thru this, I feel for his wife...I really do, u have that gawd awful " lawyer" comin outta the sewers ever few weeks with another leech..geez..tuff stuff for Elin..hang in there!

1677 days ago


Im surprised that there is no genuine comment on this. Tiger will probably comeback and with an even bigger fan base. He now has a bad boy image. No one really bought the squeeky clean image of before lets face it. His father was a cheat. So is it really surprising? Not really. I personally dont care. Not really influenced by him.

1677 days ago


The questions should have been:

Will Tiger have make up sex with at least 5 of the 14 bimbos he screwed around with? My answer would lean toward yes.

Will Tiger be a better golfer? After he's stripped of any potential 'roids I think he'll be about as average as any of baseball's major leaguers after they were weaned off of the juice.

Will Elin even show Tiger some tw@t within the next 5 years? By the time Tiger even gets a viewing he won't remember if she had a brazilian or hitler.

1677 days ago


Clinton When through some much more embarrassing sh1t then tiger as i mean alot more details where made public (cigar anyone) and no one gave a crap so who cares how many hoes tiger's bagged, and a few months from now people will not care about tiger's debaucherys hes a national hero people will forgive, but on the other hand all them hoes that came forward to destroy this man will be shredded just as monica lewinsky as i mean they all knew he was married wich don't make them victims but more cheap whore hjome reckers so for the rest of their lifes they'll be branded as cheap hoes who got eagled by tigers 1 wood ;) and tiger will go on making millions happely ever after as for his wife c'mon she ain't going anywhere just as hilary stuck my her man so will she if not for love then for the expense account.... contrary to popular saying Money CAN buy anything..........

1677 days ago


Elin will do the right thing. She will leave his sorry ass and move on.

1677 days ago


He is fighting his emotions over his true love Phil! It is going to be tough for him.

1677 days ago


Makeup sex? Are you kidding me? Clorox doesn't make enough bleach.

1677 days ago


He cheated on his wife, why should he apologize to the world? It is not our business, why he did what he did. That is the problem with being a celebrity. How many of us not in the public eye have done what he did? Did you apologize to the world? He did not marry the world, he married his wife. Who put this private story out there in the first place? Tiger, repair your family. Not having money is not the worst thing in the world. "You can't take it with you".

1677 days ago


Tiger has broken almost every rule for not only a relationship, but also good PR. I talk about 10 things you should do for effective crisis communications in my latest blog...see how many of the rules you think Tiger broke.

1677 days ago


If you look at his career arc, his game was better pre marriage. 50 years from now, no one will care about the Tiger Woods foundation or how much he gave to Haiti or even his husband status. He will be judged by his golf wins and dominance.

He was the best golfer at 5 years of age, 10 years, 15 years, and now. He's the Da Vinci/Mozart/Babe Ruth of Golf. You can go a 500 years and never see anyone come close.

In his early days on the tour, he was the longest hitter and best putter. These last couple of years, his hitting distance was average and his putting terrible. If you follow golf, you'd know that since about 2006, half the articles written about him have been "what's wrong with his swing" or "whats wrong with Tiger".

Now we really know. I imagine it's hard to be focused when you've got skeletons overflowing from the closet. You're trying to juggle various women and at the same time keep the empire intact.

With a free mind and a re-dedication to golf, he should become dominant like he was pre marriage. He needs to get that edge that he lost back. At 34 years of age, he's got 20 more years of PGA Tour championship caliber golf in him.

His quitting golf is mind boggling. This tells me that Elin is calling the shots. IF he allows his career to be controlled by her, he's done.

1677 days ago


Tiger has broken almost every rule for not only a relationship, but also good PR. I talk about 10 things you should do for effective crisis communications in my latest blog...see how many of the rules you think Tiger broke.

1677 days ago
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